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The cart's final design
Shut your cake-holes and stop that cart!
The Sniper

Carts are the objective and focus of the Payload and Payload race game modes.

Payload Mode

In Payload mode, BLU must push a cart through a series of checkpoints and into RED's base within a certain amount of time. BLU team members push the cart by standing next to it - the more people, the faster it moves. Any RED team member standing near it will stop it. If no BLU player pushes the cart after 30 seconds have passed, the cart will start moving backwards slowly until it reaches a checkpoint/BLU spawn or a BLU player stands next to it again. The cart works as a Level 1 dispenser for BLU (and disguised RED spies), restoring health, ammunition and metal. If the cart is not moving backwards when time runs out, Overtime will occur, which gives the attacking team five seconds to move the bomb, or they lose. The timer resets each time the cart is touched.

Payload Race Mode

In Payload race maps, both teams are issued with a cart. As with Payload mode, team members push the cart by standing next to it, with more members increasing the speed. Any opposing team member standing near the cart will stop it. The teams must simultaneously push their cart through enemy territory while preventing the enemy team from doing the same. Unlike payload mode, the cart will not move backwards after any length of time and there is no time limit; the map only ends when one team successfully pushes their cart to the finish point. Each cart works as a Level 1 dispenser for its team (and disguised enemy spies), restoring health and ammunition. Parts of the track may feature slopes, on which the cart will roll back down to the bottom unless it is being constantly pushed.

Cart Speeds

The speed of the cart depends on the amount of people (the multiplier) that are on the Payload. As of today, all stock payload maps use the same speeds. Speeds are measured in hammer units per second.

Multiplier Speed Rate
(Backwards) -9 -10%
x1 50 55%
x2 70 77%
x3 90 100%

Note: The capture limit is 3 players. Any more will make no difference.


Concept Art
Cart bomb model found in game files that resembles above concept art.
  • The payload takes the shape of a "Fat Man" implosion-style plutonium Atomic Bomb. This bomb was dropped over Nagasaki, Japan on August 9th, 1945 at 11:02 JST.
  • Hoodoo uses a different cart model, having once been a community map. The map description reveals the cart to be carrying a 'dirty bomb'; a nuclear explosive consisting of little more than radioactive material strapped to conventional explosives, such as TNT.
  • Though the Hoodoo cart uses an improvised timed detonator, it does not explode at the end of the round unless BLU is successful.
  • The default cart bears the words "Cry some more" scratched into the paintwork, likely by the Heavy.
  • Similarly, the Hoodoo cart has the words "So much blood!" painted in white on the frontmost barrel.
  • There used to be a bug in game where an Engineer could upgrade the dispenser on the cart, allowing it to give increased healing, ammo and metal. This has since been fixed.

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