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TF2 Dustbowl Map.jpg
Basic Information
Map type: Control Point
File name: cp_dustbowl

Dustbowl (prefixed as CP_Dustbowl) is an Attack/Defend Control point map, and is the subsequent remake of the Team Fortress Classic map of the same name. Itself and Gravel Pit were the first Attack/Defend CP maps for Team Fortress 2 and was one of the six initial maps included with the game's release.

In Dustbowl, the goal of the attackers (BLU) is to win through a series of stages in order to win the map. Within each stage the attackers must capture two control points, A and B, which are held by the defenders (RED). Point A must be captured before the attackers can assault B. Timer is increased for every point capture and once a point is captured it is locked and cannot be retaken by the defenders.

Like all Attack/Defend maps, BLU plays the attackers whilst RED plays the defenders. Egypt and Gorge share a similar design with Dustbowl.


Introduction video


BLU is attacking and must capture both points (A and B) in all three stages to win the match. RED must prevent BLU team from achieving their goal.


Stage 1, Point A

The first Control point is inside a small building on the left (from BLU's perspective). The RED team earns the "Impenetrable Defense" achievement if they successfully defend this point.

Dustbowl, first stage, point A
  • Attackers' spawn: This is the cave where the attacking BLU team spawns. It contains one Health and Ammo locker. Attackers must be wary because when the gates open, the defenders are able to shoot in on the attackers. On the Xbox 360 version, Snipers and other classes are able to shoot through the grating and pick off the enemies (this is an exploit that has been fixed on the PC version but not on the 360 version (see Differences between Xbox 360, PS3 and PC versions).
  • Canyon: This is the long straight pathway that leads right to the back door of Control point A.
  • Main shed: This is the shed which is closest to the gate where the majority of the attackers usually come from. Before its patch on the PC version, this would be the most popular spot for exploiters because it would be here that they are able to attack through the gates. If seen from the attackers view (if they were looking at the base) then this would be the shed to the right. Defenders can jump onto the roof of this shed and shoot down at the enemies as they rush out at the start of the game. This works best with the Soldier, Pyro, and Heavy. This shed contains a large Health and a large Ammo pack. This path way leads straight into the main entrance of the Control point building.
  • Side shed: This is the shed which is on the opposite side of the "Main Shed".
  • Control point building: This is the building where Control point A is located. In here, there is a large Health and a large Ammo pack. If you go up the steps to the second level, it will lead you to the mining tunnel which has a large Health pack and leads to Control point B.

Stage 1, Point B

Control point B is again inside a building on the left (from BLU's perspective).

Dustbowl, first stage, point B
  • Cave paths: There are 3 cave tunnel pathways that lead to the second Control point. One is the second floor walkway which comes from Control point A, through the mining tunnel which leads you to the gate above and to the left of Control point B. Another tunnel is located at ground level just behind the back door of the building for point A. The third cave is located to the right hand side (for BLU) at ground level.
  • Right cave: This structure contains a medium Health pack and large Ammo pack. You reach this area by going through the third (right-most) tunnel if being looked at by BLU from their spawn. There are two exits: one to the left which can be taken to run up the hill to the Control point; One the right which runs up steps to an upstairs platform where you will find three stacked crates in a corner and a small bridge. You can go over the bridge to meet up with the people coming from the mining tunnel gate.
  • Mining tunnel: A short tight tunnel runs from the second level of Control point A building to the mining tunnel where a medium Health and medium Ammo Pack can be found. There are two ways to exit the tunnel here: you can go through the first exit on the right which has a small platform with tires for cover; or you can go through the gate, but remember that the gates only open from the inside, not the outside.
  • Control point B building: This is the building which contains the Control point. It contains a small Health and Ammo pack. Defenders must watch the gating because that is the quickest and most popular route for entering the Control point B Building.
  • Sniper roof: This is a large flat area where defending Snipers usually snipe from. It is located on top of the defenders spawn point. This is a two-part area. One part has a small Health and Ammo pack on one side, and the other (directly above the spawn) does not.
  • Defenders spawn: The spawn point for the defenders (RED team) contains two Health and Ammo lockers. It is best for attackers to avoid this area unless you are planning an ambush or espionage (as Spy) due to this being the only spawn point and having a constant stream of defenders.

