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Basic Information
Icon: Leaderboard class heavy.png
Type: Defensive
Health: 300
(450 when buffed by a Medic)
(350 when buffed by the Dalokohs bar)
280 with Warrior's Spirit equipped (420 when buffed by a Medic)
Speed: 77%
(38% with minigun revved)
Meet the Heavy
Some people think they can outsmart me. ... maybe, maybe...I've yet to meet one that can outsmart bullet.
The Heavy on battlefield strategy

The Heavy is the face of Team Fortress 2, appearing the most prominently in box-art and promotional materials as well as starring in the very first Meet the Team video and all following ones to date. Heavy also represents Team Fortress 2 at Poker Night at the Inventory.


Name: Vodka Drukenski
Country of Origin: Russia, Soviet Union
Job: Kill all tiny enemy babies, oh and be the strong gunner to push forward against enemies, and help his team dominate!
Motto: "Killing you is full time job!" Like Eating Lots Of Food!
Badges: Heavy badge BLU.png  Heavy badge RED.png
Description: Like a hibernating bear, the Heavy appears to be a MEAN giant. Also like a bear, confusing his deliberate, sleepy demeanor with gentleness will get you ripped limb from limb. Though he speaks simply and moves with an economy of energy that's often confused with napping, the Heavy isn't dumb, he's not your big strong friend, and he generally wishes you'd just shut up before he has to make you shut up.

Heavy's bio as described by Telltale Games Poker Night at the Inventory: The Heavy Weapons Guy is an esteemed member of the RED team where he works as a professional killer. When not embroiled in the eternal blood-soaked battle against team BLU, the Heavy enjoys classic Russian literature, listening to tapes and cleaning his minigun. He is as cold and calculating at the poker table as he is on the battlefield. Join The Heavy and his pals for hour upon hour of playful "combat" in The Second Team Fortress, available for PC and Mac on Steam or TeamFortress.com.


Meet the Heavy

Basic Strategy

Main articles: Heavy tips and Heavy strategy
  • Hold your "Alt" key to keep your minigun spinning, ready for approaching enemies. However, the speed the gun spins, or your own movement speed, is determined by which minigun you have equipped.
  • You're a great Medic buddy. Keep a clear line of sight to your Medic to keep the Medigun on you.
  • Hit the "MEDIC!" button (Default button is "E" key) to call for a Medic if you get hurt. Nearby Medics will be notified of your need.
  • Your minigun chews up a lot of ammo. Pick up fallen weapons to refill your supply.
  • If a Medic is healing you, and he catches on fire, throw your Sandvich down with Attack 2 to help him out.
  • Standing next to an Engineer's dispenser will not only heal you but will replenish ammunition as well. This is great for non-stop base defense.
  • Because you have the most health on your team (300, 450 overhealed) you should try to head in first in situations, not only to provide cover, but to take down as many enemies as possible clearing a path for teammates.
  • Also, if there are sentries ahead, try getting and Uber from a Medic, and clearing the way for your allies, now that you have just taken down a major defense, you can attempt to proceed forward.
  • The brass beast should be used when you do not need to move around a lot. The tomislav should be used when you are required to move around the map a lot. The minigun and natasha is the mid-way point between these two.
  • If a medic is healing you and he is taking damage. Take a second to get behind cover and "alt" click your sandwich for the medic. It'll restore 50% of the medic's max health.
  • If an medic is healing don't be afraid to take hits for him. It'll be better for the team in the long run.

Cleaning a sg's nest


Note: Weapon damage is approximate and measured at point blank range. See individual weapon pages for additional figures.


Slot Weapon Ammo Loaded Ammo Carried Damage Range Special Ability
Backpack minigun.png
Minigun 200 200 500/sec-540/sec
Crit: 1080/sec
Item icon Iron Curtain.png
Unlockable Promotion
Iron Curtain 200 200 500/sec-540/sec
Crit: 1080/sec
Unlocked through progression of the Poker Night at the inventory. Same stats as stock Minigun.
Backpack Natascha.png
Natascha 200 200 320/sec-360/sec
Crit: 720/sec
Pictogram plus.png  Slows down enemies on damaging hit.

Pictogram minus.png -25% damage dealt.

Pictogram minus.png  30% slower spin up time.

Backpack Brass Beast.png
Brass Beast 200 200 600/sec-650/sec
Crit: 1296/sec
Pictogram plus.png  +20% Damage dealt.

Pictogram minus.png  50% Slower spin up time.

