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The Spy

Team Fortress 2 is home of several memes created by its community. While some stem from the game itself, other were created by using tools such as Garry's Mod to manipulate TF2 characters.


Basic memes


The Spycrab

One of the most famous memes of TF2, the Spycrab is an animation glitch caused by looking up while holding the Disguise kit and crouch walking, causing the Spy to walk in a amusing fashion that resembles a crab.

Spycrabs are often referred as a harmless species of Spy that walk gently through the battlefields. They are also cited as an endangered species, causing players to create "Save the Spycrabs" campaigns. Some players also don't kill Spycrabbing players, but sometimes the Spy player may Spycrab to get to the enemies and then backstab them.

The Spycrab was made an official taunt for the Disguise kit in the Sniper Vs Spy Update (which he does in place of the cigarette flick taunt at random), and a reference to him was made on Day 04 with the Crab-Walking Kit from the Dapper Rogue catalogue, stating that it allows the user to "change his skeleton in a excruciatingly painful but worth it" way.

Poor and Irish

You are as PRESUMPTUOUS as you are POOR and IRISH

The term Poor and Irish first appeared in a hidden link of the Classless Update, where the Gentle Manne of Leisure made fun of a hatless man by calling him "POOR and IRISH" and told him to "tarnish notte the majesty of his tower of hats".

Since then, players often use this term to describe players with no hats, or players wearing only event hats like the Ghastly Gibus because of how common they are. Other terms also exist, like "Rich and English" for a player who wears hats, but they aren't as common as the original as they were created by the community.

The Gentle Manne of Leisure also causes many players to spell gentleman as gentlemanne, often in "fancy" conversations.

W + M1

A Pyro

An infamous video showed a player experiencing success with the Pyro by only using the "W" key and "Mouse1" (Moving forward and primary fire). This led to the creation of the term W + M1, used to suggest that playing the Pyro and doing well required no skill. The term mainly criticizes the (real or imaginary) tendency of Pyros to charge at their targets with their primary weapon, disregarding both safety and tactics.

This derogatory term would often be used by a player to demean enemy Pyros, especially after that player was killed by one. "W + M1" would often be used to attack the Pyro's playstyle whether the Pyros in question were guilty of "W + M1" or not.

Saxton Hale


Saxton Hale's amazing achievements have caused the players to refer to him as a deity-like figure, capable of doing anything in a very manly way. He is also famous for his using his reputed "BARE DAMN HANDS" to do everything he needs, with assured success.

Saxton Hale's achievements can be considered a Team Fortress 2 version of Chuck Norris, as both are portrayed as tough, god-like men with power to do whatever they want. Directly satirizing the phenomenon of Chuck Norris facts, a fansite called Saxton Hale Facts was created, where users can submit facts about Saxton Hale and his many incredible feats.


Original image macro.

Another meme featuring the Spy, the Gentlemen meme consists of an image macro of the Spy with many cigarettes in his mouth, while saying "Gentlemen". The "Gentlemen "meme originated from the /b/ imageboard on 4chan, followed by a popular thread (NSFW) consisting of "gentlemen" images. Several other images followed, including other classes, like the Soldier with rockets in his mouth while saying "Maggots", or the Heavy with fists in his mouth while saying "Babies".

The Gentlemen meme can also include characters from outside Team Fortress 2, giving it an immense amount of original content. Gentlemen was just a Garrysmod + Editing tools and posted on youtube and I became a big thing now in TF2.


A popular catchphrase often used by the Engineer when he is about to do something (e.g. build a sentry) or when something is about to happen. The "gottam" sequence often includes the Engineer's arms, legs and head twisting in the air while repeatedly yelling "gottam! gottam! gottam!". The phrase "gottam" itself is derived from the Engineer's "gotta move that gear up" command in-game.

The music used is up to the video maker's choice. The mostly used kind, however, is music from old video games.

Bonk Songs


This meme consists of remixes of various songs in which the Scout's "Bonk!" and "Boink!" voice clips are played in synchronization to the song. The most popular of these songs is Mortal Kombonk, which has over 1,087,177 views.

Spammed Voice Commands

A common practise among some TF2 players is Spamming Voice Commands, which has birth a triplet of memes. The first one is "Gottam" birthed by the now-gone TheTentor on Youtube. A spin-off of "Gottam" is the Heavy's verison, "Pootis", especially this one. The final one was "Need a Dispenser here!" uttered by the Scout in a somewhat-demented tone.

One of the "NEED A DISPENSER HERE" songs.


Oh Rawr!

Created by YouTube User KiddyCorky as seen in Sniperdile Extinction: The Trailer, the Sniperdile is a Sniper that wears the Ol' Snaggletooth and a Darwin's Danger Shield. He was created after the Mann-Conomy Update when the Croc-o-Style Kit set was released.

Sniperdiles are a fierce species and mostly like to live in Swamps like Mountain Lab, unfortunatly 95% of them have gone extinct and only a few remain in search for the peaceful Spycrabs. Only a few people know that the Sniperdile is an endangered species. Note that if you hear a crouch-walking Sniper with the equipped gear yelling "Spy!" he is a Sniperdile and must not be harmed. Sniperdiles do like to get territorial and will attack anyone they see.

Youtube memes



Created with Source Film Maker by YouTube user Jimbomcb, the nope.avi meme consists of a BLU Engineer on Gravel Pit slowly approaching the screen. After getting near, his hardhat starts to float, and then he says "Nope". After that, the Engineer's neck stretches upward until his head fits the hardhat, and the Engineer leaves the screen.

nope.avi is frequently used on conversations where a negative response would take place. Instead of saying no, the person posts a link to the video.

Several responses to the video exist, where other characters say something while his body changes slightly (for example, one where the the hardhat descends, then the Engineer's head lowers into his chest to accommodate this).

Painis Cupcake first appears in AN UNTITLED PAINIS CUPCAKE REFERENCE VIDEO, a video response to a metapocalypse reference.

Scout is Delicious

Scout is delicious!

ARMaster's initial two second video depicting a Heavy eating a Scout (whose head was replaced with a Sandvich) became incredibly popular, with thousands of responses matching the style of the original.

Following the trend of many other popular Youtube TF2 reworks, the Heavy had two separate lines of dialogue crossed to form the phrase "Scout is delicious." This kind of audio editing can be considered a more generalized meme, though, despite it's popularity, the origins of such alterations are not inherent to TF2.

This is What I See with My Eyes Closed

It's no wonder I'm crazy

Created by Minifett, this video depicts the Heavy's head smiling, wearing a Stainless pot, and blasting off into space. Responses to this meme usually depict other classes blasting through space, but some, such as the very first response, depict characters from other games.


Painis Cupcake

Painis Cupcake

Created by YouTube user RubberFruit, Painis Cupcake takes a form of a RED soldier. He lives in the RED spawn in ctf_2fort and mostly spends his time lying on the floor. Whenever someone disturbs him or enters his home, Painis approaches his victim with clicking noises and politely introduces himself: "I am Painis Cupcake. I will eat you!", which is followed by a wide disturbing smile. Struggling is useless, if the victim hurts Painis, he will heal himself and become even more strong than he was on the beginning. If he becomes "mad", Painis will ÜberCharge himself and quickly finish off his enemy.




Created by Minifett, Spyper is one of the lesser-known memes. He is basically a version of the BLU or RED spy wearing the sniper uniform. He has a spy's voice, but when he twists his neck, his voice changes into that of the snipers'.

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