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Randomdog's competitive Soldier script and full interface redesign

By Randomdog
// Randomdog's Soldier CFG

// Notes
// Auto-reload is recommended
// Requires a mouse with at least 4 buttons (unless you feel like rebinding)
// Feel free to change the binds (down at the bottom) but don't mess with the rest unless you know what you're doing
// Designed for competitive play so doesn't use any wait commands and has a hotkey for 'medic down'
// Designed for using the equalizer, there is no autoswitch back after hit from the melee because most of the time you will want to run away when you get the equalizer out. Use scrollwheel up and down to switch if you have to.

// Binds

// Mouse 1 - Rocket Launcher

// Mouse 2 - Shotgun or Activate Buff Banner (will have no effect when gunboats equipped)

// Mouse 3 - Equalizer/Shovel - will stay out if you let go of the button so that you can run away with equalizer. Clicking M3 makes you attack with it.

// Mouse 4 - Instant rocket jump - YOU MUST HAVE THE ROCKET LAUNCHER OUT

// Mouse Wheel up - Switch to rocket launcher

// Mouse Wheel down - Switch to shotgun

// F - 'Medic Down' in team chat and shout the 'go go go' voice command


// Rocket Launcher
alias "+rockets" "slot1;+attack;"
alias "-rockets" "-attack;+reload"

// Shotgun
alias "+shotty" "slot2;+attack"
alias "-shotty" "-attack;+reload"

// Equalizer
alias "+pick" "slot3;+attack"
alias "-pick" "-attack"

// Rocket Jump
alias +rocketjump "+duck;+attack;+jump"
alias -rocketjump "-duck;-attack;-jump"

// Medic Down
alias "killmed" "say_team "***ENEMY MEDIC DOWN!***";voicemenu 0 2"

// Mouse wheel switch
alias "wheelrockets" "slot1"
alias "wheelshotty" "slot2"

// The Binds - Yes this is the bit you can edit
bind "f" "killmed"
bind "mouse1" "+rockets"
bind "mouse2" "+shotty"
bind "mouse3" "+pick"
bind "mouse4" "+rocketjump"
bind "mwheelup" "wheelrockets"
bind "mwheeldown" "wheelshotty"

// Notification in console


// Put the following in all your other cfgs, this will make sure the default binds for the other classes are in place. If you change the binds here change this line of text too.
// If you use custom cfgs for the other classes put this at the TOP.

alias "unloadcfg" "bind "mouse1" "+attack";bind "mouse2" "+attack2";bind "mwheelup" "invprev";bind "mwheeldown" "invnext";unbind "mouse3";unbind "mouse4";unbind "f";echo "*** CONFIG UNLOADED ***""


//Made by Randomdog - Version 1.2


By Matheus28
// soldier.cfg
alias aur1 "+reload;wait;-reload;aur2;";
alias aur2 "aur1";

// clear.cfg
alias aur2

Quick Banner

By caa4444
in solder.cfg
//Quick Banner
alias ban "use tf_weapon_buff_item; +attack; wait 50; -attack"
bind mouse4 ban

in clear.cfg
unbind mouse4

Rocket Jump

There is some discussion about this script.
Posted by Icehawk
//Rocket Jump
alias +rocketjump "+jump;+duck;wait;+attack"
alias -rocketjump "-jump;-attack;wait;wait;wait;-duck"
bind mouse2 "+rocketjump"

Duck-Tap Rocket Jump (Super Rocket Jump)

This rocketjump script uses the duck-tap method which gives you a little bit of extra height.
It is highly recommended to NOT use this as your main RJ script, due to the nature of the duck-tap method.
NOTE: For best results, do the jump while standing still.
alias +superjump "+duck;wait 8;-duck;wait 4;+jump;+attack;wait 20;-attack;+duck"
alias -superjump "-jump;-duck"
bind mouse3 +superjump
P.S. the actual RJ will be performed after 12 frames, so keep looking at the ground a little bit after pressing the button

yet another rocket jump

should help to overcame limitations some servers put on wait command

//usage: push a button to fast aim under your feet than release it and quickly tip (push and release) it again to stop repatative fire
alias +.rocketjump "+.rj+"
alias -.rocketjump "-.rj+"
alias +.rj+ "m_customaccel 1;wait;m_customaccel_scale 0.05;wait;alias +.rocketjump +.rj-"
//                   ^-----------------^--turning ingame mouse accselaration on for quick under feet aiming
alias -.rj+ "+jump;wait;+duck;wait;+moveup;wait;m_customaccel 0;wait;m_customaccel_scale 0;wait;+attack;wait;alias -.rocketjump -.rj-"
alias +.rj- "-attack;wait;alias +.rocketjump +.rj+"
alias -.rj- "-jump;wait;-duck;wait;-moveup;wait;alias -.rocketjump -.rj+"

//unbind and bind part that is under better done in soldier.cfg configuration file 

unbind mouse2
bind mouse2 +.rocketjump

//in all others config files like spy.cfg bind right mouse button to alternative attack
//in spy.cfg
//unbind mouse2
//bind mouse2 attack2

Total Weapon Interface Redesign

This is a total redesign of the weapons interface.
1: Mouse2 pulls melee and then re-binds to swing it (for fast reaction shovels)
2: Mouse1 pulls last weapon if on melee and re-binds to fire it
3: 'Q' Swaps the current Mouse1 weapon between shotty and rocket launcher
This script could use some more management modifications as it's still not as clean as I would like it to be and I think some of it could be scripted a little cleaner/better. However the interface itself works and I am of the impression that this is the single most efficient way to play the soldier class. It saves both time and effort when playing and is a very natural weapons interface.
  • Note: I also am making use of an outside .cfg to clear key input it is defined below
// clear.cfg
// for remapping binds and cleaning things up
// you can exec autoexec as well but I like to keep things simple
bind "MOUSE5" ""
bind "MOUSE3" ""
bind "MOUSE1" "+attack"
bind "MOUSE2" "+attack2"
bind "q" "lastinv"
// Soldier.cfg remap -> Provided by Mordentral / M72 The LAW-BOOM BOOM

// Remap defaults
exec clear.cfg

alias +swap1 "slot3; +attack; alias +m1bind +swap2; alias -m1bind -swap2; alias +m2bind +attack; alias -m2bind -attack"
alias -swap1 "-attack"

alias "+m2bind" "+swap1"
alias "-m2bind" "-swap1"
bind "MOUSE2" "+m2bind"

alias +swap2 "slot1; +attack; alias +sht1 +swap3; alias -sht1 -swap3; alias +m1bind +normaatkkreload; alias -m1bind -normaatkkreload; alias +m2bind +swap1; alias -m2bind -swap1"
alias -swap2 "-attack"
alias +normaatkkreload "+attack"
alias -normaatkkreload "-attack"

alias "+m1bind" "+swap2"
alias "-m1bind" "-swap2"
bind "MOUSE1" "+m1bind"

alias +swap3 "slot2; +attack; alias +m1bind +attack; alias -m1bind -attack; alias +sht1 +swap2; alias -sht1 -swap2; alias +m2bind +swap1; alias -m2bind -swap1"
alias -swap3 "-attack"

alias "+sht1" "+swap3"
alias "-sht1" "-swap3"

bind "q" "+sht1;"
Posted by mordentral

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