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Non-player characters are those characters in the Team Fortress 2 setting which are not one of the nine playable classes. While most are uninvolved in gameplay (with the exception of the Administrator and the Ghost of Zepheniah Mann), they still add extra background to the Team Fortress 2 setting.


Blutarch and Redmond Mann

I have mounted an epic campaign of leisure against the ravages of time. Waiting for nature to do to my brother what my men could not. And yet here we are at the end. And he...won't...DIE.
Blutarch Mann discussing his war against his brother.

Blutarch Mann and Redmond Mann were sons of Zepheniah Mann. They were the owners of BLU and RED, respectively. The two sons had been engaged in a lifelong feud with each other over the control of the vast lands left to them by their father. After Zepheniah Mann's death, both Blutarch and Redmond hired a team of 9 mercenaries to quickly defeat the other sibling, taking control of his lands. As their forces were evenly matched, the situation quickly devolved into a protracted stalemate, leading both Blutarch and Redmond to look to Radigan Conagher for a life-extending machine, each brother hoping to outlive the other, as neither could win the battle by using brute force. Eventually, they held a meeting by moving the Alamo to New Mexico, where a truce was proposed and accepted until they could build a pregnancy machine to keep their bloodline alive. However, they were soon after confronted and killed permanently by Gray Mann, their estranged brother.


  • Their hats bear a strong resemblance to the Spy's hat, the Backbiter's Billycock.
  • A silhouette of Redmond is seen sitting in a chair faced toward machinery (presumably the life-extender machine Radigan built) in an inaccessible part of the Red spawn room of the latest Halloween map, Mann Manor. Accessing this room via noclip reveals that only the parts of Redmond visible outside the room, his arm and head, are actually modeled.
    • In the room containing Point C in Mann Manor, a painting of a muscular, grinning Redmond can be seen. Beside him stands an evil, gremlin-like representation of Blutarch. A similar portrait (in which the roles of Blutarch and Redmond are reversed) can be seen in Blutarch Mann's room, in the Loose Canon comic
  • Blutarch's unnamed aide is approximately 140 years old today. During the Loose Canon comic she would have been approximately 65 years old.
  • Redmond's primary interest in gravel appears to be in a mistaken potential to fuel steam engines.
  • All three Mann brothers were born in 1822.

Gray Mann

Unlike you two imbeciles, I built my empire. I have studied. I have plotted. I have waited. And for a hundred and fifty years I have watched you squander my father's fortune. For God's sake, you bought the Alamo and flew it to New Mexico. For a meeting. [...] And in all the time you've spent fighting this asinine war, over worthless pits of gravel, you have not once considered our true birthright. The only thing in this hell-blasted landscape actually worth fighting over.
Gray Mann, revealing his intent to take over Mann Co.

Gray Mann is an estranged son of Zephaniah Mann, and long-lost brother of Redmond and Blutarch Mann. At birth, he had the ability to speak, showing he had advanced mental capabilities despite his abnormally small frame. This disgusted his father, who asked that he be smothered. However, a mother eagle swooped in and took Gray away, raising him as its own alongside her chicks. When he was strong enough, he killed and ate the eagle family before venturing off on his own. He became successful on his own, but was disappointed in the feud his brothers had against each other. Eventually, he revealed himself to them during talks of a truce. He pointed out how useless their gravel ventures were, and pointed out that the real prize was Mann Co., which was under the ownership of Saxton Hale. When the brothers proved themselves to be too bitter and inept to cooperate, he killed them with a knife.

  • Gray first appeared in "Blood Brothers."


  • Gray is mentioned in the previously obscured portion of Zephaniah Mann's will as having attempted to blackmail him in exchange for some form of "miracle" gravel, which Mann left in the custody of Elizabeth after his death.
  • Gray dresses in a simple suit, and appears to have a device attached into his back. This might be a similar, better working version of the machines McConagher built for Blutarch and Redmond.
  • Gray was born at the same time as his brothers, yet is somehow not only able to stand but also very agile (he killed six guards in rapid succession to gain access to the Alamo) and able-minded. This could be due to the influence of the mechanical attacchments in his back and spine.

Patience Meriweather

Patience Meriweather was a midwife that assisted in the birth of Zephaniah Mann's three children. She also delivered the news to him that his wife had died in childbirth, though this did not concern him. Upon showing him Gray Mann, he ordered her to smother and kill him, though her reaction to this is never shown. She also signed the [birth certificate] of the Manns.


