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It's only gonna get worse, mate.
— The Sniper

Bleeding is an attrition damage effect similar to Afterburn. It causes a gradual loss of health until the bleeding stops. Bleed duration does not stack on multiple hits. Being struck again by a bleed-inflicting weapon does not increase the bleed time, but rather 'resets' it to the full duration indicated. Much like burning, health kits can be used to stop bleeding.

Indications of bleeding

If you are bleeding:

  • You will notice your screen pulsing red and with a red drop symbol displayed above your health.
  • You will flinch, as with fire, each time the bleeding inflicts damage.

If a teammate or enemy is bleeding:

  • Blood will drip from the teammate and they will flinch as their Health drains away.
  • Spies will bleed as well, even if they're cloaked or disguised.

Weapons that Have Bleed

The only weapons of now that have the bleeding effect are the Southern Hospitality, Tribalman's Shiv, Boston Basher, Wrap Assassin, and the Three-Rune Blade.

Key Differences between Bleeding and Afterburn

Bleeding differs in a few key ways to Afterburn:

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