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Custom maps are maps which users or communities have created using Hammer Editor which is part of the Source SDK which comes free with TF2


Installation Instructions

At home:

To install any custom map

  • Extract the compressed (rar,zip,7z..etc) file and look what you've got.
  • You probably have three or four files
    • mapname.bsp (THE MAIN MAP FILE)
    • mapname.bsp.bz2 (optional)
    • mapname.txt (optional)
    • A readme (optional)
  • Place mapname.bsp (and mapname.txt if you have one) into:

..\Steam\steamapps\{your Steam username here\team fortress 2\tf\maps

If you have more files, you will need to follow instructions in the individual Read Me file.

Running a dedicated server:

Follow the home instructions and place mapname.bsp (THE MAIN MAP FILE) into: team fortress 2\tf\maps If you have more files you will need to follow instructions in the individual readme and you will need a .res file

Then place mapname.bsp.bz2 onto your sv_downloadurl If the creator didn't include a .bz2 file, you will have to create one yourself.

Map collections

There are many custom map collections on the internet. These include:


Capture the Flag

Ctf willands0009.jpg Developer:THE_MASTERPLAN
Description:The map is based on the original version of "cp_badlands" with a modified game modes - capture he flag (CTF) and the modified style.
Download:ctf_willands Download (23MB)
External Links:

Screenshot needed.png Developer:MrMof
Description:A map based on the layout of the original map 2fort.
Download:Download (9MB)
External Links:

Render.jpg Developer:
Description:This Capture the flag map is a rip from the first Halo multiplayer map, Battle Creek.
External Links:

Ctf bball.jpg Developer:spike
Description:This is a 2v2 or 3v3 map meant to be played with soldiers or demomen. You score points by taking the documents and jumping it into the opposing team's basket.
Download:CTF_Bball Download (244 kb)
External Links:

Screenshot needed.png Developer:Andrew Farrar
Description:Steal the enemy's intelligence and use multiple routes to attain a capture. Map features sewers, bunkers, mine shafts, open valleys, and a security alert system when your intelligence is stolen.
Download:Download (10.9MB)
External Links:

Chaos1.jpg Developer:VilePickle
Description:This is a port of the Q3F and ETF map "Chaos" by Matt Wilson. It is suitable for smaller CTF games. Current version - CTF_Chaos
Download:Download (7MB)
External Links:Additional Screenshots Website

94299.jpg Developer:Jahrain
Description:This is a standard CTF symmetrical map. It consists of 2 moving rocket carriers racing side by side through the desert. The map idea was inspired from a UT2K4 map, however this map features a completely original design created specifically for TF2 CTF gameplay. Current version - CTF_Convoy_v2.
Download:Download (11.3 MB) Mirror (11.3 MB)
External Links:Official Forum Description

Ctf impact 1.jpg Developer:VilePickle
Description:This is a port of the QWTF map Impact to Team Fortress 2. The QWTF original was by "[WM]Kordos".
Download:Download (7MB) Mirror (7 MB)
External Links:Additional Screenshots Website

Mach3.jpg Developer:VilePickle
Description:This is a port of the ETF and Q3F map Mach to Team Fortress 2. The QWTF original was by "Someone".
Download:link1 (5.4MB) link2 (4.67 MB)
External Links:Additional Screenshots Website Readme

TF2 Stronghold map.jpg Developer:Jake Parlay
Description:Stronghold is a symmetrical cap-the-flag map along the lines of 2fort. Battlement to battlement distance is about 10 feet shorter than 2fort.
Download:link1 (9.0MB) link2 (12.6MB) link3 (8.7MB)
External Links:Website

Screenshot needed.png Developer:Randdalf
Description:A new spin on capture the flag, simulating the game of American Football TF2 style.
Download:link1 (516kb)
External Links:Additional Screenshots

Pl vikings.jpg Developer:Xenon
Description:A capture the flag map based on two Viking warships, with music stages.
External Links:

CTF_Checkpoint (B3)
122400b.jpg Developer:The Asylum of the Devitory
Description:Checkpoint is a CTF map that is built so that Engineers can't completely lock down bases, which is a common problem in other CTF maps such as 2Fort or Well. It's about the same size as Turbine, so action is fast and frantic even for 6v6. A TF2 CTF map for people who usually hate TF2 CTF.
External Links:

