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"Throughout history, men have worn hats as a way of showing how much better they are than other men. “I buy hats,” a behatted man seems to say. “I am better than you!”

In wartime, hats were a useful way of conferring rank, and ensuring that casualties were confined to the lower classes (hence the famous command of “Don't fire till you see the tops of their heads” at the Battle of Bunker Hill by William Prescott, a general renowned for only shooting enemy combatants who were poor). During peacetime, hats have been instrumental for men to let the non-hatted know just who is wearing the hat around here."

Hats (or Headwear) are items equippable in the 'head' slot of the loadout screen. Valve introduced the first set of 9 hats with the Sniper vs. Spy update. Several major updates have since added additional sets, including hats designed by members of the Team Fortress 2 community.

Hats can be obtained at random through the item drop system, crafting system, Mann Co. Supply Crates, or bought from the Mann Co. Store. Some hats are available to players as a reward for completing in-game achievements, and some hats have been added as promotions for other Steam games and events in the Steam Store, including Left 4 Dead 2, Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse, Alien Swarm, Worms Reloaded, Poker Night at the Inventory, Killing Floor, and The Great Steam Treasure Hunt. While it is possible to obtain these hats via trading with other players, there is no way to craft or buy these hats from the Mann Co. Store.

There are currently a total of 135 pieces of headgear, including 20 Miscellaneous items and the 12 promotional hats. 51 of the hats and 4 of the misc items can have a "vintage" status. 65 of the hats are paintable 22 different colors through the use of paint cans.

With the release of the Mann-Conomy Update, "unusual" versions of hats have a rare chance of being un-crated when the player opens a Mann Co. Supply Crate. These hats are the same as the original hats, except for an application of 1 of 14 particle effects. A more detailed description of these effects can be found here. Since the update that first added Mann Co. Supply Crates to the game, there have been several new series crates put in the game. (As of June 11th 2011) You can now get Mann Co. Supply Crates numbered all the way up to series 25.

Hats are purely cosmetic, with the exception of the Polycount Pack hats which provide bonuses when worn with their associated item sets.

