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This page is about the update to Team Fortress 2. For the game mode, see "Mann vs. Machine (game mode)"; for the update trailer, see "Mann vs. Machine (video)".
This article is for content released in the update. For the patch itself, see August 15, 2012 Patch.
Alright, enough reading advice. It's man-to-man talk time. I am not going to lie to you: I am going to have to lie to you. You men are absolutely prepared to deal with this, and you are going to be just fine. Right. End of lie. Now get ready to absorb some bullets so they don’t hit my factories.
Saxton Hale; TF2 Official Website
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Mann vs. Machine is a major update for Team Fortress 2, announced on August 13, 2012 and released on August 15, 2012.

Mann Vs Machine Main Menu


Day 1: Machines

Day 1 revealed a new co-op game mode in which a team of six players fights a horde of bots, as well as a new map, Mannworks, and multiple special classes of robots introduced for the new mode. It also revealed the trailer for the mode.


Main article: Robots

Special Robots

The majority of the robot legion can be any class (with the exception of the Engineer) equipped with basic weaponry. In addition, several Special Robots exist:

Machine Based on Equipped with Abilities
Leaderboard class scout stun.png Minor League Scout Leaderboard class scout.png Scout Sandman
Batter's Helmet
Leaderboard class demoknight.png Demoknight Leaderboard class demoman.png Demoman Eyelander
Chargin' Targe
  • Sword-wielding maniac
  • Can cover large distances very quickly by charging
Leaderboard class heavy steelfist.png Steel Gauntlet Leaderboard class heavy.png Heavy Fists of Steel
  • Very durable
  • Damage resistant
  • Good with its fists
Leaderboard class heavy champ.png Heavyweight champ
Leaderboard class heavy urgent.png
Killing Gloves of Boxing
Gloves of Running Urgently
Pugilist's Protector
  • Doesn't need weapons to rough you up
  • Attacks in large groups
Leaderboard class heavy mittens.png Heavy Mittens
Holiday Punch
  • Permanently critboosted
  • Once hit, players are forced to laugh helplessly
Leaderboard class medic.png Quick-Fix Medic Leaderboard class medic.png Medic Quick-Fix
Leaderboard class medic uber.png Über Medic Medi Gun
  • ÜberCharges like a maniac
Leaderboard class sniper bow.png Bowman Leaderboard class sniper.png Sniper Huntsman
  • Deadly accurate
  • Quick on the draw
Leaderboard class sniper sydneysleeper.png Sydney Sniper Sydney Sleeper

Giant Robots

Giant Robots are larger and more durable than normal robots, but also move at half speed. Each Giant Robot has its own unique ability.

Machine Based on Abilities Health
Leaderboard class scout giant fast.png Super Scout Leaderboard class scout.png Scout Unlike other giant robots, Super Scout moves lightning fast, so don't let it pick up the bomb!
Leaderboard class soldier spammer.png Rapid Fire Soldier Leaderboard class soldier.png Soldier The machine gun of rocket launchers. Don't stand in one place for too long.
Leaderboard class heavy deflector.png Deflector Heavy Leaderboard class heavy.png Heavy Can shoot down projectiles such as rockets and grenades. 5000 HP

Thought not explicitly stated in the page, few more variations are revealed.

Machine Based on Abilities Health
Leaderboard class scout stun.png Major League Scout Leaderboard class scout.png Scout Throws baseballs at a much higher rate than most normally could.
Leaderboard class soldier crit.png Giant Charged Soldier Leaderboard class soldier.png Soldier Hurls slow moving, but fatal critical rockets.
Leaderboard class pyro.png Giant Pyro Leaderboard class pyro.png Pyro Able to airblast projectiles back at its source. 3000
Leaderboard class pyro.png Sombrero Pyro Fires flares rapidly and accurately.
Leaderboard class demoman.png Rapid Fire Demoman Leaderboard class demoman.png Demoman Lobs grenades at high frequencies with great precision. 3300

Sentry Buster

Day 1 also introduced the Sentry Buster, a robot designed to take down co-op players' Sentry Guns.

