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The Scout rush strategy requires all team members (or at least a large majority of the team) to choose the Scout class and 'rush' towards the objective, such as the center Control point on traditional Control point maps such as Granary or Well. The large number of agile Scouts all taking advantage of their double capture speed makes it likely they will capture the center point before the other team has enough manpower in the area to contest it. While the capture is still in progress, the remaining Scouts use their speed to slip past the advancing front of the opposing team to the perimeter control point and then the final point.

Scout rushes can also work on Capture the Flag maps. Several Scouts taking different routes into the enemy base may overwhelm the emerging enemy team and not give opposing Engineers enough time to erect Sentry guns.

Note: Some servers impose a limit upon number of players in any given class. Limits on the Scout class can reduce Scout rush effectiveness.

Scout rush counters

Defeat a Scout Rush by exploiting a Scouts weaknesses: low health and relatively low damage output.

  • Pyros can catch Scouts in doorways and cramped areas as they navigate through structures. Pyros are also quick enough to reach most CP's before the point is taken and can thus block the capture while liberally dosing the area with flamethrower fire.
  • Rocket and sticky bomb explosions can throw Scouts away from control points and disrupt captures.
  • An Engineer can hastily erect a sentry gun at the perimeter control point but the gun's placement may still allow some Scouts to move past the perimeter and stand by on the final control point.
  • A Heavy or two that is hiding behind a corner, will plow down a group of standing Scouts attempting to capture the control point.

Note: Keep watch over the final control point to make sure you don't allow them to "chain-capture" as soon as the perimeter point is captured.


Scouts will often Double jump onto the bridge roof and then onto your battlements to enter your base. A Sentry gun or Pyro in the 2fort upstairs lobby will catch Scouts who take this route. Engineers may need additional team members to manually engage the first few Scouts who try to slip past as they erect the sentry gun.
Run Forest, RUN!
CP_Dustbowl Stage 1
A well-placed sentry gun with a view of the canyon or within the building covering the capture point itself should take out any rushing Scouts as long as you set up in time. Use high rate-of-fire teammates such as the Heavy to cover you if you need time to set up your sentry.
CP_Dustbowl Stage 2
A sentry gun covering the first and second capture points should take out any Scouts. Be sure to keep at least a few people covering the final point as Scouts as well as Spies can slip past and capture once the first point has been taken.
CP_Dustbowl Stage 3
A sentry gun covering the point will do the job and render the rush ineffective. However as with the second point, set up a preparatory defense on the final point to prevent Scouts rushing past to take the second point immediately after the first is lost.
A Pyro or Demoman rush serves as a good counter to Scouts at the third point. They'll get there after the Scouts, but have a much higher survivability chance, and can simply retake the point once everyone else is dead.
As you get quite a long set up time before the attackers are allowed out Sentry guns can be set up at both A and B and upgraded before the game starts. The same set up time also allows you to set up Sticky bombs and good covering fire. A Scout rush on this map would generally be considered suicide against all but the weakest of teams.
As with many other maps a Pyro rush can defeat a Scout rush with a large amount of overwhelming firepower. The Pyro will always arrive after the Scouts but soon enough to disrupt the capture of the control point and with enough firepower to kill all on the control point and capture it.
Due to the layout and long set up times of the Hydro map a Scout rush will usually fail against all but the poorest of teams. Sticky bombs on the Control point, a Sentry gun, a single Pyro on the control point, a Heavy near the spawn room are all counters to a Scout rush on this map.

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