Who I am does not concern you.
Elizabeth's unknown relation

Elizabeth, whose last name is currently unknown, was Zepheniah Mann's hand servant. Upon his death, he left her with not only the majority of his estate, including all of his deeds, accounts and debts, but also a large holding of so-called "miracle" gravel in Australia. This was kept secret from the estranged Gray Mann, who was seeking it for his own purposes. She is the first known ancestor of Helen to be involved in Administrating the RED and BLU teams.


In the Loose Canon comic, a woman that bears a striking resemblance to Elizabeth convinced Radigan to construct two additional Life Extender Machines, not only the single one for Blutarch as originally requested. She bribed Radigan with Australium. It is unknown how she obtained one hundred pounds of the element. It is assumed that Elizabeth is her mother, although her name and ancestry are never revealed. If this is the case, then the Administrator, Helen, could be her grand daughter, and ownership of TF Industries could have been passed down through the generations.

  • Original "printings" of the comic show Elizabeth as being named 'Emily', leading one to assume that this was the intended name of Elizabeth's daughter, with the two characters perhaps being confused by the letterer. It appears that Emily may have been in some way a love interest of Redmond Mann. Though presumably non-canon, cp_manor_event has a hidden artistic portrait of Emily added as an easter egg. The canonicity of this is unconfirmed.

Miss Pauling

Miss Pauling
Oh, and Mr. DeGroot? Your friend's employers made him the same offer.
Miss Pauling instigates the war between Tavish DeGroot & Jane Doe

Miss Pauling is a loyal assistant to the Administrator. She performs a number of duties including reporting unusual background checks, ordering and delivery of goods and opening communication channels. It was during a routine background check that Miss Pauling discovered the RED Demoman and BLU Soldier's friendship, which she then brought to the Administrator's attention. Miss Pauling generally complies with her employer's views for fear of incurring her wrath, even if she does not necessarily agree with them. When pressed by the Administrator on what exactly friends do, her reply was "Um. Go skating...look at gun catalogs....sometimes we just talk..." She insists the Administrator is "not so bad when you get to know her."

Under the Administrator's orders, she personally delivered a number of highly volatile custom-order Mann Co. weapons to the Soldier and Demoman in exchange for separately agreeing to kill one another.

Mr. Bidwell

Mr. Bidwell
Tears were brought to the eyes, sir. Your breakfast steak.
Mr. Bidwell proving his culinary skills.

Mr. Bidwell is one of Saxton Hale's assistants, along with Mr. Reddy. His duties appear to include preparing Hale's meals (including breakfast steak), and dealing with customer feedback. Mr. Bidwell is the creator of the new-look Mann Co. Weapons Catalogue, acting as a liaison between the manufacturers of various products and Mann Co. During his first appearance, Bidwell sported a handlebar mustache, however this was later shaved off.

Mr. Reddy

Mr. Reddy
You're now the sixth richest man in America, Mr. Hale.
Mr. Reddy putting his accounting degree to good use.

Mr. Reddy is one of Saxton Hale's assistants, along with Mr. Bidwell. His duties appear to include dealing with Mann Co.'s accounts and taking Hale's calls. Under Hale's orders, Mr. Reddy sent the five richest men in America congratulatory bouquets and "You're a dead man" form letters. During his first appearance, Reddy sported a thick box car mustache, however this was later shaved off.

Mysterious Individual

Mysterious Individual
This is the place.
Mysterious Individual upon locating the BLU Soldier's apartment.

The Mysterious Individual is, as the name suggests, a mysterious individual. He was shown locating the BLU Soldier's Apartment and delivering a message to him via a tv screen broadcasting the Administrator during the WAR! Update. He was hired by the Administrator to find the BLU Soldier and get him to turn against his friend, the RED Demoman, leading to the belief that he is a Spy for TF Industries.

Saxton Hale

See Saxton Hale.

Silas Mann

Silas Mann
See also Horseless Headless Horsemann.
Silas Mann's not entirely accurate gravestone.

The presumed brother of Zepheniah Mann, Silas' history within the family is shrouded in mystery. What is known is that he was the co-owner of Zepheniah Mann & Sons. Quarterly Concern, the company that would eventually become Mann Co.. His contributions to the company appear to include keys and name tags. Silas perished shortly after his brother, but death was not the end for him. He now roams Mann Manor as the Horseless Headless Horsemann, similarly to how Zepheniah haunts Harvest as a glowing blue spirit. The portrait of Silas Mann can be found by pressing on the grave stone on the Scream Fortress Update page.

