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Ey, is somebody keepin' track of my heads batted in?
The Scout

All Strange weapons have an associated weapon rank. This rank is based on the number of kills (or assists, for weapons that cannot kill) that have been made with the weapon against other players (excluding bots). All Strange weapons start with an initial prefix of Strange, however this is not a rank itself. Trading a Strange weapon will cause its kill counter to reset to zero and its prefix to reset to Strange.

The following Strange items do not track kills, instead:



Rank Kills Name
0 0 Strange
1 10 Unremarkable
2 25 Scarcely Lethal
3 45 Mildly Menacing
4 70 Somewhat Threatening
5 100 Uncharitable
6 135 Notably Dangerous
7 175 Sufficiently Lethal
8 225 Truly Feared
9 275 Spectacularly Lethal
10 350 Gore-Spattered
11 500 Wicked Nasty
12 750 Positively Inhumane
13 999 Totally Ordinary
14 1000 Face-Melting
15 1500 Rage-Inducing
16 2500 Server-Clearing
17 5000 Epic
18 7500 Legendary
19 7616 Australian
20 8500 Hale's Own


  • Disabling pop-up notifications under 'Advanced Options' will keep the strange rank notifications from appearing; however, trade, duel, and item drop notifications will be disabled as well.
  • Killing a teammate while friendly fire is enabled will increase your kill total with that weapon by one, as though it were a normal kill.
  • Activating the Cloak of a Spy who is using the Dead Ringer will not increase your total kill count with that weapon.
  • Killing bots will not increase your total kill count.
  • Killing yourself with a Strange Boston Basher or Gloves of Running Urgently will not increase your total kill count with that weapon.
  • Killing an enemy with a compression blast from the Strange Flamethrower or Backburner will not increase your kill count.
  • Using a Name Tag on a strange weapon will remove the rank prefix from the name, although the rank description and kill counter will always remain intact regardless of tags.
  • If a strange weapon goes up a rank, it will appear to have the original rank prefix when switching weapons until the next life.


  • Kill counters do not update ingame when you inspect a teammate's strange weapon or the enemy's during the Deathcam.


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