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Classic pipejump script

Just launch sticky pipe, run over it, and hit the bind. Up you go!
alias +pj "+lj; +attack2"
alias -pj "-lj"
alias +lj "+duck;wait;wait;+jump"
alias -lj "-duck;-jump; -attack2"
bind "x" +pj

Improved Pipejump Script

This is a direct copy of the soldiers Rocket Jump script
The Classic Pipejump Script wasn't very effective
alias +pipejump "+jump;+duck;wait;+attack2"
alias -pipejump "-jump;-attack2;wait;wait;wait;-duck"
bind KP_LEFTARROW "+pipejump"

Another Pipejump Script

This jump can go from one battlement to the other on 2fort with a single sticky.
alias +pipejump "+jump;+duck;wait 3;+attack2"
alias -pipejump "-jump;-duck;wait 3;-attack2"
bind mouse4 "+pipejump"

Easy Sticky Bomb Jump Script

It's bound to the "alt" key since it is close to the spacebar (default jump).
alias "+bombjump" "+jump;+duck;+attack2"
alias "-bombjump" "-jump;-duck;-attack2"
bind "alt" "+bombjump" 

Mega Script for Demoman V 5.1

Script version 5.1 [FINAL]

If you are Demoman, then you MUST have it.
NB! This script may be illegal on some tournaments[etf2l/esl/.etc]


-Rapid-fire stickies
-Rapid-secondary attack

-May cause bug where demoman attacks over and over regardless of whether mouse1 is pressed

1) Press and hold two mouse buttons for rapid-fire stickies. - Basically, you're gonna start shooting fast and explode them almost immediately. (Does not matter how you gonna press this 2 buttons, at a same time, or from right to left or left to right....)
2) Press and hold only right mouse button - for rapid secondary attack (it presses for you secondary attack 10 time in :second) Really helps when some stickies you shot still in an air and you need to wait for the right moment when they can be allowed to explode.
3) Press left mouse button for normal attack (short shot/long shot - stickies).Release button to turn auto reload on.
4) 100%, no lags, no bugs!
bind mouse1 +primary
bind mouse2 +secondary
alias "+secondary" "-reload;alias s_repit +s_repit;+s_repit;alias -p_repit primary2" 
alias "s_repit" "+s_repit" 
alias "+s_repit" "+attack2; wait 2; -s_repit" 
alias "-s_repit" "-attack2; wait 10; s_repit" 
alias "-secondary" "alias s_repit none;alias -p_repit primary1;+reload"
alias none ""
alias "+primary" "alias a_reload a_reload2;-reload;wait;alias +p_repit p_r1;alias p_repit +p_repit;+p_repit" 
alias "p_repit" "+p_repit" 
alias "+p_repit" "p_r1"
alias "-p_repit" "p_repit" 
alias "-primary" "-attack;alias p_repit none;alias +p_repit p_r2;alias a_reload a_reload1;wait 10;a_reload"
alias p_r1 "+attack;wait 3;-p_repit"
alias p_r2 "-attack"
alias a_reload a_reload2
alias a_reload1 "+reload"
alias a_reload2 "-reload"
alias primary1 "p_repit"
alias primary2 "-attack;wait 3;p_repit"

NB! FAQ: If you insert this script in demoman.cfg make sure you put "this one" in all other classes .cfg, otherwise you will :get bugs with other classes.
(.cfg files you can open with notepad)

bind mouse1 +attack
bind mouse2 +attack2


Possible Cross-Script Bug

The Mega script can create a bug when used in conjuction with the Auto-pistol script. Only the Auto-pistol script is affected by the bug, not the Mega script. The Auto-pistol script is useful for Demomen, because it allows you to rapidly setup your sticky bomb booby trap (rapid fire bombs without blowing them up). The bug occurs after utilizing the rapid fire and explode stickies (holding both mouse1 and mouse2 as the Mega script is currently shown) function of this script. It reverts the Auto-pistol function back to normal primary fire. If you remove all the portions of the Mega script that control the auto-reload, then this cross-script bug goes away.

Alternate Mega Script

This script is the same as the one above, except without the auto-reload option. This allows it to work with the pistol script, as well as with the game's auto-reload option.
Use this script if the previous one causes your game to crash when you fire a Grenade or Sticky Bomb.

bind mouse1 +primary
bind mouse2 +secondary
alias "+secondary" "alias s_repit +s_repit;+s_repit;alias -p_repit primary2" 
alias "s_repit" "+s_repit" 
alias "+s_repit" "+attack2; wait 2; -s_repit" 
alias "-s_repit" "-attack2; wait 10; s_repit" 
alias "-secondary" "alias s_repit none;alias -p_repit primary1"
alias none ""
alias "+primary" "wait;alias +p_repit p_r1;alias p_repit +p_repit;+p_repit" 
alias "p_repit" "+p_repit" 
alias "+p_repit" "p_r1"
alias "-p_repit" "p_repit" 
alias "-primary" "-attack;alias p_repit none;alias +p_repit p_r2;wait 10"
alias p_r1 "+attack;wait 3;-p_repit"
alias p_r2 "-attack"
alias primary1 "p_repit"
alias primary2 "-attack;wait 3;p_repit"

Rapid Fire

For a class-generic rapid-fire script see Weapon scripts

Demo charge script

This script allows you to turn at your leisure using the strafe keys, while in a "charge and targe" charge. Credit for making the script goes to Lange.

alias +charge "+attack2; bind a +left; bind d +right; -moveleft; -moveright" 
alias -charge "-attack2; bind a +moveleft; bind d +moveright; -left; -right" 
alias chargetoggle "usecharge" 
alias usecharge "bind mouse2 +charge; echo CHARGE MODE ENABLED. ; alias chargetoggle useattack" 
alias useattack "bind mouse2 +attack2; echo CHARGE MODE DISABLED. ; alias chargetoggle usecharge" 
bind mouse4 "chargetoggle" 

Must hold down mouse2 during the charge.

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