Max's severed head

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Max's severed head
Basic Information
Used by: All
Slot: Head
Released: April 15, 2010 Patch
Availability: Promotion
Loadout Stats
Max's severed head
Max's severed head
Level 0 - 100
Expertly crafted headwear from cruelty-free farms in the Philippines. Hollowed-out skull casing wicks moisture away when in the heat of battle.
It's not often you're given the gift of a beloved character's decapitated head by the very studio responsible for that character. Still, we're not complaining. It's soft, it wicks away moisture in the heat of battle, it highlights our eyes. It's got us thinking about all the other game characters we could be wearing around as clothes.
— Valve's official description

Max's Severed head is a headwear item available to all classes. The item was awarded to players who bought Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse within the first week of its release. It appears to be Max's head with his jaw removed, giving the appearance that he's biting on the wearer's head.

There are nine vintage Max's heads in the game and 24 Self-Made (Community sparkles effect) quality max heads. ( There are non-tradable / craftable max heads)

After yet another paint update, Max's Severed Head can now be painted with all available colors, along with a number of other hats.


  • The in-game description mentions the hat as being crafted in cruelty-free farms in the Philippines. This is a reference to the first Sam & Max comic, "Monkeys Violating The Heavenly Temple," which took place in the Philippines.
  • Textures for a team-colored version of Sam's hat are also in the game's files, suggesting that Sam's hat would have been added as well.
  • This hat is one of the few available with 'Jiggle-bones' that cause it to move realistically with the player's movement. Other examples include the Respectless rubber glove and Hustler's hallmark.
  • In Episode 3 of the game this hat was to promote, Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse, the top of Max's head gets removed by a villain attempting to harvest Max's brain. This hat may be an ironic reference to that.

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