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This article is for competitive play based on the standard competitive format.
Competitive articles are currently in development. If you have any questions, just ask.

Scouts are generally the best for capping in competitive play because of their "2x" capping ability. If a team feels the point has been secured, as in there will be little to no resistance whilst the point is being capped, it is common place for Scouts to cap the "secured" point and for the heavier classes, Soldier and Demoman, along with the Medic to push to the next point.

With the addition of the Pain Train for the Demoman and the Soldier, it is also possible for these two classes to support caps with Scouts. A good strategy to go along with a Demoman is to have the Pain Train, get to the point (be it by walking or by sticky jumping), capping it, and then laying down a bunch of sticky bombs. This way the enemy will not be able to cap it back.

A Spy can be used to finish the Cap in extreme situations. However, a Spy cannot cap a point while either cloaked, or disguised as an enemy. He can, however, still capture a point while disguised as a teammate, as to elude suspicion of there being a spy.

When a point has been capped, the circle in the middle of it will turn into the color of the team that has just capped it.

Game Modes

There are many different game modes that use capping, however capping works the same way in every mode, however some points may take longer to cap than others. There is Control Point, King of the Hill, and Territorial Control. There are three different varieties of Control Point. There is Standard Control Point, Attack/Defend, and the newest addition, Medieval Attack/Defend.

Standard Competitive Control Point Maps

Map File Name
5gorge1.png 5Gorge cp_5gorge
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Badlands cp_badlands
Coldfront5.png Coldfront cp_coldfront
Fastlane1.png Fastlane cp_fastlane
Freight1.png Freight cp_freight_final1
TF2 Granary Map.jpg Granary cp_granary
TF2 Well Map.jpg Well cp_well
CP Yukon overview.png Yukon cp_yukon_final

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