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Viaduct 01.jpg
Basic Information
Map type: King Of The Hill
File name: koth_viaduct

Viaduct (prefixed as KOTH_Viaduct) is a King of the Hill map. It and along with Nucleus and Sawmill were released with The Classless Update as the first official King of the Hill maps for Team Fortress 2.

So far, Viaduct is the only KOTH map developed by Valve from scratch and was the first official map to feature a snow theme, as a unique variation of the map's alpine setting.


...Both teams start at the base of a low hill, and will have to climb to get to the capture point at the hill’s peak. The various elevations of the map and multiple routes to the central point guarantee some frenzied battles as the point changes hands during gameplay.

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Your goal is to capture the Control Point and defend it for a duration of 3 minutes.


  • The Summit – The topmost area of Viaduct, where the Control Point is located.
  • The Scullery – Fringing the summit on either side is a building, with sheltered catwalks leading onto ledges on either side.

Common strategies

  • Snipers can and will be a huge nuisance on this map – the sheltered catwalks, the area underneath and the ledges on either side all have great sightlines and are difficult to hit from the point itself. This is compounded by the fact there are no side routes, which makes Scouting and Spying difficult.
  • The ledges are an excellent place for a Sentry. If the point has been taken by the enemy, consider setting up in the lower area with the health pack/ammo crate to the left of the Scullery, and teleporting your colleagues in.
  • Demos are an excellent choice on this map – they can clear the point both defensively and offensively, shell the ledges and act as an anti-Sniper and Engineer class.
  • The small lower areas looking onto the capture point are good Sentry Gun Locations. A good setup there can hold of the enemies from the point and allow your team to control the mid. Just beware of enemy Snipers if you decide to set up here.


  • Valve initially claimed Viaduct to be the first-ever TF2 map with snow. Due to the outcry from hundreds of community-members citing custom maps made before Viaduct, Valve rescinded this claim and the employees responsible were "bludgeoned to pieces by [their] crack security team".

Control Point Timing

Control point Multiplier Seconds
Center Point x1
24 .00
15 .83
12 .96
11 .51

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