Melee Fort (CTF)
Ctfmeleefort.jpg Developer:The Asylum of the Devitory
Description:CTF version of Melee Fort. Features hardcore cage matches amidst a light winter's snowfall. Also features Titantrons and walkout theme music.
External Links:


Pl redship 1.jpg Developer:MoonQuake
Description:RedShip is now available in two flavors: the Director's Cut edition (like previous versions, with 3 types of payload and objectives to destroy) and the Basic edition (sports all the features of the DC edition with only 1 payload type and no objectives to destroy). - RedShip Director's Cut edition is a two part map that consists of Stage 1: The Assault during which the BLU team assaults RedShip in order to take possession of it, and Stage 2: The Retake, where the RED team tries to take back their ship. RedShip is different from a regular payload map from its objectives that must be destroyed/defended. You have to push a cart like in any other payload map, but RedShip randomly choses 1 from 3 different types of payload. (see links for details) There's also 3 different possible atmospheres for the map. They can play to your advantage depending on the class you play. RedShip is one of the best looking and most original map for TF2! The Basic edition is highly recommended if it's your first time playing RedShip. Both the Basic and DC edition are available at these locations: (30 MB) (30 MB)
External Links:Email MoonQuake

2tpl mine alpine screenshot.jpg Developer:Eggman
Description:Symmetric Payload map of medium size, but two team can push cart (to enemy base, 1 cart 2 teams). Team, that pushed the cart to the enemy base will win (map has KA-BOOM effect).
External Links:other links

Pl frontier.jpg Developer:MangyCarface
Description:Frontier is an agressive 4-point Payload map created by MangyCarface. It follows a similar payload system as other maps, with the main difference being the BLU team pushes a train that can run over players.
External Links:

Pl universe.jpg Developer:strangemodule
Description:Universe is a short, 3-point payload map created by strangemodule. It is a multi-level, multi-route map that has 3 of TF2's themes in it: desert, industrial, and alpine, in that order.
External Links:

Pl swift.jpg Developer:WhatIsSchwa
Description:Swift is a single stage payload map with four checkpoints. The map is set in an Alpine environment as used in Lumberyard.
External Links:

Screenshot needed.png Developer:Zeus_CST and Ares_CST
Description:In toyfort, you play as a miniature soldier on a battlefield that is based on a bedroom and hallway. It consists of various stages each with multiple capture points. (most recent)
External Links:alternate versions at

Waste.jpg Developer:Icarus
Description:5-point CP map that uses a payload that can be pushed both ways.
External Links:Discussion Topic

Control Point

Cp coldfront0010.jpg Developer:Icarus
Description:The five control points promise to switch hands fast and often in this straightforward map, designed with both competitive and public gameplay in mind.
Download:Download (28.9MB)
External Links:

Screenshot needed.png Developer:Dragonhill
Description:Blackmesa is a standard CP map based on the Half-Life facility of the same name (although it's not the actual area). Most of the map is an office-like facility, while the center is held by numerous catwalks and a pit of toxic waste far below (originally rocks where instant death would occur). Capture points are labeled B-L-A-C-K. Headcrabs from the Half-Life series are present, but are merely for show.
External Links:

TF2 castle map.jpg Developer:VilePickle
Description:An original CP attack & defend map that takes after the Dustbowl style.
Download:link1 (18MB)
External Links:Additional Screenshots Website Readme

CP_Furnace (Furnace Creek)
Furnace point c.jpg Developer:Youme and Nineaxis
Description:Furnace Creek is a Gravel Pit style Attack/Defend map featuring a custom desert environment.
External Links:Furnace Creek Promotional Website

Cp hellfish beta01.jpg Developer:Psyphil
Description:A triangle CP map (like gravelpit). What's special about it is that you can get on almost every roof, with EVERY CLASS! (You don't have to be a scout/demo/soldier)
External Links:Additional Screenshots

Screenshot needed.png Developer:J*Rod
Description:Hydro with the boundaries and individual rounds removed and all four main control points open at once. (13 MB)
Mod DB (25.07 MB)
External Links:

TF2 Lazytown map.jpg Developer:Zeta
Description:One of the first custom CP attack & defend maps. Simple layout but balanced and great fun with 6 > 12 people with a lot of pushing from both sides.
Download:link1 (5.24MB) link2 (5.24MB) link3 (3 MB)
External Links:

Cp observatory0003.jpg Developer:Icarus
Description:Gravelpit-style Attack & Defend map with a Steel twist
External Links:Discussion Topic