Stage 2, Point A

The first point is on top of a building on the left (from BLU's perspective).

Dustbowl, second stage, point A
  • Attackers' spawn point: This is a small building which contains two Health and Ammo lockers. This is where the attackers spawn and defenders cannot enter, yet if the door is open, the defenders can shoot through.
  • Dugout: This is the small pit area where the attackers come out. Attackers are protected by gates over the three exits at the start of the game. Beware that once the setup time is over, the defenders are free to enter. Also note that there are two separate entryways for attackers to enter this area.
  • Large shed: The large shed structure nearest to the dugout which contains two large Health and Ammo packs. A ladder stands at the back of the building which can be used to gain access to the roof.
  • Control point building: This is the building which has the Control point on the second level and contains a large Health and Ammo pack. On the first floor there is a small battlement where you can find a medium Health and Ammo pack.
  • The Maintenance Building: The maintenance building is the building in the back of this Control point area. It has two rooms; one to the right containing a large Ammo and medium Health pack, the room opposite the supply room contains nothing but a window and a few office items like a coffee maker which do nothing for the player.

Stage 2, Point B

The second Control point is on a platform next to RED's spawn.

Dustbowl, second stage, point B
  • The double exits: This is the double openings that are adjacent to each other. For the attackers, after passing the office building, proceed forward and you will enter a cave. Taking either the right or left routes will get you to the double doors. This is not a very popular attacking spot because it leaves the attackers in open space.
  • The long mining tunnel: This is a long narrow tunnel which is to the back right of the office building. Normally, attackers will go through here and then proceed to the rocks. On the defending side, you can find the entrance if you stick to the right side near the rocks.
  • The rocks: This is the rock pile that is on the left side of the map (for attackers). Behind the rocks is a large Health pack. Being here will give attacking Soldiers a good vantage point of the Control point and any Sentry guns the defenders may have.
  • The gate: This is the gate to the right of the middle. Attackers can reach this gate by taking a right turn in the tunnel which leads to the double exits, after passing the office building. This leads to a long abandoned mining tunnel which has a large Health pack at the end, near the grate. Engineers can build teleporter exits here, and teleporter entrances at the attacker's spawn.
  • The middle building: This is a large building that is in the middle of this area of the map. The second floor contains two medium Health and Ammo packs. The middle of the building has a corridor running through which exits directly in front of the Control point. As the corridor has no roof, attackers can also rocket jump onto the second floor and meet up with team-mates coming from the grate.
  • Control point: The Control point is housed on a platform which is attached to the defenders spawn building.
  • Defenders spawn building: This is the spawn point for the defending RED team. In here, there are two Health and Ammo supply lockers. Defending Engineers should put up Teleporter entrances right out side the building to get the defending team to the front lines faster.

Stage 3, Point A

The first Control point is on a platform straight across from BLU's exit. RED has a shortcut from one of their spawn rooms to this point. This shortcut is sealed once BLU captures this point. Note: If you stand under the shortcut door when Control point A is taken, then the door will kill you.

Dustbowl, third stage, point A
  • BLU Spawn: Here is where the BLU attacking team will spawn. There is a small spawn building where enemies cannot enter which contain two Health and Ammo supply cabinets. As you leave you can take an immediate right turn and go up a long corridor to a locked gate; or you can take either the left or the right stairs which both bring you to the double gate exits. Warning: Once the setup time counter has ended and the gates have opened, the enemies will be able to enter here.
  • Loading dock: A small building containing a large Ammo and small Health pack. The building stands between the gates and the Control point and has large window which looks toward the double grates.
  • Control point: This is the first Control point of two on this stage and is located at the back of the area on a slightly raised platform.
  • The ledge: As the defenders take the shortcut to Control point A, this is the ledge that exits the shortcut. Sentry guns can be placed here for an excellent defensive tactic. Once the first Control point has been taken, defenders cannot go through here unless an Engineer has placed a Teleporter exit (common tactic). Attackers should jump up here and destroy any buildings.

Stage 3, Point B

The final Control point is the base of a launch pad, under a rocket, in the centre of RED's base. This is probably the most difficult point for BLU to capture as usually it is heavily fortified and has entrances that are easily visible for the defending team. It is one of the most common Control points for defenders to successfully defend and win the match.

