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Developer Weapons are alternate versions of regular weapons given to Valve employees and valuable community content contributors. Developer weapons can be identified in the backpack section and Deathcam by their alternately colored weapon names, with Valve Weapons bearing purple names, Community Weapons green/blue names, Normal Weapons gray names, Rare Weapons dark green names, and Common Weapons gold names. Developer weapons also sport a sparkling effect in-game, this effect is also visible if you spectate a player using a community weapon.

All Valve weapons are Level 100, all Community weapons are Level 50/120, Normal, Rare and Common weapons have been seen at any Level from 1 - 100. All Unknown items are Level 10.

Developer Weapon Effects

The Community sparkle effect on a Community Flamethrower.

Valve weapons (with the exception of the Medigun) previously had the following effects attached:

  • Dmg taken from fire reduced
  • Speed boost when active
  • +15% damage done
  • +150% clip size
  • +15% faster firing speed
  • On hit: +15 health
  • 100% critical hit vs burning players
  • +50 max health on wearer
  • On Kill: 5 seconds of 100% critical hit chance
  • On Hit: 30% chance to slow target
  • Fire retardant

The Valve Medigun granted the following effects:

  • Dmg taken from fire reduced
  • Speed boost when active
  • +15% heal rate
  • +15% ÜberCharge rate
  • Overheal bonus doesn't decay
  • +50 max health on wearer
  • Fire retardant

These effects were later removed, making the weapons functionally the same as community and regular weapons. Valve later made reference to the overpowered effects of the Valve weapons seen via the backpack examiner site by adding a fake joke weapon; the Ban hammer, found in Gabe Newell's backpack [1] bears the attribute "Bans Steam account of players killed". But some time later Drunken F00l said that the Ban Hammer appeared only on and that the Ban Hammer was a joke.

The Rare Medigun grants the following effects:

  • 337% Heal rate
  • 322% Übercharge rate
  • -369% Shorter overheal time

The Common Syringe gun grants the following effects:

  • Coated enemies take mini-crits
  • Also handy for putting out a fire

It also has a slightly different icon than the Valve and Normal Syringe Guns.

The Common Medigun grants the following effects:

  • 320% More max overheal
  • 381% Shorter overheal time

The Normal Syringe gun grants the following effects:

  • 330% Clip size
  • 100% Critical hits vs. burning players

The Rare Bonesaw grants the following effects:

  • +18% damage done
  • No critical hits
  • On Hit: +4.97 health
  • 19% Damage vs. non-burning players
  • No critical hits vs. non-burning players
  • And curiously, alt-fire disabled

List of Developer Weapons

The following developer weapon variants are known to exist:

Valve Weapons

Normal Weapons

Rare Weapons

Common Weapons

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