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A year to remember.png A Year to Remember

Get 2004 lifetime kills.

Difficulty: Easy

How To: Should happen after some time (about 15 hours at a rate of two kills per minute). The achievement refers to the 2004 Boston Red Sox Season, where they won the World Series.

Artful dodger.png Artful Dodger

Dodge 1000 damage in a single life using your Bonk! Atomic Punch.

Difficulty: Easy

How To: Should be pretty easy. Use the Bonk! Atomic Punch, then run into a whole bunch of gunfire, or in front of a sentry gun, then come back to your base to quickly refill your Bonk and repeat until you get the achievement. Another way to do this is to distract a Heavy, then run around a corner (works well on dustbowl). His minigun will probably be spinning. Activate your bonk and run into him.

Batter up.png Batter Up

Perform 1000 double jumps.

Difficulty: Easy

How To: Simply jump until the cows come home. No skill really needed. Also note that any double jumps performed in the set up phase count towards this achievement. The fastest way to do this is spamming the jump button up flights of stairs, giving you several small double jumps. You can also get a lot of small double jumps in areas with low ceilings, such as doorways. One area with a low ceiling would be the air shaft in Turbine.

Batting the doctor.png Batting the Doctor

Kill a Medic that is ready to deploy an ÜberCharge.

Difficulty: Medium

How To: Most aware Medics will deploy their charge if they are being attacked. You can try luck by getting a Crit or hope they aren't paying attention while you're shooting them. You can also use the Sandman to stun the Medics before going in for the kill, to ensure that they cannot attack or activate the Über. If you can catch a Medic by surprise from behind, the Force-A-Nature can kill them before they even realize that they are under attack.

Beanball.png Beanball

Stun a Scout with their own ball.

Difficulty: Hard

How To: This shouldn't happen very often, but look for Scouts attempting the other Stun achievements and try batting a few back, with luck, patience and time and an inattentive Scout you will get lucky, alternatively try playing a game of bat tennis with another Scout until the loser gets stunned. Additionally, you can achieve 'Beanball' by picking up an enemy baseball and hitting the batter with it. Just keep an eye on the Scout who hit the original ball.

Belittled beleauger.png Belittled Beleaguer

Kill an opposing player that has your intelligence while holding theirs.

Difficulty: Medium

How To: Should happen often at the start of CTF rounds, just make sure you reach the intelligence before the other Scouts on your team do. Expect another Scout on the opposite team to get your intelligence and do your best to meet him and kill him. It's easier to accomplish this in games without many players .

Block the plate.png Block the Plate

Block 50 point captures.

Difficulty: Easy

How To: While Defense isn't exactly the Scout's cup of tea, you can hang around points being assaulted and run in when it's being capped. A cheap move is to keep running on and off the point to rack up the number to blocks. The cart does not count as a control point, so you cannot get this achievement on payload maps.

Brushback.png Brushback

Stun 50 enemies while they are capturing a point or pushing the cart.

Difficulty: Easy

How To: Stand back from the Cart or CP and send those balls flying, on Payload maps look for the carts position and when it's being pushed lob a ball at it, you will get lucky and will eventually grind out this achievement. While the description only mentions enemies capturing or pushing, you can stun anyone on a point, no matter who controls it or whether it is locked, and it will count towards the achievement. The same goes for the cart.

Caught napping.png Caught Napping

Kill 50 enemies from behind with the Force-A-Nature.

Difficulty: Medium

How To: Keep the gun equipped and shoot players with it, try circle strafing (the Scouts default way to attack) or sneaking up on opponents from behind, and this should come over time. You can also stun them with the Sandman and put two quick shots into their back while they're stunned, which will outright kill most light classes. But remember that you need to kill the enemy from behind - so if circle strafing, don't strafe too far. You can also use your speed to bump into and reveal enemy Spies, and shoot them in the back when they try to run away.

Closer.png Closer

Destroy 3 teleporter entrances.

Difficulty: Easy

How To: On maps like 2Fort, the Scout often runs by the enemies spawn, where most teleporter entrances are set up. Destroy them there. Alternatively on longer maps like Dustbowl or Badwater a Bonk! drinking Scout can run past the forward lines and destroy the teleporters by the spawn.