Dustbowl, third stage, point B
  • The Alleys: These are the narrow alleyways that lead you from Control point A to Control point B. You will find two small Health and Ammo packs on the second level of the small building on the right side as you enter the first alleyway. You can also take the first doorway to go down the stairs to a long corridor which exits at the bottom of the gorge below Control point B. Rocket jumping from the gorge is advisable because the stairs are usually watched. The second alleyway contains a large Ammo and small Health pack.
  • The long building: This is the long building after the alleys with a medium Health and Ammo pack. As you run down the long stretch from the alleys to the Control point, take a left up the stairs into the building.
  • The Sniper house: This is the structure with a medium Health and large Ammo pack on the second level. On the first level is a Sniper bunker which can be used for picking off attackers as they come from the alleys. It is an excellent place for attackers to gather and prepare themselves before assaulting the final point.
  • Control point: This is the final Control point for this stage. Attackers must stand on it to capture the point.
  • RED Spawn: There are two small rooms where defenders spawn at either side of Control point B; each contains one Health and Ammo supply locker.
  • The ledge: At the end of the alley, at the bride, take a left up the stairs. Go to the end and take a right. There's a small platform that is great to assist your teammates.



Defenders - Stay alive
Defenders have punishingly long respawn times compared to attackers. Suicide pushes to move the attackers into retreat tend to do more harm than good. Dispensers are also vital for sustained firepower. Defensive Medics should try to keep everyone up to full health; ÜberCharges tend to be a tactical response to a rush rather than as a coordinated push.
Defenders - Guard the point
This might sound obvious, but it is not unknown for strong defenses to push the attackers back during the second point, only to have a Spy sneak onto a deserted point and take it. Also be mindful of Sentry gun positions that do not cover the full capture zone.
Attackers - Teleporters for second point
Engineers become useful on attack when attacking the second point of each stage.
Defenders - Teleporters for the first point
Defending Engineers do not usually need to make Teleporters for the second point, but for the first point it is often vital.
Attackers - Spy quick captures
Spies can often slip past the defense and wait at the second point. When the team manages to capture the first point, instantly uncloak and get on the point, allowing you to capture the point fast, as the defense will be scattered and regrouping. This works especially well with the Cloak and Dagger.

Stage 1, Point A

Attackers - ÜberCharge on the left side
Usually the best ÜberCharges are done on the left side, leading straight to the Control point. This is usually where defenders place their greatest emphasis. A single ÜberCharged Pyro and his Medic can reach the Control point before the uber runs out; multiple ÜberCharged Pyros usually eliminate all Sentries and defenders covering the Control point. Be sure to go through the door and immediately turn right up the stairs; otherwise Sentry gun fire can keep you knocked back at the door if you try to run straight ahead.
Attackers - Prepare for SG's in the capture building
Defending Engineers usually place a Sentry gun on the stairway's corner on the right side when entering the Control point building. An ÜberCharged Heavy should be able to handle this, but a quicker method can be to use Soldiers and Demomen to fire into the windows from the outside. These classes can also rocket jump up to those windows and catch them from behind.
Attackers - Use all three exits / Defenders - Watch all three exits
Attackers: If you find an unguarded path, exploit it to your advantage. Tell your team so you can swarm the point from both angles. Defenders: Your best hope here is to try to keep the attackers from gaining any significant ground from any of the three exits. Tell your team if you spot a hole in your defense.
Attackers - Do not forget the third exit
The right hand side exit is often left clear as it is so far away from the Control point. From this side a Sniper can see into the Control point and take out the enemy within the Control point room with relative impunity.
Defenders - Block the attacking uber rush
To prevent an almost unstoppable uber pyro rush from the right side BLU spawn, you will need a counter-uber standing in the doorway to block. A heavy is preferable because they are harder to bounce away from the door. This tactic is useful even if there is no attacking uber pyro rush because the heavy can shoot into the spawn area at will and it gives engineers another ten seconds to upgrade their defenses.
Defenders - Do not forget the third exit
Look for Spies and Snipers using this exit. A lone Sniper in the tunnel or a single defender just outside, using the Health and Ammo in the shed should be able to cover this exit.
Defenders - Engineer's corner
First of all, build a Teleport entrance near respawn. Next, run to Control point A building (see image) and
  • stand in the corner and build a Dispenser (Metal=200-100=100)
  • go outside and grab small Ammo pack (100+41=141)
  • go back to corner and build a Sentry gun using the wrench (141-130=11, 11-11=0[put using wrench])
  • now you can grab large Ammo pack (near doorway and large Health pack) (0+200=200)
At this moment you will have a full Metal reserve and a level 1 Sentry gun. It is up to you to look around and decide, build a Teleporter exit or upgrade the SG.
If you decide to build a Teleport exit, you will be able to build it, upgrade the SG with the rest of your Metal, grab another large Ammo pack and upgrade your SG to level 2 before the setup time ends.
Advantages: If you stand on your Teleport you can repair your SG and receive Metal/Health directly from the Dispenser. Enemy bullets will give smaller damage to you (thanks to your SG's health). All on one place - if a Spy saps your buildings you will have time to repair them without moving around (for level 3 SG - remove sappers from dispenser, then from SG and only after that - from Teleporter exit).
Disadvantages: All in one place - if Spy saps your buildings and you got killed - bye-bye everything. ÜberCharged units like Heavy can easily destroy your work, especially if your SG was sapped before.
Defenders - Bridge sentry
the bridge above the cap is a common place for sentries. The best place is just in the doorway, about half a unit (inch) down the stairs. This covers the point in the same way as the corner sentry, but without being so susceptible to pyros, assuming your team guards the other entrance to the cap. If an engineer does this, there is often a teleporter in the high tunnel behind a cap and a dispenser ready to retreat once the point is taken.
Advantages: Less vulnerable to attacking pyros; if placed correctly, spies cannot get behind the sentry to backstab or "sandwich" you (undisguise behind your dispenser, makes your sentry kill you).
Disadvantages: With a small or weak team, pyros can easily get under the bridge to attack you and your sentry; and soldiers and demomen can edge round, keeping their range, and take it down.

