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Axtinguisher image
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Basic Information
Used by: Pyro
Slot: Melee
Availability: Unlock
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Loadout Stats
Level 10 Fire Axe
100% critical hit vs burning players
-50% damage vs non-burning players
No critical hits vs non-burning players
This mighty axe guarantees critical hits on any enemy that’s currently on fire, although it’s significantly weaker against enemies who aren’t.
— Axtinguiser publicity blurb
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The Axtinguisher is an unlockable melee weapon for the Pyro class. It is a Level 10 Fireaxe. It is unlocked after you have gained 22 Pyro achievements. By itself, the Axtinguisher does half the damage of the regular Fire axe (however, it does the same amount of damage on buildings), but will always crit if a target is on fire, and never Crit on a non-burning opponent (not even during Humiliation or charged by the Kritzkrieg). The weapon may perform the Crit animation when swung, complete with the electricity sound effect, but will not inflict Crit damage unless the target is burning. This weapon pairs well with the the Flare gun, and can serve as a complementary finishing move for flanking and ambush maneuvers. On non-burning opponents, the Axtinguisher ties with the Tribalman's Shiv and the Equalizer at 200+ Health as being the weakest melee weapon in the game. Multiple Pyros can work together to make this weapon more effective.

The Axtinguisher is best used as an ambush weapon. In direct combat, it is a risky weapon to use, as the time necessary to switch weapons makes you an easy target. However, the extremely high damage makes it very useful when ambushing classes with high health, particular Heavies, and, to a lesser extent, Soldiers and Demomen. It is often preferable to use the Axtinguisher in these situations because given enough time, these classes can easily outdamage and kill the Pyro.

Due to its high DPS against a single burning target, the axtinguisher is an effective method of penetrating the Dead Ringer's damage reduction.

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Axtinguisher concept design

It should also be noted that, although the Pyro class cannot be set on fire, the Axtinguisher will always Crit on a Pyro within a very short time of him being hit by a Flame puff or Flare.


  • Base: 33 (23-43 damage)
  • Mini-Crit (Unannounced): 45
  • Critical Hit: 195

Damages are approximate and determined by community testing.

Function times

  • Attack Interval: 0.8

All times are in seconds. Times are approximate and determined by community testing.


  • In the censored version of TF2 the Axtinguisher and the Ubersaw are not stained with blood.

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