Pictogram minus.png  -60% slower move speed while firing.

Backpack Tomislav.png
Tomislav 200 200 500/sec-540/sec
Crit: 1080/sec
Pictogram minus.png  20% slower firing speed.

Pictogram plus.png  40% faster spin up time.

Pictogram plus.png  Silent killer: no spin up sound.

Backpack Huo-Long Heater.png
Huo-Long Heater 200 200 500/sec-540/sec
Crit: 1080/sec
A large ring of fire surrounds the player, consuming 6 ammunition per second.


Slot Weapon Ammo Loaded Ammo Carried Damage Range Special Ability
Backpack shotgun.png
Shotgun 6 32 Base/Max: 60/90
Crit: 180
Backpack sandvich.png
Sandvich 1 N/A N/A Consuming heals user for 300 health over 4.3 seconds. Alt-fire throws Sandvich for other players to restore 50% health. Due to the recent update, The Heavy can no longer drop the Sandvich for himself. He must consume it. Dropping the sandvich and stepping on it replenishes the sandvich bar but provides no health.
Backpack dalokohs bar.png
Dalokohs bar 1 N/A N/A Consuming heals user by 50 health and raises max health to 350 for 30 seconds
Backpack Buffalo Steak Sandvich.png
Buffalo Steak Sandvich 1 N/A N/A While under the effects, move speed is increased, damage done and taken will be minicrits, and the player may only use melee weapons. Alt-fire throws Sandvich for other players to restore 50% health. Dropping the steak and stepping on it replenishes the steak bar but provides no health.
Backpack The Family Business.png
The Family Business 8 32 Base/Max: 51/77
Crit: 154
40% larger clip size. 15% less damage done.


Slot Weapon Ammo Loaded Ammo Carried Damage Range Special Ability
Backpack fists.png
Fists N/A N/A Base: 65
Crit: 195
Short range taunt kill
Backpack kgb.png
K.G.B. N/A N/A Base: 65
Crit: 195
Every killing blow grants user 5 seconds of guaranteed critical hits. 20% slower swing rate.
Backpack gru.png
G.R.U. N/A N/A Base: 33
Crit: 98
Increases Run Speed by 30%. 50% less damage dealt. Regular damage becomes mini-crits while and 3 seconds after the weapon is active.
Backpack Warrior's Spirit.png
Warrior's Spirit N/A N/A Base: 88
Crit: 250
+30 Damage dealt. Wearer loses -20 max health.
C fists of steel.png
The Fists of Steel N/A N/A Base N/A 40% damage from ranged sources while active, +100% damage from melee sources while active
Backpack The Eviction Notice.png
The Eviction Notice N/A N/A Base: 26
Crit: 52
50% faster firing speed. 60% less damage dealt

 *Clicking the left or right mouse button will cause the Heavy to swing his left or right fist, respectively. Critical hits are always right-handed uppercuts.

Taunt attack

Kill Icon Attack Weapon Duration Damage
Killicon showdown.png
Showdown Fists 3 seconds 500 (Instant kill)


