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Chain Uber

Medics using the Chain Über tactic on Badwater Basin.

Ze healing is not as rewarding as ze hurting.
— The Medic

The Chain Über is a strategy used by 2 Medics to maintain a constant state of invulnerability. To perform this technique, one Medic must ÜberCharge a second Medic, who uses his Übersaw to attack enemy players to fill his own ÜberCharge meter. This Medic will quickly return the ÜberCharge to the other Medic to repeat the same action. If carefully executed, both Medics can remain invulnerable for extended periods of time.





  1. Medic #1 fills his Übercharge meter with the Medigun by healing friendly players, or through using his Übersaw.
  2. Medic #2 equips his Übersaw.
  3. Medic #1 ÜberCharges Medic #2.
  4. Medic #2 Attacks enemy players to fill his Übercharge while invulnerable. Four successful strikes will fill his Übercharge meter to 100%.
  5. Medic #1 and #2 switch roles and repeat Steps 2-4.

Refer to the video for a visual demonstration.


Chain Über can be achieved effectively in areas crowded with enemies as it is easier to attack them with the Übersaw. Chain Übering can be used effectively in places such as:

  • Spawn doors.
  • Carts heavily guarded by enemy players.
  • Control points being captured.

In order to chain properly, you can use some of the following methods:

  1. Keep the chain going!
  2. Don't push the cart, capture points, or capture the flag if necessary.
  3. Keep the chain going (Again.)
  4. If a W+M2 Pyro keeps airblasting you, retreat or shoot him with the syringe gun or 'blutsauger' while your ally heals you.
  5. Save your Über-Charge for your Medic buddy.
  6. Don't use the 'Blutsauger' or syringe gun; rather only use it for sentries or W+M2 Pyros.
  7. Don't try to be a hero or be greedy and try to kill a strong healthy player. You will never win alone unless the enemy is heavily damaged or is playing a weak class.
  8. Try to stick near to your Medic buddy while you are Chain Übering. Do not mix up your partner.
  9. Keep close attention about your surroundings to plan for your escape.
  10. If your partner dies, a good strategy would be to retreat while shooting with the Blutsauger.

Countering Chain Über Medics

Though there may be few, there are various counters to Chain Über Medics - some similar to countering a normal Medic pair.

  • Wait inside the spawn room until one of the Medics runs out of ÜberCharge and then kill them.
  • As a Pyro, airblast the attacking Medic out of the melee range of other teammates.
  • As a Soldier or Demoman, blast them apart using sticky bombs or rockets.

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