Leaderboard class scout.png
Backpack Batter's helmet.png Backpack Bonk helm.png Backpack Ye olde baker boy.png Backpack Troublemaker's tossle cap.png Backpack Whoopee cap.png Backpack Baseball Bill's Sports Shine.png
Batter's helmet Bonk helm Ye olde baker boy Troublemaker's tossle cap Whoopee cap Baseball Bill's Sports Shine
Backpack Milkman.png Backpack Bombing Run.png Backpack Flipped Trilby.png Backpack The Superfan.png Backpack Hero's Tail.png Backpack Bonk Boy.png
The Milkman Bombing Run Flipped Trilby The Superfan Hero's Tail Bonk Boy
Leaderboard class soldier.png
Backpack Soldier's stash.png Backpack Tyrant's helm.png Backpack Stainless pot.png Backpack Killer's kabuto.png Backpack Sergeant's drill hat.png LumbricusLidSmall.png
Soldier's stash Tyrant's helm Stainless pot Killer's Kabuto Sergeant's drill hat Lumbricus Lid
Backpack Grenadier's Softcap.png Backpack Chieftain's Challenge.png Backpack Stout Shako.png Backpack Dr's Dapper Topper.png Backpack Exquisite Rack.png Backpack Defiant Spartan.png
Grenadier's Softcap Chieftain's Challenge Stout Shako Dr's Dapper Topper Exquisite Rack Defiant Spartan
RED Hero's Hachimaki.png Painted Furious Fukaamigasa B8383B.png Spiral Sallet No Background.png
Hero's Hachimaki Furious Fukaamigasa Spiral Sallet
Leaderboard class pyro.png
Backpack Pyro's beanie.png Backpack Brigade helm.png Backpack Respectless rubber glove.png Backpack Triboniophorus tyrannus.png Backpack Vintage merryweather.png Backpack Attendant.png
Pyro's beanie Brigade helm Respectless rubber glove Triboniophorus tyrannus Vintage merryweather The Attendant
Backpack Napper´s Respite.png Backpack Old Guadalajara.png Backpack Handyman's Handle.png Backpack Foster's Facade.png Backpack Madame Dixie.png Backpack Pyromancer's Mask.png
Napper´s Respite Old Guadalajara Handyman's Handle Foster's Facade Madame Dixie Pyromancer's Mask
Backpack Hottie's Hoodie.png Backpack Connoisseur's Cap.png
Hottie's Hoodie Connoisseur's Cap
Leaderboard class demoman.png
Backpack Demoman's fro.png Backpack Glengarry bonnet.png Backpack Scotsman's stove pipe.png Backpack Hustler's hallmark.png Backpack Tippler's tricorne.png Backpack Sober Stuntman.png
Demoman's Fro Glengarry Bonnet Scotsman's Stove Pipe Hustler's Hallmark Tippler's Tricorne Sober Stuntman
Backpack Carouser's Capotain.png Backpack Rimmed Raincatcher.png Backpack Prince Tavish's Crown.png Backpack Scotch Bonnet.png Backpack Samur-Eye.png
Carouser's Capotain Rimmed Raincatcher Prince Tavish's Crown Scotch Bonnet Samur-Eye
Leaderboard class heavy.png
Backpack Football helmet.png Backpack Officer's ushanka.png Backpack Tough guy's toque.png Backpack Hound dog.png Backpack Heavy duty rag.png Backpack Hard Counter.png
Football Helmet Officer's Ushanka Tough Guy's Toque Hound Dog Heavy duty Rag Hard Counter
Backpack Pugilist's Protector.png Cadavers cranium.png Backpack Dealer's Visor.png Backpack Big Chief.png Backpack Magnificent Mongolian.png Backpack Coupe D'isaster.png
