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Basic Information
Icon: Leaderboard class engineer.png
Type: Defensive
Health: 125
(185 when buffed by a Medic)
150 with the Gunslinger equipped
(225 when buffed by a Medic)
Speed: 100%
Meet the Engineer
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Hey look buddy, I'm an engineer; that means I solve problems.
Not problems like 'What is beauty?', because that would fall within the purview of your conundrums of philosophy.
I solve practical problems.
The Engineer on his job

A soft-spoken, amiable Texan with a knack for all things mechanical, the Engineer (real name Dell Conagher) chooses to build and maintain buildings that benefit the team rather than engage in much direct combat. The Engineer's various gadgets include the Sentry gun, an automated turret that fires at any enemy in range, the Dispenser, a device that replenishes the health and ammo of nearby teammates and Teleporters that quickly transport his teammates to the fray.

However, the Engineer's ingenious devices are under constant threat from explosives and devious enemy Spies; a good Engineer must keep his gear under a watchful eye and in good repair at all times. When the Engineer needs to get his hands dirty, his trio of generic, yet capable weapons combined with the assistance of his helpful hardware make him more than capable of holding his own in a fight.



Name: Dell Conagher
Country of Origin: Bee Cave, Texas, USA
Job: Area Denial
Motto: "Use more gun"
Favourite Equation: Engyequation.PNG
Badges: Engineer badge BLU.png  Engineer badge RED.png
Description: This amiable, soft-spoken good ol' boy from tiny Bee Cave, Texas loves barbecue, guns, and higher education. Natural curiosity, ten years as a roughneck in the west Texas oilfields, and eleven hard science PhDs have trained him to design, build, upgrade and repair a variety of deadly contraptions.

Meet the Engineer

Strategy Basic

Main articles: Engineer tips and Engineer strategy
  • During the setup phase is where engineers have an advantage over all classes other than the medic. They can upgrade and build their buildings while others can not do much. Even on offense, some maps have very small areas at the thresholds of spawn room exits where sentries and other equipment can be built. Stage 1, Point A of Dustbowl has such an area, as do many custom maps.
  • On an offensive team, it is recommended to build a level 1 teleporter entrance near your spawn. Then rush into the first control point. Set up your level 3 sentries/dispenser then your teleporter exit comes next. This will come in handy for your entire team.
  • Be mindful of where you face your sentries because they do take time to turn around.
  • Stand behind your level 3 sentry, facing away from it, then place and upgrade a dispenser. This will ensure that the dispenser is close enough to replenish your metal and hit points, while keeping you and it safely behind your sentry. This is a "bread and butter" strategy for a defensive engineer, and it is arguably one of the most effective setups in Team Fortress 2.
  • The Gunslinger can be an effective tool for offensive engineers, especially when paired with the Widowmaker and Wrangler. The Widowmaker replenishes metal as it damages enemies, providing the player a chance to always have a mini sentry placed. Drop a mini sentry, then push forward with your Widowmaker, strafing, jumping and shooting to distract the enemy. Distraction and chaos are key. If you're having trouble keeping your mini sentries alive, replace the Wranger with The Short Circuit to destroy projectiles before they can reach it.


Main article: Weapons

Note: Weapon damage is approximate and listed at base value. See individual weapon pages for additional figures.


Weapon Kill Icon Ammo
Damage Range Notes / Special Abilities

Killicon shotgun.png 6 32 Base: 60

Crit: 180
[6 dmg. × 10 pellets]

Frontier Justice
Frontier Justice

Killicon frontier justice.png 3 32 Base: 60

Crit: 180
[6 dmg. × 10 pellets]

Pictogram plus.png Stores 2 guaranteed critical shots for every Sentry Gun kill.

Pictogram plus.png Stores 1 guaranteed critical shot for every Sentry Gun assist.

Pictogram info.png Stored critical shots (up to 35) are granted only upon Sentry Gun destruction/demolition.

Pictogram minus.png Has half the normal clip size.

Pictogram minus.png No random Critical hits.

