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Podstawowe informacje
Ikona: Cywil
Typ: N/A
Zdrowie: 50 / 300 (cywil Heavy)
Prędkość: 100% / 27% (cywil Heavy)



Historia Cywila w Team Fortress 2

Cywil jest 'ukrytą' dziesiątą klasą w Team Fortress 2. Uprzdednio był dostępny, wpisując join_class civilian w konsoli po dołączeniu do gry do czasu, aż aktualizacja uniemożliwiła wykonywanie tej czynności.

By default, he used the Scout's model, most likely a placeholder. This was able to be changed to other class models. He possessed very low health (the lowest of any class, and the same as the Team Fortress Classic civilian), no weapons or form of attack, lacked both voice commands and taunts and used generic speech files when he was wounded or killed. Civilians possessed no animations except the ragdoll/gibbing effect upon dying and so appeared to glide along the ground in a "neutral pose" when moving.

Players could no longer join the civilian class after a patch removed the 'join_class civilian' command. However, a bug whereby the Heavy class' animations could be glitched into using the 'neutral pose' of the civilian was discovered. This could be performed using a glitch involving the minigun's ammo supply, though Pyros and Snipers could do this as well since they also wielded weapons that possess a single clip. This did not change the player's class to Civilian, however; but merely causes the appropriate class' animations to glitch and emulates the Civilian's stance.

After this too was patched, yet another method was found involving spinning the minigun, pressing several different keys and changing to fists. This too was soon discovered by Valve and patched.

With the Heavy update however, players found out the glitched Heavy was still very much alive and could be played by using the equip command, but this was patched as of the February 16th update to the loadout system when the equip command was set as a cheat.

The Heavy civilian however, remains unpatched, and can be played by:

  1. Wielding Sasha and equipping Natascha in the loadout menu
  2. Holding Mouse2 (spinning up) and walking up to the resupply cabinet
  3. Immediately releasing Mouse2
  4. Switching to fists (you know you have been successful when you move at the Heavy's 'spun-up' speed)


  1. Wielding Sasha and equipping Natascha in the loadout menu
  2. Holding Mouse2 (spinning up) and walking up to the resupply cabinet
  3. Eating a sandwich
(The process can also be done vice versa; from Natascha to Sasha)

When playing as the Heavy "civilian", the player can still use any weapon besides the minigun though he moves at the same speed as a revved Heavy (27%). The reason for this is that switching to the minigun would nullify the effects of the glitch. Also, if stopped or crouched down, the player would appear as if he was "revving" the current item, be it Sandvich, KGB, or the Shotgun. If Sasha or Natascha is held, it appears as if the player is revving their minigun with Alt Fire, regardless if the player is actually revving or not.

The Civilian's Future

The existence of the civilian class seems to indicate that Valve either had planned an updated version of the VIP escort maps from the original Team Fortress, or plans to add this type of map into the game in future patches. Alternatively, the class may have been included in the game files so that independent map makers and modders could add this feature. Also, The Announcer possesses a sound file in the GCF in which she commands the team to "Stop the courier", hinting at an official hunted game-mode release that was or is in the works. There is also hints toward the Civilian possibly being added with a teaser in the demo of another popular Steam game, Left 4 Dead. The game has an advertisment on the back of a cereal box claiming 'Collect all 10!' 8" action figures underneath a photo of the current Team Fortress 2 roster.[1]


Meet the Civilian (6:23)

Voice actor: Unknown

Meet the Civilian (6:23)


Country of Origin: N/A

Job: Moving Target

Motto: N/A

Emblem: N/A


  • As a civilian you are weak, slow and almost entirely useless. Your strange movement and vulnerability make you a target far out of proportion to your threat. As such, try and take the less used routes and stay at as far a distance from your foes as possible. If you are careful and use hiding spots well, you may actually reach a capture point or the intelligence. Try to covertly make your way to the next capture point as your team is capturing the last so you can capture before the enemy sets up a defense and finds you.
  • One way you can benefit your team as a civilian is by acting as a human shield. If you should see bullets, rockets, grenades or any kind of general lethal object heading towards a vital friendly player, such as a healing Medic or Engineer repairing a sentry which is under attack, heroically throw yourself in the way of danger and your sacrifice may buy them the scant seconds they need to survive. You will become a hero to all.
  • Similar to the above, you can use your status as a target few can resist to distract your opponents from killing vital team members. Many players are willing to chase a civilian across the entire map just to get a shot at you.
  • Like a Spy, if you are playing as a Heavy civilian, you must make strong use of hiding spots, but without the benefit of cloak to get from place to place. Lie in wait and ambush your opponent with your damaging fists to make up for your lack of speed. Their shock at your ambushing skills combined with your bizarre animation cycles will give you the surprise advantage.
  • Another way you can benefit your team is by blocking choke points with your body, especially as a Heavy civilian, buying seconds for your defence to respond to the threat.
  • Allow yourself to be riddled with sentry gun bullets while your team destroys it.
  • Good communication is essential to effectively playing the Civilian class. Attempt to make as many nonaggression pacts with the enemy team in order to greatly heighten your chances of survival. You can greatly help your own team if you manage to distract members of the opposing team from normal gameplay.


Note: Weapon damage is approximate and measured at point blank range. See individual weapon pages for details.


Type Weapon Ammo Loaded Ammo Carried Damage Range
Melee Fists (As Heavy "civilian" only) N/A N/A 43-87 (195 crit uppercut) [a little more than 1 hit per second]


A caricature of the Civilian, from "Meet the Sniper"
  • The original (Scout) civilian possesses a completely unique death scream.

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