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The High Five! is an action item for all classes.

This item can be purchased at the Mann Co. Store, or found via random drops. When the action button is held down, any nearby ally may stand near the player and engage in a dual animation by using their own High Five! or pressing their taunt bind (default being G) in front of the initiator. The players then give each other a High-five, followed by an appropriate response rule. Only the initiator needs to have the item equipped in order to successfully complete the action.

If the High Five! is initiated with insufficient space to perform the co-op taunt, such as an obstacle or map height difference in front of the player, the taunt will not initiate and a message will appear on the HUD informing the player of why they cannot taunt.

Other nearby friendly players will receive a tutorial-like prompt on their screen the first time they see an ally initiate a High Five informing them of how and where to accept it.

Update history

October 13, 2011 Patch (Manniversary Update & Sale)

  • High Five! was added to the game.

October 17, 2011 Patch

  • Fixed high five taunts applying the wielded weapon's taunt effect


  • If the command mp_usehwmvcds is set to 1 the slap animations will not play for some classes and they will be stuck in the idle animation for their current weapon for the duration of the taunt.
  • Using the item with the Gunslinger equipped will cause it to noticeably clip with the other player's hand.
  • If two players use the item while standing on an Engineer's teleporter entrance, both will be teleported.
  • If a Scout with a Sandman selected initiates the taunt, but cancels it for whatever reason, the model of the Sandman's ball will disappear out of the Scout's hand, although when batting the ball, it will re-appear. If the animation is completed with another player, the Sandman's ball model remains in the player's hand as usual.
  • Taunting with a weapon may occasionally cause the player to automatically go into the high-five position. [citation needed]
  • If taunting with automatic reload on, you will reload your current weapon while taunting.


  • The animations for the High Five! taunt have existed within the game files since the WAR! Update. There are still a few animations that were included in said update that are currently not in use.
  • Bots are able to detect high fives and if they encounter a human player in the high five pose, they will initiate the high five.
  • Like the Director's Vision, the Pyro has two different high five responses, one feminine and one masculine, adding to its mystique.

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