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This point ain't gonna cap itself! Get over here!
The Engineer
This article is about the game mode. For the physical objective, see Control Point (objective).

Control Points is the "main" game type of Team Fortress 2, composing 4 of the original 6 maps. The game revolves around capturing and defending various control points.




Control Points are captured by standing on top of them. The speed at which a control point is captured depends on how many players from the capturing team are present on the point: two BLU players capturing a RED point will capture that point faster than only one BLU player would. Scouts count as two players, as do Soldiers and Demomen wielding the Pain Train. There is a limit on how fast a Control Point can be captured (see Control point timing).


If players from both teams are on the same, unlocked control point, that point is said to be contested, which means no progress is made toward the point changing team control. When players from the offensive team are removed from the point all of their progress is lost gradually over time, not immediately.

Reverting capture

When a point is neutral and both teams are trying to capture it captures can be reverted. If a team begins, but does not finish, to capture a neutral point and then is driven off, when the other team begins to capture that point they will first have to "revert" the progress that the first team made before they can begin to make progress of their own.


  • Disguised Spies cannot block a capture if they are disguised as the team capturing the point, and cannot capture a point if they are disguised as the enemy team.
  • Cloaked Spies can not defend or capture a control point.
  • ÜberCharged players cannot capture points, but can block enemy captures.
  • Scouts under the effects of Bonk! Atomic Punch can neither block enemy captures nor capture points himself.

Game modes

Main article: List of game modes

Standard Control Point

Standard Control Point (or Linear Control Point) maps play symmetrically. Both teams start with an equal number of two controlled points and a central point that starts out controlled by neither team. The team that captures all the points wins. Standard control point maps will go into Sudden death (or Stalemate) if no team captures all the points before times runs out. Control points close to a team's spawn point are captured more quickly by the enemy team.


Attack/Defend maps play asymmetrically. RED begins with all the points in their control. BLU wins if it captures all of RED's points. Points may only be captured in a set order (though some maps, such as Gravel Pit and Steel, may make exceptions). RED wins if it prevents BLU from capturing all points before the timer expires. Points captured by BLU are typically locked and cannot be taken back.

Attack/Defend maps can come in various styles:

Style Description Examples
Linear single-stage BLU must capture all control points in a set order. Gorge, Mountain Lab
Linear multi-stage BLU must capture a set of control points in a set order to move to the next stage. Reaching the final stage and suceeding is required to ultimately win the map. If BLU fails to win a stage, then the map is reset to stage 1 and the teams switch. Dustbowl, Egypt
Pyramid-style BLU must capture three points. The first two points may be captured in any order. Once both points are captured, the final point is unlocked. Gravel Pit, Junction
Centralized-style BLU's objective is to capture the central control point. There is another set of control points available, one of which is open for capture at a time in a set order. Capturing these auxillary points makes it easier to capture the final point. Steel
Medieval-style Similar in principle to pyramid-style, with the main difference being that the initial points reset to RED's ownership after a length of time. DeGroot Keep


See also: List of maps

Control point maps carry the cp_ prefix; community maps are identified with italic font.

Standard Control Point

Map File Name
5gorge1.png 5Gorge cp_5gorge
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Badlands cp_badlands
Coldfront5.png Coldfront cp_coldfront
Freight1.png Fastlane cp_fastlane
Fastlane1.png Freight cp_freight_final1
TF2 Granary Map.jpg Granary cp_granary
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Well cp_well
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Yukon cp_yukon_final


Map File Name
Degroot Keep Castle.png Degroot Keep cp_degrootkeep
TF2 Dustbowl Map.jpg Dustbowl cp_dustbowl
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Egypt cp_egypt_final
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Gorge cp_gorge
Tf2 gravelpit.jpg Gravel Pit cp_gravelpit
Junct 01.jpg Junction cp_junction_final
Mannmanor cp 01.png Mann Manor cp_manor_event
Art Pass Winner 3DNJ.jpg Mountain Lab cp_mountainlab
01 cpSteel 2.jpg Steel cp_steel

See also

  • Territorial Control, a game mode featuring a dynamic Standard Control Point map that changes depending on which team wins each round.
  • King of the Hill, a game mode that utilizes a single Control Point.
  • Arena, a game mode that utilizes a Control Point as a secondary objective.
  • Capping (competitive), user guide to capturing efficiently.

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