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Item Test
Item test.jpg
Basic Information
File name: item_test
Developer(s): Valve

Item Test is a testing map released with the December 17, 2010 Patch. It appears as the BLU spawn room from Gorge with both exit doors sealed. Not much is currently known about the map and its functionality other than its stated purpose of helping the community test new items in a controlled environment. Valve have stated that they will expand more upon the map's use in a future blog post.

The patch notes state:

  • Added a prototype item testing map, and associated functionality, for contributors to test their work. Further details in an upcoming blog post.

Console Command

  • Typing 'itemtest' in console will bring up a menu for item testing. The menu appears to have controls to add custom models to the player, and the ability to add bots.


  • Whether it was meant or not, all the REDs will spawn facing a center location, where there is another spawn point. The BLUs face the center spawn as well, but only have one spawn point.
  • The entire map (as long as you can walk freely in the location) is able to be built on. This includes the noclip-only section, which you can see through the fence.
  • This map seems to be the only officially released (released by Valve) map with no Skybox.


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