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TF2 Ware is a custom sourcemod game mode and accompanying map that emulates the gameplay style of the WarioWare game series on Nintendo consoles. The modification, still in development, was created by Mecha the Slag, known for various other MechaWare projects. Currently, it is developed by Mecha the Slag and NuclearWatermelon

The gameplay within the map involves all players participating in randomly chosen 'microgames', simple tasks with short instructions and a duration of less than 5 seconds. Players are automatically changed to the class the the microgame (or their role within the microgame) requires, are generally forced to wield a specific weapon (or whatever is currently in the required slot), and do not have any ammunition or cannot melee unless the microgame requires it. Players earn one point per microgame that they 'win', and as soon as one player has 18 points a Boss Stage is begun, which is longer (about one minute on average) and slightly more complex than the normal microgames, and always has a dedicated environment within the map. The player with the most points following a Boss Stage is given free reign to kill all other players on the stage, after which the flow of gameplay is looped and everybody's score resets to 0.

At the time of writing, only three servers host the map.




Everyone is a Pyro with a standard Flamethrower that can only airblast. They are teleported to a small arena with instant-kill spike walls on all sides. They must survive by airblasting enemy Pyros into one of the spiked walls. Any surviving Pyros are awarded a point.

Avoid the Kamikaze

One player becomes a Scout with a low-fuse timebomb attached to them. Their goal is to 'blow up' at least two Heavies (the class all other players are changed to), by being close to them when the timebomb goes off. The Scout is awarded a point for 2 or more deaths besides their own, and all surviving Heavies also earn a point.

Break a Barrel

Everyone is a Scout and wields their Bat or Sandman. Breakable barrel props appear all around the arena, and players must break at least one barrel with melee attacks to earn a point. It's possible to kill any other player if you melee them fast enough before the timer expires.

Don't Move

Exactly as the name says, you must not move after the instructions have been on-screen for one second, until the microgame ends. Players may taunt without incurring a loss. Anybody who moves is killed instantly and doesn't earn a point.

Don't Stop Moving

The opposite of Don't Move, with an identical early 'safe period'. Collision with enemy players is enabled to make this microgame harder. Anybody who stops moving is killed instantly and doesn't earn a point.

Get on a Platform

Of the nine square platforms in the default arena, all but a few (1-3) are removed, and lethal water begins pouring in. Players have a short amount of time to jump onto a platform before the water rises, and any surviving player is given a point.

Get to the End

Everyone is a Scout, and gets teleported to one end of a rectangular arena with no vertical boundaries. Saw blades are arranged in an H shape ahead of the players, who are spawned facing the arrangement from the 'side'. Players must reach a glowing yellow area at the far end of the area, within the time limit, to score a point.

Hit an Enemy

All players are changed to one of three possible class/slot combos: A Demoman with their choice of melee weapon (and Chargin' Targe, if equipped), an Engineer with the Shotgun, or a Spy with their chosen primary weapon (Revolver, Ambassador, L'etranger or Big Kill). They must kill one enemy player within the time limit to score. Inflicting any damage on an enemy will kill them instantly.

Needle Jump

Based on a patched exploit, everyone is a Medic who must fire their Syringe gun while jumping and aiming at the floor to propel themselves beyond the range of numerous grounded timebombs. Survivors earn a point.

Simon Says

In a simple adaptation of Simon Says, players must either taunt or not taunt depending on the instruction given. If a taunt is made when the instructions read "Someone Says", the player is told that they failed the microgame and are exempt from earning a point. Players can also fail if they don't taunt when presented with the "Simon Says" command.

Additionally, this is the first microgame to not have been written by the original author.

Type the Answer

A simple mathematical question appears in the upper-middle HUD of all players, and they must type the correct answer into the server's chat channel in order to score. Wrong answers result in immediate player death.

Boss Stages

Any player who meets the win conditions of a Boss Stage is awarded 5 points instead of 1.