Stage 1, Point B

Attackers - Rush / Defenders - Get on the point
The second point offers a great opportunity to rush it immediately upon capturing the first point. The defenders are often scattered or dead and take some time to regroup to this point. This is a time where Scouts can use their speed to shine on this map. It is a demoralizing loss to the defenders to lose this point so quickly. Defenders: Attackers can make a quick rush, but this is usually a single opportunist rather than by a coordinated effort. Anyone who is able should try to get on the point to clear it and prevent a quick loss.
Attackers - Set up a forward base
As an Engineer, set up a forward base in the Mining Tunnel (an Exit Teleporter, Dispenser, and optional Sentry) - it makes a valuable asset to your team, and provides easy passage into the enemy base from the side. A sentry is recommended to prevent Demomen and Soldiers from ambushing this point. It is worth noting that a Medic-Soldier combo can eliminate Sentries hidden behind the water tower from the angle provided by the leftmost exit.
Defenders - Surprise!
Most attackers will feel safe in the valley after capping A and the tunnel that leads to cap B. Take advantage of that and use spies and pyros to destroy potential forward bases and disorient the enemy, leading them to concentrate on finding the spy/pyro and less on capping point B.

Stage 2, Point A

Defenders - Build Sentries, Dispensers, and Teleporter exits at the Control point building
BLU will need to capture the point that is on this building, so build Sentries on all entry points. Snipers should lurk at the back of the area sniping into the doorway as attackers come up. Get a Sentry on top of the building next to the doorway. If you add some Soldiers and Demomen up here, it is possible to prevent anyone even getting up the slope even an ÜberCharge can be pushed back by the volume of fire.
Defenders - Spy Heaven
This can be one of the best levels for Spies to rack up backstabs. Notice that the BLU attackers come out of their spawn, and into the dugout area, where the doors stay up until the level begins. Unlike in Stage 1, when the BLU spawn doors disappear, RED players can go past that point, down into the dugout. As things are often chaotic down there, it is likely that you could decloak within the dugout (or better yet, on the other side of the dugout closer to the BLU spawn) without being noticed. And anyone who is in the cave will be usually accepted as a member of the BLU team without suspicion. The BLU players' attention will be focused on the dangers outside the dugout; they will be hesitantly clogging up the exits, all facing in one direction, providing a perfect chance to backstab three or more players in a row before anyone will even realize what is happening. Not only will you rack up the points, but you will also disrupt the BLU offense. Doing this can cause confusion and paranoia, and distract them from taking the point.
Defenders - Knock them back
When standing in front of the leftmost opening of the dugout, a Demoman can fire grenades that arc into the dugout and roll up the other side of this entry way. Several Demoman can constantly fill this area with grenades, making it almost impossible to proceed using this way into the dugout. Add in some solid defensive measures with Knock back to counter-ÜberCharge, and it becomes an extremely solid defense.
Attackers - Initial ÜberCharge
When starting the round, have plenty of Medics ready to ÜberCharge a Heavy, Soldier, Demoman, or Pyro. The objective is to destroy the Sentry guns and Teleporters the Engineers have set up near the entry way. This is the time when the defenses will be most vulnerable, and with a faster respawn time, it will be easier to keep up the pressure. Giving the defenders time to setup outside the dugout risks being caught on entering the main open areas of the map. If attackers are entering the dugout dont forget the entryway on the left a demoman can make quick work of clearing the dugout and allowing a new offensive to begin.
Attackers - Assault the back of the building on the right
Run up through the right hand entrance and turn right behind the building and into the passageway around the back to assault the defenders on the roof. Demomen are best suited to this as they can defend the route in with Sticky bombs and fire grenades at the people on the roof.

