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Website Info
URL: is a community-created TF2 trading website that utilizes OpenID to allow users to log in via Steam. Once logged in, users can create trades and auctions, offer on existing trades or bid on auctions started by other users.



  • Auction trades
  • Being able to set multiple attributes of each item.
  • 256 Item Limit on trades.
  • A forum

Site Layout

Bazaar's homepage, Dashboard, lists the recently added or bumped trades and auctions. Using the Tabs on the page, known as Widgets, can select which items appear on their Dashboard. The widgets can be used to show show things such as only "Trades" or "Recent Auctions". They can also be used to show only "Team Fortress 2", "Dota 2" or "Steam" trades and auctions.

Also on the home page, on the main navigation bar there are tabs for "Forum", "Trades", "Search", "Help" and "+New".

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