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Basic Information
Map type: Arena
File name: arena_lumberyard

Lumberyard (prefixed as Arena_Lumberyard) is an Arena map. It and along with Ravine, Well, Badlands and Granary were released with the Heavy Update as the first official Arena maps for Team Fortress 2. Lumberyard itself was the first official Valve map to drop the usual desert-industrial style for a greener, alpine style environment.


Lumberyard has an unbalanced structure, with one half of the map climbing up towards a large mountain peak, while the other dips down into a valley. A series of rooftops at the map’s center serves as the key battleground area, with lateral flanking being the key maneuver at ground level. When the capture point becomes active after 60 seconds, multiple entrances open up into the central control point, which becomes the focus of the fighting as the match nears its end. Lumberyard is one of the few Arena maps without water, and contains only a single health kit. The kit sits on a log above a deadly pit, making it a great ambush spot for Pyros, Demomen, and Soldiers to send unwary enemies to their deaths.


Introduction video


Your goal is to eliminate the entire enemy team or capture the central capture point when it becomes available.

Aerial view of arena_lumberyard


  • The Central building houses the capture point, is mostly symmetrical, and has entrances either on either side as well as on the rooftops.
  • The spawn rooms either side have two exits, one that goes straight ahead towards the central building, and the other door heads to a smaller tower shaped building, which has a stairway leading towards the roof of the central building, where they can enter the building through the upper floor.
  • Mountain side – The area to the right of BLU spawn (left of RED spawn). Contains a small ammo pack.
  • Cliff side – Opposite to the Mountain side (and the opposite direction from team spawn). Contains the only health pickup which is found on the log that bridges over the pit. Two small sheds are also found near the cliff.

Common strategies

  • It is common for Scouts to go on the rooftops, this helps with the element of surprise as players have trouble looking up.
  • Engineers often set up a dispenser and sentry inside the capture building or just outside the closed doors to surprise any enemies who may be waiting to capture.
  • Demomen can counter this strategy by placing sticky bombs from the inside of the door and detonating them right before the doors open. This will destroy the turret and hopefully kill the engineer.
  • The stairs give skilled spies the perfect opportunity to stair stab.
  • Engineers can set up turrets right below the stairs, which is often overlooked.
  • Spies can use the same spot underneath to recharge cloak, disguise, or ambush.
  • The decks that overlook the internal capture point can be a helpful vantage point to those who are trying to capture it below. This can be a good spot for a sentry if it can be successfully defended from sabotage from the rear. Spies can also enter via this passage to easily reach those on the point and catch those not eyeing the higher decks. Snipers with huntsman can use this deck for taking pot shots.
  • Although it is difficult to execute, building a Sentry inside one of the sheds that overlook the Small Health pack will cause great inconvenience for those who are seeking health and as the gun will damage/finish off those who are in need to replenish themselves. The gun's knock-back can also push enemies off the log to face a certain death.
  • Snipers can hide behind the boxes in spawn, effectively shielding their position. This is especially useful when the point is activated, giving the sniper a clear view over the point.
  • Heavies will commonly use the higher route as the top part of the main shed is small and a single heavy can easily hold off any attackers from the stairs or the roof.
  • It is common for Demomen and Soldiers to try and dominate the roof, and use it as a vantage point to rain down explosives on the enemy team.
  • If there are only a few enemies left alive, chances are that some are severely injured. If you can't find your enemies anywhere else, check the Health kit on the log.


  • There is a Missile Silo under the Capture point.
  • Lumberyard was the first official map to feature the Alpine theme.

Control Point Timing

Control point Multiplier Seconds
Control point x1
24 .00
15 .84
12 .96
11 .52

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