Pugilist's Protector Cadaver's Cranium Dealer's Visor Big Chief Magnificent Mongolian Coupe D'Isaster
Backpack Dread Knot.png Backpack Large Luchadore.png
Dread Knot Large Luchadore
Leaderboard class engineer.png
Backpack Mining light.png Backpack Texas ten gallon.png Backpack Engineer's cap.png Backpack Hotrod.png Backpack Texas Slim's Dome Shine.png Backpack Safe'n'Sound.png
Mining light Texas ten gallon Engineer's cap Hotrod Texas Slim's Dome Shine Safe'n'Sound
Backpack Buckaroos Hat.png Backpack Industrial Festivizer.png Backpack Western Wear.png Backpack Ol' Geezer.png
Buckaroo's Hat Industrial Festivizer Western Wear Ol' Geezer
Leaderboard class medic.png
Backpack Prussian pickelhaube.png Backpack Vintage tyrolean.png Backpack Otolaryngologist's mirror.png Backpack Physician's procedure mask.png Backpack Ze goggles.png Backpack Gentleman's gatsby.png
Prussian Pickelhaube Vintage Tyrolean Otolaryngologist's mirror Physician's procedure mask Ze Goggles Gentleman's Gatsby
Backpack Berliner's Bucket Helm.png Backpack Blighted Beak.png Backpack German Gonzila.png RED Geisha Boy.png Backpack Doctor's Sack.png
Berliner's Bucket Helm Blighted Beak German Gonzila Geisha Boy Doctor's Sack
Leaderboard class sniper.png
Backpack Trophy belt.png Backpack Professional's panama.png Backpack Master's yellow belt.png Backpack Shooter's sola topi.png Backpack Bloke's bucket hat.png Backpack Ritzy Rick's Hair Fixative.png
Trophy belt Professional's panama Master's yellow belt Shooter's sola topi Bloke's bucket hat Ritzy Rick's Hair Fixative
Backpack Ol' Snaggletooth.png Backpack Larrikin Robin.png Backpack Crocleather Slouch.png
Ol' Snaggletooth Larrikin Robin Crocleather Slouch
Leaderboard class spy.png
Backpack Fancy fedora.png Backpack Backbiter's billycock.png Backpack Magistrate's mullet.png Backpack Frenchman's beret.png Backpack Familiar Fez.png Backpack Detective Noir.png
Fancy fedora Backbiter's billycock Magistrate's mullet Frenchman's beret Familiar Fez Detective Noir
Backpack Le Party Phantom.png RED Noh Mercy.png
Le Party Phantom Noh Mercy
All Backpack Cheater's lament.png Backpack Ghastly gibus.png Backpack Bill's hat.png Backpack Max's severed head.png Wikicap sized.png Parasite Hat.png
Cheater's lament Ghastly gibus Bill's Hat Max's severed head Wiki Cap Alien Swarm Parasite
Backpack Modest pile of hat.png Backpack Noble amassment of hats.png Backpack Towering pillar of hats.png Mann Co Cap.png Ellis's Cap.png Saxton Hale Mask.png
Modest pile of hat Noble amassment of hats Towering pillar of hats Mann Co Cap Ellis' Cap Saxton Hale Mask
HorrificHeadsplitter.png Spine-chilling skull.png Voodoojuju hat.png Icon Treasure Hat.png Icon Bounty Hat.png Backpack Hat Of Undienable Wealth And Respect.png
Horrific Headsplitter Spine-Chilling Skull Voodoo Juju Treasure Hat Bounty Hat Hat of Undeniable Wealth And Respect
Backpack The Athletic Supporter.png Backpack World Traveler's Hat.png Backpack Frontline Field Recorder.png Backpack Team Captain.png
The Athletic Supporter World Traveler's Hat Frontline Field Recorder Team Captain

