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Cheatin' only gets ya so far.
The Sniper

There are a number of cheats players can use on servers set to sv_cheats 1. These can be used for a variety of applications. Please note, however, that these cheats are not what the Cheater's lament's name refers to.


List of cheats


The addcond command changes the state of the user. It can be used on bots with bot_command. The addcond command must be followed by a number, such as addcond 5. Different numbers have different effects, as listed below.

Most effects of addcond are indefinite, ending when the user dies or manually removes them with the removecond command.


Bots can be spawned and be given commands. See Bots.


Prevents lethal damage to the user (can still take damage, but doesn't cause health to go below 1). Toggle.

Debug commands

Debug commands are generally cheats. They are used to test game mechanics. Some noteworthy ones are

  • tf_debug_damage: Performs a console print every time anyone takes damage, giving information on the distance of the attack and damage variables.
  • tf_debug_flamethrower: Allows you to see the hitboxes of fire particles as well as visual information about when targets are hit by fire.


Simply returns to first-person view if in third-person view (such as from Bonk or thirdperson).


Deals damage to the command user. The hurtme command must be followed by a number, such as hurtme 50. Players can use negative values to bring their health well beyond normal limits, which usually displays incorrectly on the HUD.


The impulse command is used for both cheats and non-cheats (the most common non-cheat being paint spray, which is impulse 201). The impulse command must be followed by a number, such as impulse 101. Different numbers have different effects, as listed below.

  • 101: refills all weapons and health (like resupply)
  • 102: spawns human skull
  • 106: identifies model being aimed at
  • 107: identifies texture being aimed at
  • 200: acts as if you just switched to current weapon
  • 203: removes thing being aimed at


Lets the player fly around and go through walls as if they were a free-roam spectator. Toggle.


Changing your view to thirdperson, similarly to third-person spectator view. Can be undone with firstperson.

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