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General Responses

After Killing More than 2 Enemies in 20 Seconds

After Killing More than 5 Enemies in 20 Seconds

Kill Assist

Domination of a Single Opponent

Domination of Two Opponents

Domination of Three or More Opponents

Domination of a Demoman

  • I wish y'all could see how bad I'm kickin' your tail.
  • Drunk on the battlefield ain't no way to be, son.
  • Dominated, eyepatch!
  • That catch your eye, son?
  • The hand is quicker than the eye!
  • Gotcha, eyehole.

Domination of another Engineer

  • You just ain't doin' it right.
  • Dominated, Hardhat.
  • A real Texan woulda dodged that.
  • You can always tell a Texan, but you can't tell him much.
  • You done incurred my wrath, son.
  • I'm wolverine mean, you son of a bitch!
  • If you done it, it ain't braggin'.
  • You're all hardhat and no cattle.
  • You shoulda oughta brought more gun, son.

Domination of a Heavy

  • Never mind the bullets, how much all these coffins costin' ya?
  • I've seen better sides of beef been run over by a combine.
  • Y'all come back now!
  • Nice try, slim.
  • Gotcha, chuckwagon!
  • Gotcha, pork-drippin's.
  • Dominated, corncakes.
  • Y'all just got branded.
  • And another thing: You're ugly.
  • Dumber than dirt, ain't ya?
  • You dumb as a box of rocks!
  • Y'all come back now, more where that came from.
  • Dominated, fat man!
  • You are a whole herd of ugly.
  • Gotcha, fatboy!

Domination of a Medic

  • Doctor, I am the better man!
  • Guess they didn't teach you to duck in doctor school.
  • Keep comin' at me doctor, eventually y'all gonna rustle up some sense.
  • Next time tend to your own knittin', sawbones.
  • Sell your tonics elsewhere, miracle man!
  • You must be a doctor, 'cause you just saw the extent of my patience.
  • I'm a killer of men, doc, that is the God's honest truth.
  • Slap a poultice on that, doc! *laughter*

Domination of a Pyro

  • Speak up next time, boy.
  • Sorry ma'am.
  • Dominated, Smokey.
  • Gotcha, mumbles.
  • Sorry to put out your campfire, boy.
  • You look a might tongue-tied, son.
  • You shouldn've played with fire, boy.
  • Didn't your mama teach you not to play with matches?
  • Y'all might be flame retardant, but ya sure ain't bulletproof.

Domination of a Scout

  • Y'all gotta run a lot faster than that.
  • Y'aint too fast for me and my machines now are ya? *chuckles* Are ya?
  • Boy, this here is just gonna keep happenin' and happenin'.
  • Dominated, stringbean.
  • Y'all just got dominated, city boy.
  • What in Sam Hill were you thinkin', stringbean?
  • Shoot, son, you all slow as molasses!
  • Dominated, little feller.
  • Just a dead little jackrabbit.
  • Quick as a hiccup, ain't ya? Hah, not quick enough.
  • Not fast enough, not by a damn sight.
  • Gotcha, stretch!

Domination of a Sniper

  • You oughta stand back a little more, like, for me and my machines.
  • Looks like that there just weren't the place you oughta be standin'.
  • Dominated, campground.
  • You shoulda oughta stayed back at your little campsite.
  • Nobody likes a squatter.
  • I just rode you out on a rail, down under.
  • Aw, now you don't look like a happy camper.
  • Down under? More like "six feet" down under.

Domination of a Soldier

  • Y'all take that, rocket boy!
  • That there is just a sad display, boy.
  • Don't test my mettle, son!
  • Dominated, ya damn Yankee!
  • Y'all just got drafted into my war!
  • That's what it feels like when eagles cry, soldier boy.
  • Next time, lift ya lid and you might see it comin'!
  • This all's what happens when you fight a man.

Domination of a Spy

  • Now just stop trying to mess with my contraptions.
  • It ain't gettin' any harder for me to kill ya!
  • You know where you oughta hide next time? Back in France.
  • Dominated, you turncoat!
  • Dominated, you snake!
  • This skunk's startin' to smell.
  • Slither on back to hell, coward!
  • That's what my daddy taught me to do to backstabbers.
  • You're a looong way from France, boy.
  • Don't go meddelin' in my business.
  • You are a coward an' a scoundrel.
  • If y'all had more gadgets for killin', you wouldn't need so many for hidin'.
  • I just beat on your sneaky ass like a mule, boy!

Revenge Kill


Healed by Medic

After Capturing Intelligence/Control Point

Attacking, Control Point Unoccupied


Round Start/Battle Cry

Round Win/Cheers

Round Loss/Sudden Death/Jeers

Round Draw

Set on Fire

Class-Specific Responses

Mini-Sentry Kill

  • Sometimes you just need a little less gun.
  • Ain't that a cute little gun?
  • I love that li'l gun.

Building a Dispenser

Building a Sentry gun

Building a Teleporter

Packing Up a Building

  • Packin' up!
  • Movin' out!
  • I'm movin' this!

Moving a Building

  • Heavy load comin' through!
  • Outta mah way! Outta mah way!
  • Go on, get!

Replanting a Building

  • That was gettin' heavy!
  • That there wasn't gettin' any lighter.
  • Phew!
  • Go on, git!

Dispenser Sapped by Enemy Spy

Sentry gun Sapped by Enemy Spy

Teleporter Sapped by Enemy Spy

Dispenser Destroyed

Sentry Destroyed

Teleporter Destroyed

After Several Sentry gun Kills

Gunslinger Punch

  • Pow!
  • Bam!
  • Bap!

Third Gunslinger Punch

  • Yeee-haaaw!
  • Haaaa!
  • Ahhh!

Wrangler Kill

  • This thing ain't on auto-pilot, son!
  • That's from yours truly, son.
  • Tagged ya.
  • Gotcha!

After using the Wrangler long enough to develop cramp

Golden Wrench Kill

  • That there is a gold-plated kill.
  • Guess I got the Midas touch!
  • At least you ain't worthless anymore!
  • Erectin' a statue of a moron.

Unused Responses

Spy Kill

Unknown Condition

Medic Follow

  • Follow me, doc.
  • Over here, sawbones.
  • On me, doc.

Melee Dare

  • Let's do this Texas-style.
  • You an' me, pardner.
  • You an' me, hoss.

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