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Basic Information
Map type: Arena
File name: arena_sawmill

Arena_Sawmill is an Arena map introduced as an official TF2 map in The Sniper vs Spy Update. Two other official maps have since been released based on Sawmill: a King of the Hill version, KOTH_Sawmill, and a Capture the Flag version, CTF_Sawmill.


Set in a stormy mountain sawmill, this arena map has its cap point in a large structure atop a hill in the center of the map; beneath which lies a hidden underground spytech base; and above which, pouring down on everything we just mentioned, is rain—the first weather effect to appear in a TF map. If that previous sentence wasn’t long enough for you, replace the period with a comma and add this next part: players must ALSO watch out for the two deadly saw blades near the cap, which were left on when the previous occupants abandoned it for a less deadly, hilly, rain-swamped sawmill not built on a spybase.


Introduction video


Your goal is to eliminate the entire enemy team or capture the central capture point when it becomes available.



The waterfall is on the side of the map that is right out of the RED base. It has logs to cross the water with one of the two heath packs in the level. There is also a hidden path that goes behind the waterfall.

Center Shed

The middle shed is one of the sheds in Sawmill and houses the control point. It has giant unbeatable saws that kill anyone slow, dumb, or just unfortunate enough to get in the way.

Common strategies

  • Use the rooftops to give yourself the high ground advantage. The tops of the stairs in the central area are also good for picking off enemies down on the main point.
  • Pyros with Compression blast and Scouts with the Force-A-Nature can blast opponents into the saw blades.
  • Unlike many Arena maps, in Sawmill, water is present in abundance. Combined with easy access to health pickups, the map encourages tactical retreats in the face of unlikely odds.


Control Point Timing

Control point Multiplier Seconds
Center Point x1
24 .00
15 .84
12 .96
11 .52

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