Main article: Hats
Original Classless Community Mann Conomy
Football helmet Officer's ushanka Tough guy's toque Hound dog Heavy duty rag Large Luchadore Hard counter Pugilist's protector
Backpack Football helmet.png
Backpack Officer's ushanka.png
Backpack Tough guy's toque.png
Backpack Hound dog.png
Backpack Heavy duty rag.png
Backpack Large Luchadore.png
Heavy umbrella.png
Pugilist protector.png
Halloween Australian Christmas Promotional
Cadaver's Cranium Coupe D'isaster Big Chief Magnificent Mongolian Dealer's Visor
Cadaver's Cranium22.png
Coupe D'isaster.png
Big Chief22.png
Magnificent Mongolian22.png
Dealer's Visor22.png
All Backpack Cheater's lament.png Backpack Ghastly gibus.png Backpack Bill's hat.png Backpack Max's severed head.png Wikicap sized.png Parasite Hat.png
Cheater's lament Ghastly gibus Bill's Hat Max's severed head Wiki Cap Alien Swarm Parasite
Backpack Modest pile of hat.png Backpack Noble amassment of hats.png Backpack Towering pillar of hats.png Mann Co Cap.png Ellis's Cap.png Saxton Hale Mask.png
Modest pile of hat Noble amassment of hats Towering pillar of hats Mann Co Cap Ellis' Cap Saxton Hale Mask
HorrificHeadsplitter.png Spine-chilling skull.png Voodoojuju hat.png Icon Treasure Hat.png Icon Bounty Hat.png Backpack Hat Of Undienable Wealth And Respect.png
Horrific Headsplitter Spine-Chilling Skull Voodoo Juju Treasure Hat Bounty Hat Hat of Undeniable Wealth And Respect
Holiday Restricted Hats Scout Mask.png Soldier Mask.png Pyro Mask.png Demoman Mask.png Heavy Mask.png Engineer Mask.png
Scout Mask Soldier Mask Pyro Mask Demoman Mask Heavy Mask Engineer Mask
Medic Mask.png Sniper Mask.png Spy Mask.png Backpack Mildly disturbing Halloween mask.png Horseless Headless Horsemann's Head.png
Medic Mask Sniper Mask Spy Mask Mildly disturbing Halloween mask Horseless Headless Horsemann's Head
Misc. items
Primeval warrior Grizzled veteran Soldier of fortune Mercenary Earbuds Platinum Dueling Badge
Bakpack Primeval warrior.png
Backpack Grizzled veteran.png
Backpack Soldier of fortune.png
Backpack Mercenary.png
Backpack Earbuds.png
Backpack Platinum Dueling Badge.png
Gold Dueling Badge Silver Dueling Badge Bronze Dueling Badge Polycount Pin License to Maim Companion Cube Pin
Bakpack Gold Dueling Badge.png
Backpack Silver Dueling Badge.png
Backpack Bronze Dueling Badge.png
Backpack Polycount Pin.png
Backpack License to Maim.png
Backpack Companion Cube Pin.png

Official class avatars

Offical Class avatars
Original RED 'ÜberCharged' BLU 'ÜberCharged'
Heavyava.jpg Buffed red heavy.jpg Buffed blu heavy.jpg


Main article: Heavy achievements

Heavy pack: 35 achievements, 3 milestones.