Promotional / Craft

Killicon widowmaker.png 30 200 Base: 60

Crit: 180
[6 dmg. × 10 pellets]

Pictogram plus.png On hit: damage dealt is returned as ammo

Pictogram plus.png No reload necessary.

Pictogram minus.png Per Shot: -30 metal.

Pictogram minus.png Uses metal as ammo.

Pomson 6000
Pomson 6000

Killicon pomson 6000.png 4 N/A Base: 16

Crit: 36-60

Pictogram info.png Shoots an electric projectile instead of shotgun pellets.

Pictogram info.png Can light up friendly Huntsman arrows.

Pictogram plus.png Does not require ammo.

Pictogram plus.png Projectile cannot be deflected.

Pictogram plus.png On Hit: Victim loses 10% Medigun charge.

Pictogram plus.png On Hit: Victim loses 20% cloak.

Pictogram minus.png Deals only 20% damage to buildings.

Pictogram minus.png Has a 33% smaller clip size.


Weapon Kill Icon Ammo
Damage Range Notes / Special Abilities
Killicon pistol.png 12 200 Base: 15

Crit: 45
[6 rounds / sec.]

Killicon maxgun.png 12 200 Base: 15

Crit: 45
[6 rounds / sec.]

Originally a promotional item for pre-ordering Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse. It is also available as a reward in Poker Night at the Inventory.

Pictogram info.png Same as the Pistol's specs.

Unlock / Drop
Killicon wrangler.png N/A N/A N/A

Pictogram info.png Enables manual control of own Sentry Gun.

Pictogram plus.png The Sentry Gun gains double firing rate and a laser pointer to assist in aiming.

Pictogram plus.png The Sentry Gun gains a shield which blocks 66% of incoming damage.

Pictogram minus.png Upon switching to another weapon or death, the Sentry Gun remains shielded but deactivated for 3 seconds.


Weapon Kill Icon Ammo
Damage Range Notes / Special Abilities
Killicon wrench.png N/A N/A Base: 65

Crit: 195

Pictogram info.png Builds, repairs and upgrades buildings.

Pictogram info.png Able to remove Electro Sappers.

100pxGolden Wrench.png
Golden Wrench
Killicon golden wrench.png N/A N/A Base: 65

Crit: 195

Promotional item from the Engineer Update.

Pictogram info.png Builds, repairs and upgrades buildings.

Pictogram info.png Able to remove Electro Sappers.

Pictogram info.png Killed enemies freeze into solid Australium statues (purely cosmetic feature).

Unlock / Craft / Drop / Uncrate
Killicon gunslinger1.png

Killicon gunslinger2.png

On third hit.

N/A N/A Base: 65

Crit: 195

Pictogram info.png Builds, repairs and upgrades buildings.

Pictogram info.png Able to remove Electro Sappers.

Pictogram info.png Replaces standard Sentry Gun with Combat Mini-Sentry Gun.

Pictogram plus.png Increases maximum health by 25 points.

Pictogram plus.png Guarantees a Critical hit on a third consecutive punch.

Pictogram minus.png No random Critical hits.

Craft / Drop / Uncrate
Southern Hospitality
Killicon southern hospitality.png N/A N/A Base: 65
Crit: 195

Pictogram info.png Builds, repairs and upgrades buildings.

Pictogram info.png Able to remove Electro Sappers.

Pictogram plus.png On hit causes opponent to bleed for 5 seconds.

Pictogram minus.png Raises fire vulnerability by 20%.

Pictogram minus.png No random Critical hits.

Backpack Jag.png
Craft / Drop / Uncrate
Killicon skull.png N/A N/A Base: 49
Crit: 146

Pictogram info.png Builds, repairs and upgrades buildings.

Pictogram info.png Able to remove Electro Sappers.

Pictogram plus.png +30% Faster construction rate.

Pictogram minus.png -25% Damage done.


Weapon Notes / Special abilities
180px-Backpack pda builder.png
Primary PDA

Build Tool

Pictogram info.png Allows player to build the Engineer's buildings.