Orange cross.jpg Developer:Varadero, MoHaX
Description:An X shaped orange map with four control points,
Download:link1 (2MB) link2 (2MB)
External Links:

Cp orange x.jpg Developer:WhiteWolf_X
Description:Mostly untextured map with 5 control points. Popular for maps with no time limits.
Download:Link 1
External Links:Coming Soon

Screenshot needed.png Developer:Skdr
Description:A very well made map containing lots of detail.
Download:Link1 mirror [12.92 MB]
External Links:thread on fragmasters

CP_Shack 3
CP Shack 3.jpg Developer:Ifrit
Description:Night time battle over a shack in the woods
External Links:

Cp skyscraper.jpg Developer:Tatum
Description:Although technically a control point map, this is primarily a rocket jump map with a single CP at the top.
External Links:

Spyder.jpg Developer:Cinnamon Whirl
Description:A small, 3 CP map (dustbowl style, red defend, blu attack), with kind of an art-deco spy theme.
Download:link: (2.0MB)
External Links:

Stag-1.jpg Developer:Vilepickle
Description:This is a port from Q3F/ETF of the popular map "Stag". A 5-point CP map. (zip) (7z)
External Links:Additional Screenshots Website Readme

Screenshot needed.png Developer:Thriftwood
Description:CP map (like cp_well) with 5 control points.
External Links:thriftwood's fpsbanana profile

CP Titan.jpg Developer:Zenny0004
Description:CP map with 6 control points.
Download:TF2Maps FPSBanana
External Links:

CP warehouse.jpg Developer:M4j1kN1nj4
Description:A simple cp like cp_well with three control points. Set in a warehouse
External Links:M4j1kN1nj4's fpsbanana profile

Screenshot needed.png Developer:kusa, sacrifist & hiya!
Description:A control point map.
External Links:Non known

Cz1.jpg Developer:Vilepickle
Description:Canalzone is a "Domination" map based on the original QWTF level by David Sawyer (now of Valve). (zip) (7z)
External Links:Additional Screenshots Website Readme

Melee Fort (CP)
Cpmeleefort.jpg Developer:The Asylum of the Devitory
Description:CP version of Melee Fort. The largest melee map ever made, and only melee map to feature a full 5-CP layout. Comes with Titantrons and walkout music too.
External Links:

{{Map-stub |mapname=Foundry |


Melee Fort (Arena)
Arenameleefort.jpg Developer:The Asylum of the Devitory
Description:The Arena version of Melee Fort. Narrow walkways force players to engage each other. Rounds never last very long here.
External Links:

Harvest01.jpg Developer:heyo
Description:A popular arena map from the maker of Egypt. Features an entirely new theme with custom textures and models by the map's creator. A KOTH version has been promoted to Community Map.
External Links:

King of the Hill

Melee Fort (KOTH)
Kothmeleefort.jpg Developer:The Asylum of the Devitory
Description:KOTH version of Melee Fort. RED and BLU fight over the Slobberknocker Storehouse- atop a makeshift boxing ring consisting of two boxcars, a scaffold, lamp posts and hazard tape. Short cap times make for a back and forth battle.
External Links:

2011-02-25 00001.jpg Developer:Motanum
Description:Blu and Red fight to capture and hold the Portal gun Technology. It is non canonical, but it still offers good fun, with its non symetry and mini strategic points. Along with alternative routes which open when a team captures the main point! 3 months of work, with over 2 years of hammer knowledge. Say goodbye and never forget Portal 1 with this map.
Download:(, 39 Mb zip. 79 MB raw file)
External Links:At and At steam forums

Koth barn1.jpg Developer:Captain p0t n00dle
Description:This is a King of the hill map for TF2. Set in a barn either team has to capture the central control point and keep it captured for five minutes to win.
Download:(4.03 MB)
External Links:other links

KOTH_Lighthouse (Lighthouse)
Screenshot needed.png Developer:Psy
Description:Lighthouse is an Arena and King of the Hill map set on a remote sunny island surrounded by the endlessly ocean with an iconic Lighthouse sitting in the center serving as both the main focal point and capture point.
External Links:Lighthouse Promotional Poster

800px-Moonshine.jpg Developer:Hey You
Description:Koth_Moonshine is an intense “King of the Hill” map set at the base of a beautiful mountain stream waterfall, which feeds into an industrial swamp basin community. Both teams attack through their industrial swamp communities, fighting to be the king of a shadowy bayou shipping house, which is cover for a top-secret surveillance outpost. This high intensity map provides multiple routes to the central point to guarantee vigorous battles as the point changes hands during game play.
Download:Download the map
External Links:Moonshine Poster and Screenshots