Avoid the Cuddly Heavy

One fourth of the servers total players with a hard minimum of two are converted into Heavies while the rest are Scouts. The boss environment is a large room with pink surfaces and red heart outlines. The Heavies' goal is to 'hug' the Scouts to death, effectively meaning 'colliding with a Scout will kill them instantly', with the Scouts trying to survive this ordeal for as long as possible. The Heavies will periodically shout modified speech files to display their affection. As the timer runs down, the walls all move steadily inwards, shrinking the size of the room until it becomes very difficult for the Scouts to dodge. If any Scouts survive, they earn points, while the entire team of Heavies earn points if no Scouts remain alive at the end.

Reach the End (Heavy)

Everyone is a Heavy, and they are forced to run a linear obstacle course at a steady pace, due to an instant-death spikewall following behind them and a static brick wall moving ahead of them. The course's main hazard is an instant-death void that catches any players who don't remain on the platforms. Players who reach the end point alive are awarded points.

Reach the End (Soldier)

Everyone is a Soldier, armed with their Rocket Launcher, and have to rocket jump their way from platform to platform on their way to the top of the stage. Like the Heavy variant of this stage, There is a static wall, this time above the players and is ascending, as well as an instant-death water flow, which is also constantly rising, forcing the players to rush up the stage in an attempt to avoid being caught up in the rising water. Any Soldiers that make it to the very top of the stage are awarded points.

Score 7 Goals

Everyone is a Demoman with the Grenade launcher selected, filled to its maximum ammo capacity. Their goal is to fire grenades into a constantly-moving basketball goal, attached to the far wall of a large wooden room, blocked off by a wooden and bard-wire fence. 7 of the player's grenades must fall into the hoops for them to earn points at the end. All equipped weapons are selectable in this stage, but attacking other Demomen will only cause one point of damage per hit.

Don't Fall

Everyone is a Spy with the Knife equipped, the goal of this boss stage is to avoid falling from the platforms, all spys are able to attack one another in an attempt to knock each other off of the platforms to their deaths. To make it even harder to stay alive, the platforms will start falling one by one, sending the players unlucky enough to be standing on them to their deaths. A regular hit with the Knife will knock a player back slightly, a backstab will throw them up into the sky and the Knife taunt kill (if contact is made with another player on the final hit) will launch the struck player a long distance away, often ending with that player's death unless they are able to land back on a platform. Any spys that survive until the end of the stage earn points.

Don't Starve

Everyone is a Pyro and has to jump a rope to recover health, which is constantly decreasing and will continue to do so until that player dies, or the stage ends. However, contact with the rope in any way will result in instant death. Also, the speed of the rope swing as well as the speed of health loss increases over time, making it a lot harder to time each jump correctly, and forcing breaks from jumping down to a few seconds. Any Pyros left alive by the end of the stage earn points.

Survive the Medics/Kill the Medics/Vacuum All Spys

All players are split into three teams. The Spies (Ghosts), the Medics (Ghostbusters) and the Heavies (Zombies). All players have a glowing outline indicating their health and showing their current location. The goal of the stage varies with each group.

The Spies, completely unarmed, need to get away from the Medics and survive until the end of the round. Hiding away from the Medics often isn't an effective strategy, as Medics can see the outlines of any Spies still alive, revealing their location and often ruining their hiding spots.

The Medics, armed with a modified Medigun, need to go around the mansion and use their mediguns on any Spies they see, doing so will slowly drain their health and grant that Medic invulnerability, until either the Spy dies or the Spy manages to break away from the drain, which can be done by getting some distance between them and the Medic healing them. Medics also need to be on the lookout for any Heavies, as they are looking for any Medics to kill, ending their chances of winning, the Medigun has no affect on Heavies, so running is their only option!

The Heavies, armed with their Fists, can do one of two things, either go around and kill every Medic they see, or, protect Spies so that the Medics are unable to get to them, sabotating their chances of winning. Heavies are also unable to take damage from Medics, making them a very large threat.

The scoring for this stage varies greatly upon the outcome:

If any number of Spies survive, those Spies, as well as the Heavies, gain points. If the Heavies manage to kill all of the Medics, the Heavies gain points. If the Medics manage to kill all of the Spies, the surviving Medics gain points.

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