  • Silas Mann first appeared on the original Engineer update page, on a clipping of the Zephaniah Mann & Sons Co. Quarterly Concern 'The Engineer Update'.

Unknown Individual

In the mostly complete family portrait, another person can be seen in between the gap of the two pieces. The name of this person is unknown and he has yet to be referenced. He can be seen here. In his portrait he appears to be holding something in his left arm but the object can not be identified. The individual might, in fact, be the third son of Zepheniah Mann, Gray, as revealed in the most recent update.

RED and BLU Family Members

BLU Scout's Mother

The BLU Scout's Mother
BLU Scout: "What're you? President of his fan-club?"

BLU Spy: "No... that would be your mother!"

— The "BLU Scout" and the BLU Spy discuss the RED Spy's sexual liasions

The Scout's Mother is briefly mentioned and shown in Meet the Spy. She raised the Scout and his seven "mad-dog" brothers in South Boston and somehow, still managed to keep her figure. She is in a romantic relationship with the RED Spy, who lovingly calls her 'ma petite chou-fleur' (French, lit. 'My little cauliflower', although a more accurate English translation would be 'My sweetheart'), although sounding like 'ma petit chaud fleur'. The BLU Scout was apparently shocked to learn of this relationship, though his actual feelings on the matter are unknown as he was in fact the RED Spy disguised as the BLU Scout at the time. The Scout's Mom wears a classic late 60's style dress and hairstyle. In her photo appearance, she wears only blue clothing, so it could be assumed that the RED Scout's mother probably wears red in theme with her son's team color as well. Seven compromising photos of her and the RED Spy are kept in a top secret file labeled 'Scout's Mom' in the BLU base. She is notably the only female character yet to be modeled, assuming the Pyro is male. The Spy had a likeness of her engraved on the barrel of the Ambassador. It is unknown who the Scout's father is, but maybe it could be him.

Mrs. DeGroot

Mrs. DeGroot
Yer da walked fifteen miles in the rain to blow up the Queen of England for a Nickel!
Mrs. DeGroot on the family trade

The Demoman's Mother, Mrs. DeGroot, is a blind, elderly woman who reminisces constantly about the Demoman's late father. Even with her son's multi-million dollar salary and mansion, she still thinks he does not work hard enough, claiming that the Demoman's Father would be spinning in his grave at his idleness and had 26 jobs. She insisted on bringing up the Demoman Scottish, and does not like to see him "squandering his gifts." She also comments: "No Demoman worth his sulfer ever had an eye in his head past thirty!"

She, along with the Demoman's father, collected the young Tavish from the Crypt Grammar School for Orphans, revealing themselves as his true parents. They explained that he was abandoned at birth until his skills manifested themselves, a longstanding, cruel, and wholly unnecessary tradition among the Highland Demolition Men.

Radigan Conagher

Radigan Conagher
Radigan Conagher on monster-building-requests

The Engineer's Grandfather, Radigan Conagher, was hired by Blutarch Mann to build a machine to extend his life past his brother's. He agrees to build the machine for Blutarch. Later on he is approached by a woman, who bears a similar appearance to that of The Administrator. She offers him Australium to build Blutarch's Machine, under the stipulation that he covertly builds an identical machine for Redmond as well. Radigan Conagher also seemed to have been obsessed with Abraham Lincoln. In the first edition of The Engineer Update, several pages of notes can be seen that are totally dedicated to inventing an object that could have save Lincoln from John Wilkes Booth. Some devices include: a hat that would shoot at the attacker, a chair that would swing over and under a balcony away from the attacker, and a teleporter.

Radigan goes through a drastic transformation as shown in the hidden links of The Engineer Update. He seems to have grown taller, grown a mustache, gotten stronger,and has a fond thirst for beer. This matches the qualities of the stereotypical Australians in TF2. This is probably due to his exposure with Australium. One could even say he looks like an older Saxton Hale.[1]. In the photographs displayed on the Engineer Update webpage, Conagher is also shown holding what seems to be the very first Southern Hospitality. Later on, it is shown that he replaced his left hand with a robotic arm. At that last stage you see his chest hair is in the shape of Texas (Just like Saxton Hale has chest hair in the shape of Australia). He also appears more "Australian" than before, with a big, bushy mustache and carrying a barrel of BLU streak beer. One of the Paint Can colors is named after Radigan, and is called "Radigan Conagher Brown"

