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Basic Information
Map type: Arena
File name: arena_ravine

Arena_Ravine is an Arena style map.

It and along with Lumberyard, Well, Badlands and Granary were released with the Heavy Update as the first official Arena maps for Team Fortress 2.


In contrast to Lumberyard, the other new Arena map, Ravine has a far more open ground level with emphasis on control of four key choke points. A series of canals in Ravine’s lower level provide an excellent opportunity for stealth kills and flanking maneuvers. Like all arena maps, the capture point in the middle becomes active after 60 seconds.


Introduction video


Your goal is to eliminate the entire enemy team or capture the central capture point when it becomes available.


Overview of Arena Ravine
  • The central shack houses that the capture point. There are numerous ways to enter this room, including a small manhole to jump down and suprise your victims.
  • Being one of few official maps with water, there is a small pool located to the left or right out of spawn, depending on your team. At first glance it may not appear deep enough to douse you from a Pyro's flames, but near the sewer drains you may crouch and become fully submerged.

Common strategies

  • A good strategy seems to be to take the sides of the map and work your way in, as there is much more cover to approach the enemy.
  • As an Engineer, build a dispenser and turret outside your spawn, so teamates can come back and heal in safety.
  • As with all arena maps, Medics are priceless, stay away from Pyros and dodge fire as you will be the most targeted player.
  • As a Spy disguise as a teamate, then cloak and get behind the enemy(note-remember to change your disguise). If you kill someone, disguise as them next and continue. When being the last man on a team, disguising as an enemy won't work. Disguise as a friendly heavy constantly yelling for medic, when an enemy spots you, cloak where the cannot see you, then try to uncloak behind them. Also when last man standing, use the revolver and pick off the opposition.
  • When playing Pyro stick to the edges as there is much more cover. This is also a good level for the backburner as flanking opponents is common.
  • As a Scout, make sure that there is an engineer or medic as health will be lost easily. Only go up close if you have snuck up on the enemy, otherwise, use the the pistol to chip away at their health.

Control Point Timing

Control point Multiplier Seconds
Center Point x1
36 .00
23 .76
19 .44
17 .28

Languages Languages: 

English  • русский

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