Stage 2, Point B

Attackers - Destroy their Teleporters
Defenders will have one or more Teleporter exits near the first point. Search the buildings to ensure they are all destroyed otherwise you will get a napalm enema.
Attackers - Build Teleporters
It's a long walk from the respawn to the point, so Engineers become worthwhile for attackers here.
Attackers - Demomen take out SG nest / Defenders - Hold the right side
The final line of defense includes a nest of one or more sentries next to the point. These nests can get nasty (especially on 32-player servers), sometimes having enough push to thwart an ÜberCharged Heavy-Medic rush. A Pyro should be employed on Spy checking duty. Attackers: Use a Demoman around the far corner that fires Sticky bombs and grenades at the nest to clear it out. Defenders: You must hold the right side, even if it means having a weaker nest. Plus, you should not to be grouped up when the Demomen come in, otherwise you could all die as a team before you have a chance to chase them down.
(All position descriptions are from the defenses point of view). The key to defending this point is a pair of Sentry guns tucked into the corner on the left plus a sticky trap on the right side, across the narrowest part of the map between the stairs on the right side on the building and the cliff face on the right.
The Sentry guns provide the high volume firepower which basically denies the point area to the enemy. The enemy has basically two routes into the point: through the building on the left (through the doorway) or around it on the right side. The left route through the building is basically not viable, because all attacking enemies have to come through the doorway, which is a very narrow space. Even a few defenders can put such a large volume of fire into that space, where enemies are bunched up, that attacks break down. Also, the SG's will be firing onto such enemies. The right route equally is blocked by Sentry guns and from defending firepower; the wall behind the attackers makes them easy prey for rockets.
This leaves the attacking force with the problem of taking out the Sentry guns. This can be done from the right hand side, where the rocks are. Here, the range is too long for the Sentry guns to lock on, and the rocks provide cover for an attacking force.
It is accordingly vital that the right hand side is held. As soon as it is not firmly held, the enemy will flood in round that side and then the Sentry guns will go down; once they are down, the point will be lost.
The right hand side is best held with a Sticky bomb trap. Attacking forces simply do not want to cross the trap; it buffers them up on the other side of the building, where they are not a threat and where they can be attacked safely, at a distance.
Also note a Demoman on the right hand side heals easily and fully from the Health pack on the right hand side of the rocks. His firing position there is excellent; he can throw grenades into all the key areas of that point; into the building doorway leading to the CP, down the other side of the building so the grenades land in front of the gate, into all three tunnel entrances and finally, over the open area on the other side of the building, where the enemy will buffer up from the Sticky bomb trap.
Other classes should provide the Demoman with some cover and not leave him alone to hold the Sticky bomb trap. The attacking force will be very aware of his importance, because they can see that they are being held back by the trap. If the attacking force begins to concentrate on that Demoman, he can be in trouble; a Sniper in one of the tunnel exits is a particular threat. As soon as the Demoman goes down, the enemy can flood in as a group providing them the opportunity to take the Sentry guns down and capture the point.
Defenders - Destroy BLU's teleporter entrances
If a spy or even a sneaky scout can circle around behind and eliminate BLU's teleporter entrances, it will diminish the pressure on the defense considerably. While engineers make the trek back to rebuild teleporters, the attacking sentry guns will be correspondingly easier to take out.
Attackers - Defend the area between Point A and the mine tunnels
Although not critical, it is useful to set up a base at the entrance to the tunnels leading to Point B (next to the office building). This prevents scouts from slipping through and harassing your spawn point, and serves as a backup should the defense grow strong enough to push you back this far.