Sniper's Parents

"Put mum on the phone!"
I'll be honest with ya: my parents do not care for it.
The Sniper on being a sniper

The Sniper's parents were first mentioned in Meet the Sniper. The Sniper, being a dutiful son, makes sure to keep in touch with his parents via phone or mail to inquire about their well-being and keep them up to date with his latest adventures and exploits. Living in the Red House on the Left on Adelaide St. in Australia, the Sniper's parents do not approve of his occupation. The Sniper's dad is especially condemning, calling the Sniper a "crazed gunman," against the Sniper's insistence that he is an "assassin." In a bid to bring the arguments to an end, the Sniper wrote to his mom asking her to just tell his dad about how he makes more than a doctor.

It is presumed that the Blu Sniper's parents live on the right side of Adelaide St. in Australia.

Other Individuals

Charles Darling

Charles Darling
A hunter needs his trophies, Saxton. You of all people should understand that. You were my best student, once. Before you gave it all up, for her.
Charles Darling on hunting.

Charles Darling is the former mentor of Mann Co. owner Saxton Hale. Formerly a hunter, Darling decided to give up a life of savagery for a more comfortable one of zoo-keeping. His and Hale's falling-out appeared to occur following Saxton's decision to abandon his training for 'her'. He is currently the owner and proprietor of Darling Zoos, whose collection of animals includes such rare species as pygmy rabbits, quaggas, tasmanian wolves, dodos, giraffes and sea cows. He is also thought to be based off of the famed evolutionist Charles Darwin.

Gentle Manne of Leisure

The Gentle Manne of Leisure and his Companion.
A-ha-ha! You are as PRESUMPTUOUS as you are POOR and IRISH. Tarnish notte the majesty of my TOWER of HATS.
— The Gentle Manne of Leisure observes the peasants around him

The Gentle Manne of Leisure is an English Victorian, who is rich enough to buy a tower of hats. He travels the streets of an English Victorian city with his companion (unnamed), informing the "peasants" that they are presumptuous, poor, and Irish. The Gentle Manne of Leisure wears a tuxedo, carries a cane, and is never seen without his most prized possession; his tower of hats. It is possible that he is referred to as "Sinclaire" by his Companion as they spectate their 'Hatless Commoners' Boxing.

King of Australia

King of Australia as shown on the Here's Some News, Mate, newspaper

The King of Australia appears as a man wearing a suit and a crown. Even though he is labeled as The king of Australia, he doesn't have a proper mustache. He was also the founder and conqueror of hills. (referring to the King of the Hill gamemode)


Self-portrait of Kicasso
Say, uh... That ain't an original Kicasso, is it?
Dell Conagher on Blutarch Mann's choice in art

A painter whose work is on display in the lobby of BLU's headquarters, and recognized by Dell Conagher. Went through a "Hunted in the Jungle" period of artwork. Most likely a play on the name of the famous artist, Picasso. The Artwork is a parody adaptation of Picasso's 'Self-portrait with Cloak', painted during his "blue period", which is a humorous reference within itself considering that the Kicasso is a part of Blutarch's Mansion.

Merasmus the Magician

Merasmus meeting Tavish
FOOL! Ye have gazed upon the Bombinomicon!
— From the cover of the "Bombinomicon" 2011 Halloween Comic

According to the Demoman, Merasmus the Magician is a staff wielding magician who once lived in what he referred to as an "Eldritch castle of dark magicke" in the Scottish moorland. He was first encountered by a seven year old Tavish DeGroot, who was answering a 'Help Wanted' ad on a gravestone, one Halloween night. He is at least partially responsible for the Demoman losing his left eye when it was possessed by the Bombinomicon.

Presently, Merasmus is the Soldier's roommate, the two of which seem to occupy themselves with bickering over household chores. After his staff was broken by the Soldier during one of their arguments, Merasmus released Monoculus (the Demoman's eye which is now a giant, flying, rocket-firing monster) for RED team to fight.

Poopy Joe

Poopy Joe - "Taken too soon"
I have no idea what you're - ooo, right. That poor monkey.
Saxton Hale takes a moment to fondly remember the pioneering primate astronaut

Poopy Joe was a monkey astronaut who tragically died in an explosion before taking off, caused by Mann Co. in their unsuccessful attempt to rid themselves of weapons involved in a Senate investigation. Mann Co. takes no blame for his death and created commemorative plates that remember Poopy Joe and America's dream of conquering space. These plates were actually hints of the upcoming War! Update at the time, depicting the Eyelander, the Equalizer and the Buff Banner's bugle.