Zoom tf2-litho.heavy.jpg
  • The Heavy is voiced by Gary Schwartz who also voiced the Demoman.
  • Despite the Heavy's constant belittlement regarding the size of his opponents and teammates alike, the Sniper is in fact slightly taller. This is probably only true due to the strangely small size of the Heavy's legs in proportion to his arms, however.
  • The Heavy's hands are so large, he grips the pump of his shotgun with only his thumb and index finger, and can spin his shotgun around his finger as a taunt. He also holds the Sandvich and Dalokohs Bar in this fashion.
  • Also, as seen in Meet the Scout, he fires his shotgun with his ring finger.
  • The BLU Heavy has been killed and/or horribly maimed in almost every Meet the Team video to date (excluding Meet the Sandvich and Meet the Medic) alongside an even more unlucky teammate, the BLU Soldier, who has been slain in every video.
  • On the official TF2 blog page, the Heavy's ammo belt is on over his left shoulder, not his right as in game, the Sniper's hat and Pyro's gas mask are also reversed.
  • The original design for the Heavy had a mullet hairdo.[1]
  • The "Mullet Heavy" can still be seen in the "Soviet Union" achievement icon.
  • The Heavy's minigun fires 4 shots per 1 ammo point and it takes him 20 seconds of non-stop firing to run out of ammo, meaning that "Sasha" only fires 2,400 rounds per minute and not 10,000 as the Heavy claims.
  • The Heavy claims that it costs 400,000 dollars to use the minigun for twelve seconds (not counting windup time). That means it costs an entire 666,660 dollars to fire until he runs out of ammo.
  • The songs the Heavy may sing as part of his response rules include Mily Balakirev's 'Song of the Volga Boatmen', Chopin's 'Funeral March' and Khachaturian's 'Sabre Dance'.
  • The Heavy makes an unintended pun when claiming he's seeing a Spy. When saying "I see Spy!" it sounds like "Icy Spy".
  • The emblem on the Heavy's sleeve was originally a skull and crossbones.
  • In his HUD icon, the Heavy is not wearing his fingerless gloves.
  • The Heavy uses "Super Caliber" brand bullets.
  • The Heavy with the Sniper are the only two classes wearing fingerless gloves.
  • The Heavy appears to have a strange love with inanimate objects, like his Miniguns and sandvichs.
  • All the other classes insult the Heavy by calling him fat, obese and overweight when they are dominating him except for the Soldier, Medic, and possibly the Pyro. However, if one is to examine his build, he seems to be slimmer than normally portrayed, meaning he might be naturally stout.
  • In the Russian version of Meet the Heavy, the Heavy is much more intelligent than he is in the other versions, this has led many to theorize that the Heavy is very intelligent, but doesn't come off as so because he doesn't speak English very well. The Russian version also uses updated models for the Heavy, the easiest sign being that his ears are more defined than before.
  • Outside of combat, the Heavy is actually quite calm, as seen in Meet the Heavy.
  • If a Heavy is killed when he has his melee weapon out, he will drop his minigun instead.
  • While many sources seem to suggest that the Heavy treats his minigun as a significant other, in-game he seems to treat it as a child, for example, his taunt of cradling it like a baby, and in the Russian version of "Meet the Heavy", he refers to Sasha as his "baby."
  • The Heavy's leaderboard icon is five bullets, however the emblem on his sleeve and the Heavy token when crafted is a fist.
  • With the release of the Dalokohs bar, the Heavy is the first and only class capable of directly overhealing himself (though the additional 50 max health does not decay until 30 seconds after the bar is consumed.
  • The Heavy is the mascot of "Heavy Gulp," a brand of drink sold in Left 4 Dead 2.
  • The Heavy seems to be interested in American pop culture, given his reference to 1960s/70s police films in one of his Sandvich lines, as well as his Elvis inspired hairdo and Football helmet.
  • As of the Mac update the Heavy now has a blog, which is updated (in real-time) by his un-named replacement for his Minigun.
  • The Heavy is the first class to get an edible item replacing his secondary weapon.
  • If the Heavy eats the Dalokohs Bar, he says the same phrases as if he were eating a Sandvich.
  • If you change your FOV to 90, when you start to spin your minigun you can see through Heavy's arm.
  • The only 2 classes which appear outside TF2 are the Heavy (in Poker Night at the Inventory) and the Pyro(in Killing Floor).
  • Many players noticed the shells on the Heavy's bandolier do not match those used by either Sasha or Natascha, many argue that they are in fact not shells at all but crayons. This would explain how the Heavy's taunt "Cry some More" came to be written on the cart.
  • The Heavy is the only class who can wield two melee weapons at once (his two fists).
  • In Poker Night at the Inventory, Heavy says that he enjoys collecting coins and turning them into bullets.
  • According to Poker Night at the Inventory, Heavy didn't like hurting other people. He started enjoying it after he started boxing in school.
  • According to Poker Night at the Inventory, The Heavy seems to have a sadistic sense of humor, laughing about shoving a wrench down the Engineer's throat.
  • In Poker Night, the Heavy claims to have a PhD in Russian Literature, which he uses more than we know in his line of work.
  • According to Poker Night at the Inventory, the Heavy's favorite video game is Where's an Egg.
  • The Sniper is the only class not referenced in Poker Night at the Inventory by the Heavy.
  • The muzzle flash of the Iron Curtain (an unlockable item in Poker Night at the Inventory) is actually at a distance from the barrel.
  • According to Poker Night at the Inventory, Heavy went to an assassin training camp as a boy and recalls the time a sparrow was hit by a throwing knife from another boy. This may be the only time that Heavy cared for something other than his minigun, Sasha.
  • According to Poker Night at the Inventory, Heavy does not like ghosts, a reference to the Ghost on Harvest who scares the players.
  • According to Poker Night at the Inventory, Heavy's favorite alcoholic beverage is a peach benelli; also bubbles cause Heavy headaches.
  • According to Poker Night at the Inventory, Heavy hates Spies.
  • According to Poker Night at the Inventory, Heavy likes women with red hair.
  • According to Poker Night at the Inventory, Heavy listens to Huey Lewis tapes on his walkman to keep his spirits up during battle.
  • The Heavy lives in a remote log mansion in the Dzhugdzhur Mountains in Siberia. [2] Although according to Poker Night at the Inventory, the Heavy has also taken lodge in the RED team barracks.
  • The Heavy seems to like calling any being his size or smaller "babies".
  • The Heavy's home can be seen in Meet the Director comic on page 7. http://www.teamfortress.com/meetthedirector/?p=7
  • According to the Russian department of chemical engineering, they turned the Heavy into a incredibly dangerous kinetic beast, making him able to shoot kinetic waves on the command of his mind through his fists.
  • According to Meet the Medic, the Heavy had a small nuclear bomb, as well as a mega baboon heart outfitted with a small electrical device inside his ribcage. However, the nuclear bomb has since been removed (it is not longer in his chest, but sitting in a dish in the background).

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