Doctoring the ball.png Doctoring the Ball

Kill 3 enemies while under the effects of a Medic's ÜberCharge.

Difficulty: Hard

How To: Get a Medic to Über you and kill 3 enemies. This is easier said than done, as no sane Medic would Uber a Scout at a crucial time. If you convince a Medic to uber you, try using the Kritzkrieg. This does however match a Medic achievement so you may get lucky and find a willing Medic. Using the regular Scattergun is probably your best bet as opposed to the Force-a-Nature.

Another method involves using the Crit-a-cola with an uber-charge. The combination means that you get Mini-crits without the disadvantage of being able to be hurt.

Dodgers 1 giants 0.png Dodgers 1, Giants 0

Kill an enemy Heavy and take his Sandvich.

Difficulty: Easy

How To: A relatively easy achievement to obtain. Simply deal a large amount of damage to a enemy Heavy that has the Sandvich equipped. (Using the damage number indications in advanced multiplayer options, you can calculate what health the Heavy in question will have.) Avoid killing the Heavy, and follow him at a medium range. Try to use corners to avoid being caught off guard. Listen out for the distinct chewing sounds the Heavy makes when eating the Sandvich and move in for the kill. Once you pick up the Sandvich you will obtain the achievement. Using this method is easier, since you will know when to attack and when not to. There is much less chance of being caught off guard, as the Heavy lacks the Shotgun with the Sandvich equipped. Therefore the spinup time of his miniguns will give you more than enough time to retreat to a safe range or finish him off. Killing a Heavy carrying the Dalokohs Bar will also get you this achievement, and may be easier to accomplish since they will not be able to heal nearly as fast as with the Sandvich, though they may also be less willing to use it too close to the front lines because of this.

Fall classic.png Fall Classic

Cause an environmental death or suicide using the Force-A-Nature's knockback.

Difficulty : Easy to Medium

How To: Find a Sniper on his balcony and shoot him off it, the combined damage from the gun and the fall should do the trick. In maps with instant death pits, such as Steel and Lumberyard, stay near the pit and push an unlucky player down it. If your timing is good, you can also use the train in Well.

First blood.png First Blood

Get the first kill in an Arena match.

Difficulty: Easy

How to: Simply try to run to the enemy as quick as possible. However, try not to get yourself killed. Alternatively, find an Arena server with a low number of players and trust to your skill and the low odds of anyone else getting the first kill. This should happen eventually from playing aggressively in any Arena game.

First blood part 2.png First Blood, Part 2

Kill 5 enemies with the First Blood Crit buff.

Difficulty: Medium

How to: This is an extension of the First Blood achievement, and requires you to not only get first blood, but goes further and requires you to follow up first blood with another kill in the period when the first blood Crit buff is applied. While obtaining first blood may be reasonably easy, getting another kill within the five seconds when the Crit buff is applied can be quite difficult. Your best bet would be to use the stock scattergun since its ammo capacity allows you to quickly follow up first blood with a second kill without having to reload. Just try to get first blood, then quickly find someone else and take him out before the buff wears off.

Foul territory.png Foul Territory

Cause an environmental death by stunning an enemy.

Difficulty: Hard

How to: This achievement is highly dependent on the map, but the most reliable way to get this is at the center capture point on Well by stunning a player on the train tracks and hoping the train will run over your victim. Another thing you can try is finding another Scout trying to get the Fall Classic achievement, and stunning someone while he pushes the victim into a hazard with the Force-A-Nature, getting both Scouts their respective achievements.

Gun down.png Gun Down

Destroy an active sentry gun using your pistol.

Difficulty: Medium

How to: The easiest way to do this is to find a sentry being built, wait until it's up, then shoot it down. You can also circle strafe around the sentry and pistol it to death. Another way is to "edge" it by going only slightly around a corner, and shoot at the tiny bit of sentry that you can see. If you are lucky, you can find a sentry that you can shoot at out of range, which makes it easy to kill. Getting assistance from a heavier class also works, so long as you land the finishing hit.