Shakespearicles, the strongest writer who ever lived

Shakespearicles was the strongest writer who ever lived. He was the inventor of the two-story building, the stage play, America and the Rocket Launcher. Despite his powerful grasp of language and the ability to bench press 700 British pounds, several inventions eluded his iron grip—most tragically among them, stairs.

For the next three hundred years, people who needed to get to the second floor used the only method available to them, which was rocket jumping. This persisted until 1857, when the young bearded inventor named President Abraham Lincoln invented stairs.

Trent and Jessica

Trent and Jessica
...and the bullets biodegrade once they hit flesh, leaving nothing behind but a blog post.
Trent explaining Apple's advances in the Minigun market

Trent and Jessica are two young fellows (and, according to the Soldier, hippies) who work at the Apple store located just outside Dustbowl.

They offered items for sale to the RED Scout and Heavy, specifically a very small looking, yet identical headset for the Scout, and a white, black, and blue Minigun whose bullets add kills to the user's killcount on his blog. (If the user does not have a blog, the gun is programmed to create one.) They also managed to impress the RED Soldier by instantly cooking a pig with a device plugged through a firewire port. Jessica also explained Apple's newest product, the iBlewupthemoon, to Saxton Hale, impressing him and leading him to attempt to purchase the company and being turned down by a "Mysterious" figure that runs the store.

The Mann Co. Ape

The Mann Co. Ape
WIN A PRIZE! If you order now, you'll be automatically entered in a free giveaway. An all-expenses paid trip, including first class airfare, and a limousine ride, will be given to a gorilla so he can come to your house and fight you!
— From the Mann-Conomy update page

The Mann Co. Ape appeared on the bottom of the Mann-Conomy update page, with the words: "WIN A PRIZE! If you order now, you'll be automatically entered in a free giveaway. An all-expenses paid trip, including first class airfare, and a limousine ride, will be given to a gorilla so he can come to your house and fight you!" next to it. At the time, many readers assumed that there would be some kind of actual prize draw for the first players to buy items from the Mann Co. Store, however the only bonus to buying items was receiving a Mann Co Cap. Additionally, when the mouse is hovered over the picture, the Ape on the update page closes one of its eyes when it is rolled over, looking as if it is winking. Clicking on the image of the Ape would take the user to a framed image of the Ape.

Historical Figures


Abraham Lincoln

Wikipedia article: Abraham Lincoln

In addition to being the nation's 16th president, Abraham Lincoln was also the BLU team's first Pyro when the war began in the 1800's. Abraham Lincoln is noted for his love of Arena Mode as shown in the Sniper vs Spy update. According to the WAR! Update, he was the inventor of stairs. And according to the Engineer update, Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by John "Tower of Hats" Booth, although the WAR! Update attributes his death to rocket-jumping. Furthermore, according to the Loose Canon comic, there were blueprints for three "life-extender machines," the last one apparently built on the day of Lincoln's death. Whether or not the Abraham is still alive is open to debate.

George Washington

Wikipedia article: George Washington

The father of our country, George Washington invented America, but historians agree even he was unable to be PERMANENTLY INVISIBLE. With the addition of the Cloak and Dagger, the Spy can succeed where the inventor of America failed.

George Washington first appeared in the Sniper vs Spy Update.


Fred Astaire

Fred Astaire

Wikipedia article: Fred Astaire

Fred Astaire, born Frederick Austerlitz, was an American film and Broadway stage dancer, choreographer, singer and actor. His stage and subsequent film career spanned a total of 76 years, during which he made 31 musical films. He is particularly susceptible to projectile weapons fire.

John "Tower of Hats" Booth

John Booth

Wikipedia article: John Wilkes Booth

John "Tower of Hats" Booth was the assassin of beloved president Abraham Lincoln. His last known photograph depicts him wearing his eponymous tower of hats. A wanted poster of him was published after the assassination, including an altered photograph depicting what he may look like after adding Abraham Lincoln's fearsome hat to said tower.