Machine Based on Abilities Health
Leaderboard class sentry buster.png Sentry Buster Leaderboard class demoman.png Demoman Detects Sentry Guns that are dealing sustained damage to the horde and runs at the offending Sentry Gun, exploding after a couple of seconds. 2500 HP

Tank Robot

The Day 1 update page also teased another robot, displaying only an image of a set of tracks in the dirt, accompanied by a mysterious note. It was revealed in-game that the said robot was a Tank Robot.

Machine Abilities Health
Leaderboard class tank.png Tank Has an extremely large amount of health, more than any other robot. Does not attack players through any means, but will instantly crush to death any players caught between the tank and(for example) a wall while it is turning. Carries a separate bomb that it will automatically begin to deploy if it reaches the hatch, regardless of whether a robot has the main bomb or not. Varies

Bomb Carrier Upgrades

The longer a Bomb Carrier survives, the more attributes they get, making them tougher to kill. The upgrades accumulate, and can make them very dangerous should they be ignored or otherwise not killed quickly. One upside is that every time they upgrade, they will stop for a few seconds and Taunt, giving any nearby player a chance to take it out while its guard is down. However, while giant variations are able to carry bombs, they do not upgrade.

Stages Upgrades
Bomb carrier defense.png
First stage
Defensive buff, shared with all nearby robots
Bomb carrier health.png
Second stage
Health regeneration
Bomb carrier crits.png
Final stage
Full crits all the time


Name Picture Game mode File name
Mannworks Poster Mannworks.png Mann vs. Machine
Mvm navicon.png

Day 2: Mercs

Day 2 revealed a variety of new upgrades and power-ups that players can purchase using in-game currency to boost their effectiveness on the battlefield, as well as Canteens. A new map, Coal Town, was also featured. Day 2 also revealed a set of sample tactics for each class, indicating each class's special abilities and the effects of upgrading some weapons.

Power Up Canteens

Image Type Usage
UberCharge Canteen.PNG Übercharge Supplies 5 seconds of personal invincibility
Critical Hit Boost Canteen.png Critical Hit Boost Full critical power for 5 seconds
Ammo Clip Refill Canteen.png Ammo/Clip Refill Instant ammo and magazine refill
Return to Base Canteen.png Return to Base Immediately returns user to respawn room and supplies temporary speed boost
Buildings Upgrade Canteen.png Buildings Upgrade Upgrades user Engineer's buildings to level 3 in a hurry


Name Picture Game mode File name
Coal Town Poster Coal Town.png Mann vs. Machine
Mvm navicon.png

Day 3: Bounty

Day 3 revealed 35 new achievements, as well as an alternative Mann Up game mode, obtainable with the purchase of a ticket from the Mann Co. Store. A new map, Decoy, was also featured.


Name Picture Game mode File name
Decoy Decoy.png Mann vs. Machine
Mvm navicon.png


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  • Mann vs. Machine was heavily teased by the second ARG, which led to the Blood Brothers comic. Hints were also included in the maps Foundry and Doomsday.
  • Mann vs. Machine was also teased in the Loose Canon comic, where the last page features a mention of a third Life Extender Machine, which may have been the portable version designed for Gray Mann.
  • A diagram of a Scout Robot appears on the Engineer Update page, and both a Heavy and a Demoman Robot head appear in the teaser trailer for the update.
  • Clicking on the Grenade Launcher in the Upgrade Store picture on the "Mercs" update page will bring you to a preview of the Store's User Interface.
  • When playing, the Mercs are all RED team even though the Mann vs. Machines video has BLU team members included.
  • Clicking on the bloody dove in the box on the main page for Mann vs. Machines will bring you to the product page of a plush Archimedes.

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