If you build it.png If You Build It

Destroy 3 enemy buildings while they are still under construction.

Difficulty: Easy

How To: If you destroy an Engineer structure while it's building, chances are he will try building it again, hoping you will move onto a different target. When he first puts the building down, one hit from anything will destroy it. Keep in mind that Dispensers and Teleporters take twice as long to build than Sentries, and are just as easy to destroy.

Im bat man.png I'm Bat Man

Survive 500 damage in one life.

Difficulty: Easy

How To: A cheap and easy way to get this achievement has been provided by the christmas update, allowing you to beat yourself up with the boston basher in the front of the pharma drawer. Bat yourself until you get to 20 hp then step in front of the drawer, so you can fully exploit the bleed effect. This way, you can get the achievement in less than a minute.

Moon shot.png Moon Shot

Stun an enemy for the maximum possible duration by hitting them with a long-range ball.

Difficulty: Medium

How To: On maps with large open areas hit speculative balls across the maps, eventually one will connect. Remember if you can see the target aim above their head. Snipers are easy targets for this as they generally stay stationary while aiming, and as long as you keep strafing or attack from outside their field of view, you should remain relatively safe. An easy way to achieve the Moon Shot is at Watchtower. At the beginning of a round, launch a ball above the watchtower. The other team will be running along the pipe opposite the one you're on. If you're lucky, the ball will hit a member of the opposing team and earn you the achievement.

No hitter.png No Hitter

Steal and then capture the enemy intelligence without firing a shot.

Difficulty: Easy

How To: This achievement does not need to be done from the enemy intelligence spawn area, you can pick it up where a teammate dropped it and get this achievement so long as you don't fire your weapons while carrying it (note that the Bat and Sandman can still be used). If you are capturing the intelligence yourself, you can drop it before reaching your own intelligence (default "L") and pick it up again and cap it.

Out of the park.png Out of the Park

Bat an enemy 25 meters.

Difficulty: Hard

How to: This is a hard one. To do this, you must have the Sandman equipped, and taunt with it. Note, that this is the longest taunt in the game, so try it on an unaware Sniper busy with getting Headshot. Another way is do it near Setup time when near the enemy base.

Pop fly.png Pop Fly

Kill 20 players while double-jumping.

Difficulty: Easy

How To: Double jumping constantly and firing will help get this achievement. Keeping yourself moving and jumping around enemies go hand and hand with firing your guns. However if your going up against another Scout note that he will usually take out his baseball bat and probably kill you faster than you can fire your scattershot.

Quick hook.png Quick Hook

Kill a player in Well before the round starts.

Difficulty: Medium

How To: People (including Scouts) used to shoot through the gap between the train cart and the building to get lucky kills. Nowadays, people are more aware and don't stand near this danger spot. With the release of the Scout achievements, Scouts usually cluster around the spot trying to get a lucky kill. Alternately use the Force-of-Nature to push yourself above the trains and kill people there. Another possibility is to wait for a Soldier to come the other way and shoot him from behind.

Alternatively, if you have the Force-A-Nature, you can triple jump over either train car by jumping from the balcony (jump towards the fence, double-jump towards the car, and blast yourself towards the car again), and try to score a kill on a low-health class. This method is more likely to succeed when there are fewer enemies near the car. This method can also be done with the Atomizer.

A third, but more difficult method of obtaining this achievement is also possible if you are on the RED team and don't have either the Force-A-Nature or Atomizer. At the beginning of the round, get on top of the left balcony and double crouch jump towards the streetlamp on the fence. From the streetlamp, carefully jump toward the train car in the middle of the map, and then double-jump on top of it. Jumping from the streetlamp can be very awkward, so this method may take a few tries.

Race for the pennant.png Race for the Pennant

Run 25 kilometers.

Difficulty: Easy

How To: Will come after time (approximately 172 minutes of running).

Retire the runner.png Retire the Runner

Kill a Scout while they are under the effect of Crit-a-Cola.