Australians in the 1890's
Every one of mankind's innovations now comes from the lager-pickled brain of an Australian.
The Administrator's ancestor on the mustache-sporting, beer-swilling, deathray-inventing Australians

Once thought of as nation of idiots, since 1850 Australians have become world leaders in technology, with every innovation including cloaking and teleportation, coming from the lager-loving nation. By the 1890's, Sydney had become a city of tomorrow, with flying cars, giant airships and self-grooming mustaches. Much like their national hero, Saxton Hale, every man, woman and child in the nation of Australia (with the exception of at least one) sports a glorious, full mustache. An ancestor of The Administrator theorized that the nation's incredible intelligence came from the rare element, Australium. This theory seemed to prove true, once the element amplified Radigan Conagher's intelligence to phenomenal levels, and also caused various Australian-related side effects, including rapid mustache growth, extreme masculinity, and the primal urge to take off his shirt.

BLU team (Original)

BLU, circa 1850
...I assembled a team of the world's deadliest mercenaries to take it all by force. What I did not expect was that my idiot brother would do the same.
Blutarch Mann on the original BLU team

The original BLU team was assembled by Blutarch Mann in the 1850's in an attempt to claim all of the land bequeathed to him and his brother, Redmond, by their father. Unfortunately for Blutarch, it appears that the original RED team was assembled at the same time, leaving both siblings at a stalemate. The original team consisted of the same nine classes as the current organization. The Scout (Billy the Kid) took on the appearance of a young cowboy, complete with spurred boots. The Soldier (Stonewall Jackson) dressed like a member of the Confederate Army, utilizing a rifle, rather than a Rocket Launcher. In keeping with tradition, the Demoman (Alfred Nobel) was a one-eyed dynamite-loving prospector. Unlike his modern Russian counterpart, the Heavy (John Henry) preferred to put his enemies out of commission with a monstrous sledgehammer, whilst the Sniper (Davy Crockett) partnered his trusty rifle with a coonskin cap. Prior to his appointment as President of the United States, the Pyro (Abraham Lincoln) used an experimental Flamethrower to aid his comrades in battle. BLU team's Medic (Sigmund Freud) appeared to retain his contemporary's love of the Bonesaw, whilst the team's Engineer (Nikola Tesla), was forced to make do with a satchel of blueprints, rather than a PDA. Finally, the Spy (Fu Manchu) eschewed a balaclava in favor of a domino-mask and equally-sinister moustache.

  • The original BLU team first appeared in the 'Loose Canon' comic.

Zepheniah Mann and Company

From left to right: Barnabas Hale, Blutarch Mann, Zepheniah Mann, Mann's maidservant Elizabeth and Redmond Mann. A mysterious man is also seen just out of shot on the far right side. (First presumed to be Silas Mann, but later refuted by the revised family portrait. Now hypothesized to be Gray Mann)

Zepheniah Mann was a wealthy Englishman who was convinced by his dimwitted sons, Blutarch and Redmond, to purchase large areas of land in frontier America. He dreamed of turning the land into large pits of gravel for weapons manufacturing. On his journey over to see his newly purchased land, he was struck with almost every illness known to man, and was shocked to find his new land was an empty and useless desert. Eventually, he left a Last Will and Testament on his own skin, which had sloughed off his body due to illness:

  • To his maidservant Elizabeth, he left his estate, including all deeds, accounts and debts, his tobacco plantation and the remains of his fortune. Elizabeth bears a striking resemblance to Helen, the Administrator.
  • To his aide and tracker Barnabas Hale (ancestor of Saxton Hale) he left complete control of Mann & Sons Munitions Concern.
  • To his "brain defective" sons, Blutarch & Redmond, he left a partnership. All of the new land they had convinced him to buy was now to be split evenly between them, so they would now have a reason to bicker endlessly. Blutarch and Redmond are still alive using a "Life Extender Machine"
  • The final entry of his will is hidden, reading only as: "Lastly to... I leave the entirety of my.... and swear you to utmost secrecy in its keeping." The figure to whom it is directed is mysteriously obscured from the family portrait.
    • This was later revealed to be another leaving to Elizabeth: a large quantity of so-called "miracle" gravel in Australia, which was sought out by Gray Mann under threat of blackmail.
  • In addition to the entries within the will, it is clear that Zepheniah's brother, Silas Mann, was also present. He however, was only revealed to have been at the event following the uncovering of another damaged photograph.

His will also leaves a curse to anyone who should use firearms near his grave, stating that he will deliver a haunting unlike any ever seen. True to his word, the ghost of Zepheniah will appear periodically on the event version of Harvest where he is buried, wearing his Ghastly Gibus hat. Any players who stray too close will flee in fear for several seconds, unable to jump or attack, similar to being stunned by the Sandman. He was first mentioned in the Halloween Update, as well as the above will.

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