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A Glitch is a bug or error in the game or map, but one which does not rise to the level of an exploit. A glitch would be something like not being able to load a menu screen or jumping out of the map by accident. By contrast, exploits are abusable to the benefit of a player using them.


Gameplay Specific Glitches

  • (Added 3:35 PM, 3/12/2012. Added by frostglaceon.) Headshot issues with Sniper With the PC version, it is impossible to headshot a sniper at point-blank range. A full charge shot counts as a body shot/kill.
  • Accessing Developer Console Unlike the PC version, the console versions of TF2 are not allowed to access the developer console. Occasionally, the host of the game can accidentally access this console. The way to access it is unknown but some have brought it up simply by doing an ÜberCharge. If the host has an Xbox 360 Chat Pad, they will be able to enter in text in the text box. (Occurs on Xbox 360)
  • Civilian Any Class This glitch causes any class to enter his default T-Pose. To enable the glitch, you must have at least one alternate weapon for that class. Equip your standard weapon and leave the spawn room. Then equip your alternate same-slot weapon and re-enter the spawn room. Head over to the resupply cabinet. Just before you activate the resupply cabinet use you fist taunt. If you did it right, just after the taunt ends you should be able the see your player model enter his T-Pose and you shouldn't be able to taunt or attack once you enter first person again. Switching to another weapon will turn the civilian glitch off.
Civilain Heavy
Heavy in his T-Pose (Civilian mode)
  • Crab walking (Spy Crab) is an in-game animation exploit that can make the Spy move around in an amusing fashion that resembles a crab[1]. It is triggered by crouching while at the same time looking up with your disguise kit equipped. Often used by players who can perform it to humorous effect, it does not seem to affect gameplay directly. This has been used by Valve as an Easter Egg as it is seen in the newspaper describing the new Spy Unlockables that you (the Spy)can receive a Spine switch that lets you walk like a crab. The Spy Crab animation added to Team Fortress 2 officially with the Sniper vs. Spy Update is released as disguise kit taunt.
  • Switching Weapon Taunt This is when you see somebody taunting and they are not using the right weapon. For example, when you see a pyro using his flamethrower or shotgun as a guitar. To do this, switch weapons really fast after you pressing the taunt button. NOTE: You can combine this with the running taunt exploit.
  • Invisible 2Fort Bridge Roof Sometimes, a player will be able to see through the bridge roof on 2Fort. The shots cannot go through this invisible roof though. The cause is unknown. (Occurs on Xbox 360)
  • Inconsistency bugs
    • Glitched Textures Sometimes after "alt-tabbing" or a server crash/disconnect, you can experience weird textures in some maps, namely spawn gates, water and windows. It will look wireframe, usually in 2fort.
    • Invisible Models Occasionally occurs on the PC version if Alt-Tab is used whilst in full screen mode. Weapons fire can be seen but no player or weapons models. This usually only happens on one random player with the rest of the players still being visible and can lead to the player seeing the glitch to think the invisible player is using hacks. (PC only)
      • On the PC, these bugs can sometimes be fixed by starting to record a demo and then stopping the recording process.
    • Glitched Reflections Happens occasionally when entering a server, some surfaces (mainly water and windows) will, instead of reflecting the normal skybox, reflect a purple/black checkerboard texture.
  • Invisible Weapons Occasionally a player will appear as if he doesn't have a weapon in his hands. The weapon fire is still seen and he's still in the posture as if he's holding one, but it appears as if he's not holding one. The cause is still unknown but players on the PC version have reported this glitch when the server, or their client loses connection to Steam (Occurs in the Xbox 360 version and occasionally in PC and PS3 Version).
  • Losing the Aiming Crosshairs Occasionally, if a player leaves a laggy game and join a new game they can lose their crosshairs or aiming reticle. This reticle will not appear on screen however, the shots will go to where the reticle would have been if it were there. (Occurs on Xbox 360 and PS3 Version)
  • Losing Main Menu Sound Effects Occasionally, if a player leaves a laggy game or gets lagged out, they will not have any sound effects in the main menu. (Occurs on Xbox 360 and PS3 Version)
  • Mouth not Opening Sometimes when a player does a taunt or response, the characters' mouth will not open but the sound can still be heard. The Soldier will never open his mouth when doing a Shovel Taunt. (Occurs on the Xbox 360 Version and PS3 Version)
  • Over Player Limit If the room has too many spectators, the game will see that the room is still in need of players to fill it up. So, it will still be considered an open room. More players will be able to join and thus, the game will be over the maximum player limit. When the room goes back to the lobby and then they play another match, the game will automatically boot the players who recently joined who made it over the limit. (occurs on the Xbox 360 version)
  • Still on fire Sometimes after dying by fire you respawn and the burning effect remains around the edges of your screen, you take no damage and the disorientating sound is not present.
  • Opposite Team skins If a player who was playing as a Spy changes class, he will sometimes have the opposite skin (red or blue) of the team he is on. When you look at this player, the game will think that he is still a spy, and will display the "Disguised as enemy/friendly class" under his name, depending on the last disguise used. The actual cause of this glitch is unknown.
  • Mixed HUD Team colors If a player temporarily loses connection to a server, there is a client-side visual bug that may occur that changes your HUD color to the opposite team, but your HUD avatar stays the same. Example:
  • Sentry gun pistol fire When firing a weapon (commonly happens with the Pistol) at the same time as a Sentry gun fires its rockets, the gun's fire appears as it is shooting sentry fire.
  • Taunt While Dead If you happen to die immediately before you start a taunt dialouge line, your character will still say the taunt and even lip-sync while you are dead. (Happens frequently when taunting with the Bat or Minigun)
  • Locked loadout After changing from one weapon type to another on the loadout screen you occasionally get locked out of changing them back. Only known workarround at present is to shut down TF2 and restart the program. (PC version)
  • Fake Crits Whereby a high rate-of-fire weapon will appear to be shooting criticals, but do not actual result in any critical hits. Most frequently seen when using the Minigun or Natascha.
  • Arrow Taunt Loop If a Sniper does the Arrow Taunt to another Sniper equipped with the Huntsman, the enemy Sniper can counter with his own Arrow Taunt, even when stunned. It is possible to chain this infinitely until a third party intervenes or one of the two decides to end it.
  • Colored and White Name Using "setinfo name" in console with a particular code in front of your name will produce a white name when chatting. Your name will also take on a color depending on the code you used. You can generate these codes in the link below.