Backpack pda destroy.png
Secondary PDA

Demolish Tool

Pictogram info.png Allows player to demolish one's own Engineer buildings.

Taunt Attacks

Kill Icon Weapon Damage Duration Details
Killicon dischord.png Frontier Justice 450+ 4 seconds The Engineer takes out his trusty guitar, strums and plays a chord, then

smashes the area in front of him.

(Smash sound 1)
(Smash sound 2)
Organ Grinder
Killicon organ grinder.png Gunslinger Several hits at 1 damage, final hit is 500 5 seconds The Engineer revs his Gunslinger which starts spinning, then thrusts it forward.


Main article: Buildings
Toolboxengineer cropped.png
Building Level Cost Health Damage/Replenish/Recharge values
Slot one
Sentry gun One 130 150 Average DPS: 64
Two 335 180 Average DPS: 128
Three 530 216 Bullets average DPS: 128
Rockets (direct hit): 100
Slot two
Dispenser One 100 150 Health: 10/sec
Ammo: 20%/sec
Metal: 40/5 sec
Two 300 180 Health: 15/sec
Ammo: 30%/sec
Metal: 50/5 sec
Three 500 216 Health: 20/sec
Ammo: 40%/sec
Metal: 60/5 sec
Built Teleporter.png
Slot three & four
Teleporter Entrance
Teleporter Exit
One 125 150 Recharge: 10 sec
Two 325 180 Recharge: 5 sec
Three 525 216 Recharge: 3 sec
Slot one
Mini Sentry One 100 100 Average DPS: 48


Main article: Hats
Original Classless Update Community Hatless Australian Christmas Third Community
Mining light Texas ten gallon Engineer's cap Hotrod Safe'n'Sound Texas Slim's Dome Shine Buckaroo's Hat Professor's Peculiarity
Backpack Mining light.png Backpack Texas ten gallon.png Backpack Engineer's cap.png Backpack Hotrod.png Backpack Safe'n'Sound.png Backpack Texas Slim's Dome Shine.png Backpack Buckaroos Hat.png Backpack Professor's Peculiarity.png
MvM Update
RED Tin-1000.png

Miscellaneous Items

Teddy Roosebelt Googly Gazer Pip-Boy Wingstick Prairie Heel Biters
Backpack Teddy Roosebelt.png
Backpack Googly Gazer.png
Backpack Pip-Boy.png
Backpack Wingstick.png
Backpack Prairie Heel Biters.png

All Backpack Cheater's lament.png Backpack Ghastly gibus.png Backpack Bill's hat.png Backpack Max's severed head.png Wikicap sized.png Parasite Hat.png
Cheater's lament Ghastly gibus Bill's Hat Max's severed head Wiki Cap Alien Swarm Parasite
Backpack Modest pile of hat.png Backpack Noble amassment of hats.png Backpack Towering pillar of hats.png Mann Co Cap.png Ellis's Cap.png Saxton Hale Mask.png
Modest pile of hat Noble amassment of hats Towering pillar of hats Mann Co Cap Ellis' Cap Saxton Hale Mask
HorrificHeadsplitter.png Spine-chilling skull.png Voodoojuju hat.png Icon Treasure Hat.png Icon Bounty Hat.png Backpack Hat Of Undienable Wealth And Respect.png
Horrific Headsplitter Spine-Chilling Skull Voodoo Juju Treasure Hat Bounty Hat Hat of Undeniable Wealth And Respect
Holiday Restricted Hats Scout Mask.png Soldier Mask.png Pyro Mask.png Demoman Mask.png Heavy Mask.png Engineer Mask.png
Scout Mask Soldier Mask Pyro Mask Demoman Mask Heavy Mask Engineer Mask
Medic Mask.png Sniper Mask.png Spy Mask.png Backpack Mildly disturbing Halloween mask.png Horseless Headless Horsemann's Head.png
Medic Mask Sniper Mask Spy Mask Mildly disturbing Halloween mask Horseless Headless Horsemann's Head
Misc. items
Primeval warrior Grizzled veteran Soldier of fortune Mercenary Earbuds Platinum Dueling Badge
Bakpack Primeval warrior.png
Backpack Grizzled veteran.png
Backpack Soldier of fortune.png
Backpack Mercenary.png
Backpack Earbuds.png
Backpack Platinum Dueling Badge.png
Gold Dueling Badge Silver Dueling Badge Bronze Dueling Badge Polycount Pin License to Maim Companion Cube Pin
Bakpack Gold Dueling Badge.png
Backpack Silver Dueling Badge.png
Backpack Bronze Dueling Badge.png
Backpack Polycount Pin.png
Backpack License to Maim.png
Backpack Companion Cube Pin.png

