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The story of Team Fortress 2 is told in a myriad of ways, from the Meet the Team trailers, to biographies on promotional trading cards, to comics.

Presented on this page are the various comics and comic-related materials that Valve Software has published, with most of it originating from the TF2 Blog.


WAR! Update

In the days leading up to the WAR! Update, four different comics were released. The comics have a continuing storyline, explaining the war between the Soldier and Demoman.

  • The Administrator - A background check reveals that an unfortunate alliance has been made.
  • Demoman - While visiting his family, the Demoman is given an offer he can't refuse.

Once the WAR! update was released, all 4 comics were merged into one long comic, although the URLs stayed the same.

Alternate "dirty" Saxton Hale WAR! pages

Mac Update

The introduction of Apple into the Team Fortress universe!

  • The following comic is non-canon and as such does not add to the Team Fortress 2 background or Timeline.

Loose Canon

In a story spanning three generations, learn the true secret behind the feud between RED and BLU

Loose Canon (no text)

Bidwell's Big Plan

Saxton Hale comic covers

Other material


  • Poopy Joe is found through clicking the words "poor monkey." on page 10 in the WAR! comic.
  • The Mann family portrait - Found by clicking the name "Barnabas Hale" on The Last Will and Testament of Zepheniah Mann.

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