Difficulty: Easy

How To: Shoot at Scouts with a glowing weapon equipped. Remember that they will have mini-crits inflicted upon them, so there is no damage falloff. Using the Pistol against him will rapidly drop his health. It is also possible to unlock this by killing a heavy under the effects of the Buffalo Steak Sandvich.

Round tripper.png Round Tripper

Capture the enemy intelligence 25 times.

Difficulty: Easy

How To: Should come after a reasonable amount of playing time. Obviously, go for the intelligence rather than trying primarily to kill people.

Set the table.png Set the Table

Initiate 10 point captures that ultimately succeed.

Difficulty: Easy

How To: Just like capping intel this should come after time. Gravel pit cap A is a likely candidate. Note this is initiate a cap, so a suicide dash that starts the cap will work, provided your team finish the job. Just make sure to get there first. You can also "cheat" by going on an empty server on a map like Well and capping points, you just have to cap them as normal. Repeat this several times (3-4 rounds) and you will earn it.

Side retired.png Side Retired

Capture the last point in a CP map.

Difficulty: Medium

How To: Sneak behind enemy lines and wait on or near the final CP. Once the preceding one has been capped rush the point for an easy cap. This is a common team tactic, just let everyone else know you have the last cap covered. While this achievement does not have a time limit, it is generally easier to capture the final point while the enemy is focused on the first point(s), and surviving to capture the last point is harder when the enemy has multiple sentries and players guarding it.

Stealing home.png Stealing Home

Start capping a capture point within a second of it becoming available.

Difficulty: Easy

How To: Sneak behind enemy lines and wait on or near the final CP. Once the preceding one has been capped rush the point for an easy cap. This is a common team tactic, just let everyone else know you have the last cap covered. You do not need to finish capturing it, only initiating the cap is needed for this achievement. On maps like Granary or Well, capturing a point right after the enemy has finished capturing it also works, as well as pushing them off the middle point at the beginning of the round. The easiest way to achieve this is on KOTH_Harvest, prepare yourself from your base's roof and jump into the point via the broken roof 1 second before the point is availbable.

Strike zone.png Strike Zone

Kill 50 enemies while they are stunned.

Difficulty: Medium

How To: The hardest part with this is getting to the stunned player before the effect wears off as the closer you are the less time you have. Unfortunately, even if you stun a low-health class and immediately hit them with two Force-a-Nature shots, they will usually live. It is best to either wait for them to take damage, or for you to damage them slightly before stunning them. Snipers are the best target for getting this achievement, as they have to slow way down to aim at you. Although it's rare, killing someone with the baseball counts toward this achievement.

The big hurt.png The Big Hurt

Stun 2 Medics that are ready to deploy an ÜberCharge.

Difficulty: Hard

How To: This one won't be easy. Your best bet will be to sneak behind enemy lines and find a fully-charged Medic who isn't paying attention to his flank.

The cycle.png The Cycle

In a single life, kill an enemy while you are on the ground, in the air, and in the water.

Difficulty: Medium

How To: Not many maps have water and you have to be submerged in water in part of it. Most people mistake this achievement as to kill someone who is in the air, water, or on land. Land and Air are easy (also gets a kill towards Pop Fly achievement) so suggestion is to either stay in the water till someone jumps in with you and then go for the next two. Or get a friend to help. This can be pulled off on 2Fort, by jumping from the Sniper deck and killing someone, killing someone on the bridge, and killing someone in the water. Well has water near most of the combat, and is thus reasonably suitable for this.

Triple play.png Triple Play

Capture three capture points in a row in one life.

Difficulty: Easy

How To: Play Well or Granary until you get the achievement. You can also get this on maps like Gravel Pit and Junction, but after you capture the first point make sure not to die for the rest of the round. Even easier, start your own server and just play as scout against no-one.

Triple steal.png Triple Steal

Capture the enemy intelligence 3 times in a single CTF round.

Difficulty: Hard

How To: This is best done on 24/7 CTF servers, like 2Fort, as those usually have the time limits for each round greatly extended. Note that the captures do not need to be in a single life or even consecutive, so you do not have to worry about getting killed while carrying the intelligence or about other Scouts capturing it in-between your runs.

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