Official class avatars

Offical Class avatars
Original RED 'ÜberCharged' BLU 'ÜberCharged'
Engineerava.jpg Buffed red engineer.jpg Buffed blu engineer.jpg


Main article: Engineer achievements


An animation of the deployment of the level 1 Sentry Gun
  • The BLU Engineer's real name is Dell Conagher.
  • The BLU Engineer's Grandfather's name was/is Radigan Conagher.
  • The BLU Engineer's grandfather (Radigan Conagher) was actually the person who invented the sentry, and his grandson then the Dell Conagher is merely finishing his work.
  • The Engineer is currently the only class with two taunt kills.
    • The Engineer was the last class to be given any sort of taunt attack.
  • The Engineer is the only class whose default primary weapon is not unique to the class.
  • The Engineer is voiced by Grant Goodeve.
The Engineer holding the Frontier Justice
, near the end of the Team Fortress 2 Mac vs. PC Trailer.
  • The Engineer's voice actor and the Soldier's voice actor have both voiced the character Wolf O'Donnell from Nintendo's Star Fox series: Grant Goodeve (the Engineer) in Star Fox: Assault, and Rick May (the Soldier) in Star Fox 64.
  • The Engineer's favorite equation is in fact part of the equation that governs character lighting in-game.
  • The Engineer is the shortest class in the game.
  • The song the Engineer plays during Meet the Engineer is called 'Someone Else's Song' and was originally written by Jeff Tweedy of the American Country band Wilco for their album 'Being There' in 1996. An extended and modified version of this, called "More Gun", was patched into the game as main menu music.
  • The Engineer designed and built the Sentry gun under contract from 'TF Industries' in 1965. The PDF manual for the game that is listed in Steam is a blueprint and promotional guide to using the Sentry gun.
  • The Engineer drinks 'Blu Streak' brand beer, as seen in Meet the Engineer.
  • One of the Pyro's hats, the Respectless rubber glove, appears to be the Engineer's missing glove.
  • The Engineer appeared on the cover of The Teufort Times for his part in the creation of crafting.
  • The Soldier calls the Engineer a "cowardin' Canadian" in his domination lines, insinuating that the Engineer is a 'Draft-dodger': an American who did not want to enlist that moved to Canada to avoid being drafted.
  • In the trailer for the Mac update, the Engineer can be seen carrying the Frontier Justice. This was before the weapon was officially revealed to the public.
  • The Engineer and Spy are the only 2 classes to use the PDA slots.
  • A comic featuring the Engineer was released on July 2nd, 2010 with the new blog post.[1] that revealed his name, Dell Conagher, and his appearance without his goggles. Appropriately enough, the BLU Engineer has blue eyes.
  • The Engineer's grandfather, Radigan Conagher, built Life Extender Machines originally for Blutarch Mann to outlive his brother, Redmond Mann, for his share of land given by Zepheniah Mann, but also built one for Redmond for 100 pounds of Australium, given by a mysterious woman. A third Life Extending Machine has also been built, but it is unknown for whom it was intended.
  • The Engineer was the only class able to use an unlockable weapon (the purely cosmetic Lugermorph) before his class update.
  • In the Comic Loose Canon, the Engineer only carries his helmet on his head one time in the entire comic.
  • In the Engineer Update's background image, a shot of the young Engineer with his father can be seen, who seems to be the Team Fortress Classic engineer. This is somewhat backwards, as TFC, while released in 1999, is more futuristic than TF2.
  • The Engineer and the Medic are currently the only classes with two taunts that have an effect. The Engineer however, has two taunt kills, while the Medic has one taunt kill and one that has a passive effect.
  • The Engineer is the only class whose unlockable weapons (excluding the Lugermorph and Golden Wrench) all never receive random crits.
  • The Engineer is the only class to have 'The' before all of his unlockable weapons during the update.