Melee Fort (DM)
Dmmeleefort.jpg Developer:The Asylum of the Devitory
Description:The Deathmatch version of Melee Fort. The only goal is to kill or be killed. Takes place during a driving thunderstorm in the night, so you know this is some serious business.
External Links:

Melee Fort (Duel)
Duelmeleefort.jpg Developer:The Asylum of the Devitory
Description:A section of KOTH Melee Fort taken and repurposed into a map designed for a 1-on-1 fight to the death.
External Links:

Pipeball Classic
Pipeballclassic.jpg Developer:The Asylum of the Devitory
Description:An author-created remake of the original Pipeball map. Features what made Pipeball fun and what little the ill-fated Super Pipeball got right. Teams score by knocking the ball into the other team's goal pipe. First team to three goals wins. In the event of a 2-2 tie, the black ball, a kill-on-contact wildcard, replaces the standard white ball.
External Links:

Achievement turbo.jpg Developer:MrC556
Description:Top rated achievement map series designed to be run on 24/7 achievement servers. Features a scary Pyro coming out of an airvent and tons of other entertaining eastereggs.
Download:Download Mirror 1 Download Mirror 2
External Links:Screenshots

TF2 duel map.jpg Developer:VilePickle
Description:Very basic duel map for Team Fortress 2.
Download:link1 link2
External Links:Additional Screenshots Website Readme

Duel parallel.jpg Developer:Murdoc
Description:A Duel Map with 3 Seperate 1vs1 Arena, Players are able to play 3 1vs1 Matches at the same time.
Download:link1 link2
External Links:Additional Screenshots

Mariokart1.jpg Developer:Xenon
Description:Deathmatch map based on Mario Kart with various 4chan meme pictures mentioned.
External Links:Gameplay Video

Screenshot needed.png Developer:Murdoc
Description:A Duel Map with 3 Separate 1vs1 Arena, Players are able to play 3 1vs1 Matches at the same time.
Download:link1 link2
External Links:Additional Screenshots

Surf_Legendary Lite
Screenshot needed.png Developer:
External Links:

Screenshot needed.png Developer:Olivia
Description:Tower defense map christmas edition
External Links:

Screenshot needed.png Developer:Grim Reaper
Description:Official Map for Grim Reapers Server
External Links:

Screenshot needed.png Developer:Grim Reaper
Description:Official Map for Grim Reapers Server
External Links:

Screenshot needed.png Developer:Grim Reaper
Description:Official Map for Grim Reapers Server
External Links:

Alpha/Beta/Obsolete maps

  • Alpha/Beta versions are test versions before the real release
  • Obsolete maps are maps which have been succeeded by the next version of a map.

Screenshot needed.png Developer:**
Description:A cp map with Japanese architecture. This map is Obsolete.
External Links:[** Other maps by ** on fpsbanana]

Screenshot needed.png Developer:Tekcor17
Description:Dustbowl modified into a payload map. Current Version is pl_Dustbowl_b3
External Links:Tekcor17's fpsbanana profile

Screenshot needed.png Developer:Captain p0t n00dle
Description:This is an achievements map, designed to help in unlocking all the pyro's achievements and weapons
External Links:p0t n00dle's homepage

Screenshot needed.png Developer:ts2do
Description:This is an interesting control point map which is made to look really big to make the player think that he/she is really small like a rat. There were a few maps of this style released for cs:s. Note that the gameplay is identicall to a normal cp map.
External Links:ts2do's fpsbanana profile

Screenshot needed.png Developer:Chiuey.
Description:This is a capture point map similar to Gravel_pit. Blue must capture A and B zone first before heading to the roof to capture C zone. Red must defend all points. Inspiration from de_vertigo a cs:s map.
External Links:Chiuey's fpsbanana profile

Screenshot needed.png Developer:kusa, sacrifist & hiya!
Description:A control point map. Obsolete; Succseded by cp_warpath2.
External Links:Non known

Screenshot needed.png Developer:Visiteur
Description:Tower Defense version is td_firstone_b2_5
External Links:

Screenshot needed.png Developer:Olivia
Description:Tower defense map. new version is td_firstone_b2_5_christmas
External Links:

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