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Basic Information
Map type: Payload Race
File name: plr_pipeline

America's pipelines are a stirring beacon of hope. Let no man befoul their majesty with calumny or bombs.
Abraham Lincoln

Pipeline (prefixed as PLR_Pipeline) is a Payload Race map and was included in The Sniper vs Spy Update as the first official Payload Race map for Team Fortress 2.



Your team must simultaneously push your bomb cart through enemy territory, in order to reach the finishing point, whilst preventing the enemy team from doing the same.

Common strategies

  • Due to the long hallways in the first and second rounds and the tight, roundabout corridor layout, the map has a reputation for players favoring Snipers and Spies, who can use the long horizontal distances and twisting hallways for their benefit. The action on the map can also very chaotic, allowing for effective disguising and backstabbing at either team's spawn areas.
  • Unlike other payload maps, Scouts are not terribly successful on Pipeline, as their low health and close quarters contact with stronger opposing classes such as Pyros or Heavies makes them less effective at harassment or defense. More experienced Scouts can find success using the Sandman or Force-a-Nature on defense.
  • There are only a few choke points on either Round 1 or 2, which can be built up quickly by Engineers, creating long standoffs. Good Kritzkrieg Medic and Demoman or Soldier pairs can effectively clear out these choke points, especially when backed up by Heavy or Pyro support.
  • Moving in a wave formation, Medics coupled with Demomen and Soldiers up front to clear Sentries, with several good Snipers behind to harass enemy Snipers and prevent headshots, all moving the cart forward, can be a formidable offense.
  • During Round 1 and Round 2, a group of 3 or more Scouts, along with other classes, can be used to push the cart at a maximum velocity. Scouts switch to another class as soon as they get killed. This is an effective offense, coupled with backup.


  • The Sniper sent a postcard to his mother detailing his experiences fighting at "Scenic Pipeline". A quote by Abraham Lincoln is also seen at the bottom right of the card.
  • Pipeline was first seen in the background for the Bonk! Atomic Punch page of The Scout Update page (Link). The image shows the third stage of the map, but with the traditional desert theme rather than the night time industial style used at its release.
  • The soundscapes for this map bear the name "Chariots"; this may have been an earlier name for the stage.
  • Originally the first 2 stages of pipeline were one large stage, and capturing the points would open gates leading to what is now the second stage.
  • The new payload race map, Nightfall, was made using criticism from this map.

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