  • The Engineer with the Sniper are the only two classes with a taunt kill for the primary slot.
  • The Engineer is the only known class that has lost a limb, though whether he removed it himself to make room for the Gunslinger, or it was torn off in an accident and the Gunslinger was simply reattached as a substitute cannot be said for sure.
  • The Engineer is the only class who has removed any item of clothing (not including hats or misc.), this being his glove when the Gunslinger is equipped.
  • According to the Spy, the Engineer is illiterate. This is highly unlikely, considering his obvious intelligence, and this may simply be a Texan stereotype.
  • When the Scout dominates the Engineer he says "Here's something you shoulda built: A Not-Dyin'-Machine!" even though the Engineer's ancestor already did.
  • The Engineer is currently the only class that has an entirely different submodel to accommodate a weapon. The Gunslinger is not a separate model in itself like all other weapons, but is instead a submodel that replaces the Engineer's right hand, due to the fact that the very nature of it conflicts with the default model.
  • If the Engineer taunts with the Frontier Justice during the Halloween event he'll drop guitar pieces whilst doing the Thriller Taunt.
  • The Engineer is the only defense class that isn't voiced by Gary Schwartz.
  • The Engineer and the Soldier are the only classes to receive more than three weapons in a single Update (the Engineer in his class update and the soldier in the WAR! update).
  • The Engineer received the most weapons in a class update with 5 (including the Golden Wrench).
  • A domination line to a Pyro states, "Why don't ya speak up next time?" referring to the Pyro's muffled speech.
  • It appears that the Frontier Justice is a modification to the original shotgun, with added carvings and wires leading to the barrel.
  • The mini-sentry's light is simply duct taped on.
  • The Engineer class is, as of yet, the last one to be updated in weaponry. Its achievement-based unlockables weren't released until after all others' were.
  • The Engineer is the only class to not have set-based unlockables as of the Australian Christmas update.
  • If one played the Engineer, and became transparent in First Person Mode (courtesy of mods, bugs or glitches) one would see the shell the Engineer uses to reload is inside the Engineer's Hand.
  • Along with the Sniper and the Medic, the Engineer is one of the only classes to have his "Meet the Team" video not based on any real (or official) map. The Scout's video takes place in both cp_well and cp_granary, the Soldier's takes place in cp_granary, the Demoman's takes place in cp_gravelpit, the Heavy's (and Sandvich) takes place in cp_dustbowl, and the Spy's takes place in ctf_2fort. It is unknown which map the Engineer, Medic and Sniper's videos take place in.
  • The Engineer is currently the only class to not have a Polycount-style weapons set/buff.
  • The Engineer, along with the Pyro, are the only classes whose eyes cannot be completely seen on their character model. The Pyro's gas mask covers his/her eyes, and the Engineer's goggles covers his eyes.
  • By viewing the player manual, you will be able to find a minor *NOTE* sign section, stating the following: "Use only Uhlman Build-Matic Wrench included in package when assembling this product. Failure to follow instructions may result in permanent damage to product, and is not covered under warranty." Yet no known incidents of using a non-standard wrench resulting in permanent Sentry, Dispenser or Teleporter damage has been reported, despite the introduction and relentless usage of the Golden Wrench, the Southern Hospitality, the Gunslinger and the Jag.
  • The Engineer may be the smartest class in Team Fortress 2 since he can build sentries that auto-detect enemy players and that can tell the difference between allies and enemies.
  • The Engineer can also build dispensers that heal people much like the medi-gun and give ammo to people as if they used a Resupply Cabinet.

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