Holiday Restricted Hats Scout Mask.png Soldier Mask.png Pyro Mask.png Demoman Mask.png Heavy Mask.png Engineer Mask.png
Scout Mask Soldier Mask Pyro Mask Demoman Mask Heavy Mask Engineer Mask
Medic Mask.png Sniper Mask.png Spy Mask.png Backpack Mildly disturbing Halloween mask.png Horseless Headless Horsemann's Head.png
Medic Mask Sniper Mask Spy Mask Mildly disturbing Halloween mask Horseless Headless Horsemann's Head



See Crafting#Headgear#headgear recipes]] in Crafting.


A Brief History of Hats

The first nine hats are introduced into the game, announced at the end of the update as a surprise bonus. The class models were not changed, so hats for the Scout, Soldier, Engineer, and Sniper attached to their default headgear.
The next set of hats is patched into the game, including 18 new hats (with a noticeably higher polygon count than the first hat generation). These hats often required the user to remove their preexisting hat, altering the models and creating three "hatless" hats in the process. A fourth hatless model for the Soldier can be found in the game's files, but not a standalone hat.
Valve takes a stance and implements a policy against the use of all external idling applications, and removes items and hats obtained through these methods. Players who did not use these applications were awarded with the first special all-class hat, the Cheater's Lament.
The Halloween event update saw the release of two more special, all-class hats: the Ghastly Gibus, and the Mildly Disturbing Halloween Mask. The Gibus was first announced on the Team Fortress 2 Blog and was offered to the first 10,319 users to access a hidden web page. The hat was subsequently made available to all, along with the Halloween mask by obtaining special Halloween achievements. The Gibus can still be worn by players today. However, the Halloween mask is limited to its event only and cannot be worn at any other time.
Bill's Hat is added; another special, all-class hat, given to all players who pre-ordered the Valve game Left 4 Dead 2.
Three new all-class hats are added: The Towering Pillar of Hats, the Noble Amassment of Hats, and the Modest Pile of Hat. Special versions of these hats are awarded to the three winners of the Propaganda fan art contest, with first-, second-, and third-placed ribbons attached.
The first set of community hats from Valve's Contribute! site are added into the game.
All players who buy Sam and Max: The Devil's Playhouse within the first week of its release are rewarded with a special hat all-class hat, Max's Severed Head.
The second set of community hats from Valve's Contribute! site are patched in.
Alien Swarm is released by Valve and with it a new piece of headgear wearable by all classes: the Alien Swarm Parasite. It is unlocked by completing the 'Hat Trick' achievement on Alien Swarm, making this the first item to be awarded for achievements in a game other than Team Fortress 2.
The Hat Describing Contest is announced by Valve, to let the community name the descriptions of all released in-game hats.
All players who buy or pre-order Worms: Reloaded before September 2nd, 2010 are rewarded with a special hat for the Soldier, the Lumbricus Lid.
  • August 27, 2010
The Hat Describing Contest finishes, adding the winning headgear descriptions to the game.
The following hats are added: Milkman, Bombing Run, Grenadier's Softcap, Chieftain's Challenge, Stout Shako, Dr's Dapper Topper, Old Guadalajara, Napper's Respite, Handyman's Handle, Sober Stuntman, Carouser's Capotain, Pugilist's Protector, Hard Counter, Ol' Snaggletooth, Familiar Fez, Mann Co. Cap, Ellis' Cap and Wiki Cap. Paint Cans are also added, which allows you to change the color scheme of a hat. Unusual hats have a chance of being found by opening a Mann Co. Supply Crate. "Vintage" status is applied to all hats and weapons that were obtained pre-update, excluding event hats.
All players who own a copy of Left 4 Dead 2 before 4 PM Pacific Standard Time on Thursday, October 7th are rewarded with the all-class hat Ellis' Cap. The Rimmed Raincatcher was also added.
With the coming of the second Halloween update, 15 new hats are added: Horrific Headsplitter, Spine-Chilling Skull, Voodoo Juju, Cadaver's Cranium, Horseless Headless Horsemann's Head, 9 class-specific Halloween Masks and Saxton Hale Mask. In addition, Ghastly Gibuses obtained on the 2009 Halloween Update became Ghastlier Gibuses, updated to feature a more prominent headband and a silver pumpkin on the headband.
The Dealer's Visor is added as a promotional item for anyone who pre-orders Poker Night at the Inventory. The deadline for this event is the release of Poker Night at the Inventory on November 22, 2010.[1]
Many hats have had their appearance while painted improved. Paintable hats look less like solid blobs of colour and retain more of the character and texture of the hat. In addition, the following hats or misc. items were made paintable after the update: Sergeant's Drill Hat, Pyro's Beanie, “Dangeresque, Too?”, Whiskered Gentleman, Safe'n'Sound, Trophy Belt, Frenchman's Beret, Camera Beard, Max's Severed Head, Alien Swarm Parasite, Ellis' Cap, and the Horrific Headsplitter.
The Great Steam Treasure Hunt begins, with three hats being revealed as rewards for objective milestones: the Bounty Hat after completing 5 objectives, the Treasure Hat after completing 15 objectives, and the Hat of Undeniable Wealth And Respect after completing all 28.
  • December 8, 2010
Mr Foster's Gasmask and Tie are revealed to be obtainable to owners of both Killing Floor and Team Fortress 2.
Mr. Foster's Gasmask and Tie separated into two items: The Stockbroker's Scarf and Foster's Facade. Those who purchased Killing Floor before December 14 received Vintage versions of the items.
'A Rather Festive Tree', 'Flipped Trilby', 'Buckaroos Hat', 'Blighted Beak', 'Prince Tavish's Crown', 'Exquisite Rack', 'Madame Dixie', 'Coupe D'isaster', 'Détective Noir', 'German Gonzila', 'Le Party Phantom', 'Larrikin Robin', 'Defiant Spartan', 'Scotch Bonnet', 'Berliner's Bucket Helm', 'Magnificent Mongolian', 'Big Chief', 'Pyromancer's Mask', 'Prancer's Pride', 'Industrial Festivizer', and the 'World Traveler's Hat' were added as a part of the Australian christmas event.
Fixed painting issues in several of the Australian Christmas hats.
Added the Hero's Hachimaki as a bonus for preorders of Homefront.
'Samur-Eye', 'Dread Knot', 'Geisha Boy', and 'Noh Mercy' were added as a part of the Shogun Pack.
'Humanitarian's Hachimaki', 'Benefactor's Kanmuri', 'Magnanimous Monarch' were added as temporary Mann Co Store exclusive hats as a part of Japanese tsunami relief.

Hat release dates

Main article: Item timeline


  • On the Mac Update page, Valve referred to Team Fortress 2 as "America's #1 war-themed hat simulator", based on comments that the hats receive more attention than the gameplay itself.[2]
  • Hats were first seen in the Meet the Spy trailer, prior to the update.

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