Meet the Engineer

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Meet the Engineer
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Video Info
Released: September 11, 2007
Run time: 1:27

"Meet the Engineer" Video Transcript

["Meet the Engineer" text appears]

[Cut to the Engineer sitting on his toolbox and playing Wilco's 'Someone Else's Song' on his guitar]

Enginner: "Hey look buddy, I'm an Engineer. That means I solve problems."

[A bullet is shot behind the engineer.]

Engineer: "Not problems like 'what is beauty?' Because that would fall within the purview of your conundrums of philosophy."

[2 more bullets go past his head.]

Engineer: "I solve practical problems."

[Engineer now stops, sips his beer, while his level 1 sentry kills a BLU Heavy.]

[He sets down his beer and continues to strum.]

Engineer: "For instance, how am I gonna stop some big mean motherhubbard from tearin' me a structurally superfluous new behind?

[Sentry kills a BLU Spy, and the meter goes up to 211.]

Engineer: "The answer?" [Lvl. 2 Sentry kills a BLU Scout] "Use a gun."

Engineer: "And if that don' work,"

[Lvl 3 Sentry fires rockets at an offscreen target.]

Engineer: "Use MORE gun"

[The rockets hit what sounds like a BLU scout screaming, "MY ARM!!!"]

[Engineer resumes playing, and his lvl. 1 sentry targets the arm, which appears to be a BLU Sniper's arm.]

Engineer: "Like this heavy caliber tripod-mounted little ol' number designed by me..."

[Enginner kicks the hand into the air, and the lvl. 1 sentry shoots it in midair]

Engineer: "...Built by me..."

[The same sentry shoots another off-screen target]

Engineer: "And you best hope...not pointed at YOU."

[The ending lines of More Gun play as all of the Sentries start shooting the surrounding BLU team members.]

[The Team Fortress 2 ending music plays.]

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