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This article lists currently unreleased content that is assumed to be released by the end of Team Fortress 2's life.


Unreleased Meet the Team videos

There is an unreleased Meet the Team video expected for release, Meet the Pyro. As revealed in an interview with Robin Walker by the podcast Kritzkast, Meet the Pyro will be a look at the world through the Pyro's eyes.

The Xbox update

Valve announced an Xbox update at some point in time, but ran into troubles with Microsoft's strict limits on patches (specifically, an arbitrary maximum filesize). It has also been suggested that updating the Source engine for the console version of Team Fortress 2 will prove too tough to implement. Numerous online petitions and groups have formed in movement of an answer from Valve. As of now nothing has been stated on the cancelation of an update. The last words of Valve's status of the possible update were posted on the Tf2 Blog on December 10, 2008 in the "Hey good job there, hardhat." post.


Bruno is currently unreleased. It is unknown in what manner will Bruno traumatize the players, all that is known currently is "Perkins. That's what i'm all about."

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