  • Arena Mode Civilian If you turn on "Remember the 'last weapon' between lives" and "Remember the active weapon between lives" when you lose a arena round, you will turn into a civilian.


  • Civilian Soldier (Patched) After filling the soldiers 'Rage meter' with either the Buff banner or the Battalion's backup equipped,The player can turn into an Civilian soldier by changing their secondary weapon into the Gunboats and blow either the Buff banner or the Battalion's Backup before using an supply locker, if the player doesnt switch his weapon and leaves the weapon bars on the side, the player looks like an civilian to other players.

Lag Glitches

Glitches caused by lag.

  • Flamethrower range Occurs all the time. Sometimes you can be instantly killed even when swept by the extreme range of the flamethrower, or the flamethrower has simply more range (not a critical swept).
  • "Netquake" Occurs rarely (Regular on consoles), but sometimes all players in the server will be unable to move and the player's view will shake (like an earthquake).
  • "Killed through a wall" Being killed by someone (with a direct weapon like a sniper rifle), despite being out of its view (and sometimes out of range). This is an artifact of Lag Compensation and is not an unforseen bug but an intentional design tradeoff in the networking code.
  • Sliding characters Some characters will assume default position (standing still) and slide instead of running around. The Civilian always assumes this position, and is not a lag glitch.
  • Ragdoll spam if a player recovers from a netquake the player and anyone else in sight who survived the netquake or didn't get one will drop a ragdoll.

Map Specific Glitched Areas

The following is a list of glitched areas where players can stand.


Blu base
2fort-blu1.jpg 2fort-blu9.jpg 2fort-blu2.jpg 2fort-blu3.jpg 2fort-blu4.jpg
2fort-blu8.jpg 2fort-blu5.jpg 2fort-blu6.jpg 2fort-blu9.jpg
Red base
2fort-red1.jpg 2fort-red2.jpg 2fort-red3.jpg 2fort-red4.jpg 2fort-red5.jpg
2fort-red6.jpg 2fort-red7.jpg 2fort-red8.jpg 2fort-red9.jpg 2fort-red10.jpg


BLU base
Granary 1st2 1st.jpg Granary 1st2 3rd.jpg
RED base
Granary 1st 1st.jpg Granary 1st 3rd.jpg
BLU 2nd point
Granary 2nd 3rd.jpg Granary 2nd 1st.jpg


Control point A
Gravel pit A.jpg
You can stand here and it
will count as a capture

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