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Achievement IDLE without Idlers.


Idle Maps (Achievement IDLE)

Achievement IDLE is a TF2 community map that is composed of a control point between two spawn rooms separated by windows. The spawn chambers constantly drain Hit points from players, forcing them to exit into the middle chamber where the un-capturable control point is located. Players can not travel into the opposing teams hallway that leads to their spawn room.

Achievement IDLE gameplay.


This map first popped up after a Valve decided to crack down on players using idling programs to circumvent the newly implemented drop system. All items that were previously acquired while a player had said program were deleted by Valve with a promise that anyone who attempted to do so again would find themselves VAC banned. Thus Achievement IDLE was invented as a way for players to circumvent this new obstacle and acquire in-game items while not actually having to play the game.


Achievement IDLE, and many other similar custom maps, allowed players to leave TF2 online overnight to receive drops. Future patches from the Team Fortress team would see a weekly limit cap being placed on item drops, and along with many other updates to the drop game's drop system the need for Achievement IDLE has slowly faded. Many games can still be found using the IDLE set up but is no longer that beneficial to join one.

This TF2 map has a non-capturable control point in the middle, the two spawn chambers drain Hit points from the player, forcing them to move into the middle of the map to fight.


  • Achievement maps can make it easier for players to unlock Achievement items and receive regular drops, as most servers will kick players due to inactivity after a short time.
  • Most players who join these maps leave there computers on over night in the hope of getting a random drop. Drop limits prevent players from being able to abuse the system like this anymore.
  • The cheater's lament came about as a reward to TF2 players who never used an idling program to cheat the drop system.
  • The original auto-idling program was created by TF2 community member Drunken f00l(now a valve employee)

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