Stage 3, Point A

Attackers - Clearing the left side is your first priority
Most of the defenders will be grouped on the left side (behind the pavilion) and the right side (around the corner). If you break the defense on the left side and prevent them from reinforcing that area, you can usually capture the point (they cannot cover the whole capture area from the right side). Demomen can help eliminate the defenders hiding in and behind the pavilion by launching grenades through the windows. This is a pretty spammy area, so Engineers should build Dispensers near the front line. Others should help prevent the defenders from reinforcing from the right side.
Defenders - Use the shortcut
The spawn point on the right side (when facing the bridge) has a door that opens to a shortcut to the first point. Find it and use it to save yourself losing time. However, if you happen to be passing through the shortcut door as the attackers capture the point, you will be killed by the closing door.
Defenders - Build Teleporter exits in the shortcut area
If the attackers capture the point, the shortcut door will become locked. But if you have Teleporter exits in the shortcut area you can still teleport into there. The exit doorway is a good spot for a Sentry gun as well.

Stage 3, Point B

Attackers - Clear RED's close spawn door
RED Engineers like to place Teleporter exits in this area so their team can continue to use this passage even after the first point is captured. It is best to have a Soldier or Demoman go into there and clear out any buildings to be safe from surprise attacks from behind.
Defenders - Sticky the point
Sticky bombs are a great last-line of defense here, because Demomen can hide near the spawn doors while still keeping an eye on the point.

Attackers - Build Teleporters: This is another long walk from the respawn. Engineers should also place priority on building Sentry guns and Dispensers too, typically as close to the bridge area as possible.

Attackers - Coordinate ÜberCharge rushes
An ÜberCharged Heavy rush is probably the best way to make the final push to the point. The primary objective for the Heavy is to kill defenders and destroy buildings prioritizing Demomen and Sentries. You might need to take the opportunity, regardless of your class, to stand on the point once the defense has been broken.
Defenders - Use the tunnel to ambush attacking groups
Sneaking around under the tunnel can allow defending players to arrive behind an attacking team setting up in the halfway area in the alley approaching the final corner. This unexpected attack can allow them to ambush and wipe out nearly the whole team who will be facing the opposite direction.
  • Note: Snipers and Spies can become of great use here when coming from behind with the help of this tunnel. You can get clean, worry-free shots as a Sniper and appear friendly and coming from the appropriate direction without wasting your cloak as a Spy.

Sentry gun placements

2iu6-1c.png2iu6-1d.png2iu6-1e.png 2iu6-1f.png2iu6-1g.png
first stage
first cap
first stage
second cap
second stage
first cap
second stage
second cap
third stage

Team Balance

Due to the defense/offense split on this map this is in two parts. There are also variations when defending point A or B.


  • Demomen: There are lots of choke points on this map. Demomen are useful to get through these
  • Spy: Lots of Sentry guns are used, so sapping is vital.
  • Engineer: To speed up assault to point B and provide Dispensers.
  • Medic: To keep your team fighting and to push forward with ÜberCharges.
  • Heavy, Soldier, Pyro: Useful for attack together with a Medic, preferably using an ÜberCharge.


  • Engineers: For Sentry guns and rapid travel to point A.
  • Soldiers: Rockets can even keep an ÜberCharge from pushing forward.
  • Pyro: To ambush the choke points and protect Engineers from Spies.


  • Dustbowl was the map featured in the closing scene in Meet the Heavy, with the same scene featured in Meet the Sandvich. The area featured was the area just outside attacker's spawn on first point area of first stage.
  • Dustbowl was the first official attack/defend map to have Official Bot Support.
  • Dustbowl is somewhat the most famous map in the game.

Control Point Timing

All Control points have the same capture times.

Control point Multiplier Seconds
All control points x1
6 .00
3 .96
3 .24
2 .87

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