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Basic Information
Icon: Leaderboard class snip33.png
Type: Support
Health: 125
(185 when buffed by a Medic)
(225 with Darwin's Danger Shield and a Medic)
Speed: 100%
(27% with Sniper rifle zoomed)
(45% with Huntsman drawn)
Meet the Sniper
Be polite. Be efficient. Have a plan to kill everyone you meet.
The Sniper on professional standards

A rugged and ready crack shot from the Australian outback, the Sniper prefers to pick his targets off from a distance, though he isn't afraid to get his hands dirty if the situation requires. Preferring to hide in elevated or hard-to-see spots, the Sniper can pick off slow moving classes like the Heavy with ease. The Sniper is also ideal for eliminating enemy Medics and Engineers, giving his team a chance to advance.

While the Sniper tends to isolate himself from the frontlines, the Huntsman sees him move up the field, laying down suppressing volleys of arrows while his ancient and mysterious Jarate and Sydney Sleeper powers can increase damage dealt against his foes by himself and teammates alike. Although Jarate is a great weapon, it can also be used to put out fires.


Name: Mr. Mundy
Country of Origin: Adelaide St., Australia
Job: Sniper
Motto: "Wanker!"
Badges: Sniper badge BLU.png  Sniper badge RED.png
Description: In his former life as a tracker of dangerous game in the unforgiving Australian outback, the Sniper would spend months by himself. Prolonged isolation taught him a valuable lesson: You don't have to rely on other people if you never miss.

Meet the Sniper

Basic Strategy

Main articles: Sniper tips and Sniper strategy
  • Zoom with the Sniper rifle by hitting your Attack 2 button.
  • The longer you spend zoomed in the scope, the more damage the shot will do. (Stops at 100% charge)
  • Your Kukri can deal massive damage if an enemy gets in too close.
  • Look out for enemy Snipers, they are one of your biggest enemies.
  • Snipers are great at taking Sentries and their Engineers out from far outside their range.
  • If your team is getting overrun by Heavies consider switching to a Sniper. You can easily take out a Heavy with one fully charged headshot.
  • Attempt to toss your Jarate into a crowd of enemies as it will help your entire team.
  • When using the Sydney Sleeper, charge up the shot to at least 25% so it will cover them in Jarate (longer Jarate effect with more time scoped in).
  • Try going to the advanced options menu and turn on the hide crosshair while zoomed option, it may affect how you play.


Note: Weapon damage is approximate and measured at point blank range. See individual weapon pages for details.


Weapon Kill Icon Ammo Loaded Ammo Carried Damage Range Notes / Special Abilities
Backpack sniperrifle.png

Sniper Rifle

Killicon sniperrifle.png

Killicon sniperriflehs.png
Sniper Rifle headshot

25 N/A Base: 50 (0% charge), 150 (100% charge)
Headshot: 150 (0% charge), 450 (100% charge)
Backpack huntsman.png


Killicon huntsman.png

Killicon huntsmanhs.png
Huntsman headshot
Killicon flaming huntsman.png
Flaming Huntsman (headshot)
Killicon flaming huntsman afterburn.png
Flaming Huntsman afterburn

1 12 Base: 44-58 (0% charge), 103-137 (100% charge)
Headshot: 153 (0% charge), 360 (100% charge)
Pictogram info.png Arrows can pin foes to the wall
Pictogram info.png Pyros can light arrows to add fire damage.
Sydney Sleeper.png

Sydney Sleeper

Killicon sydney sleeper.png 25 N/A Base: 45-50 (0% charge), 70-80 (50% charge), 130-160 (100% charge)

Pictogram plus.png +25% charge rate
Pictogram plus.png On hit: Jarate applied to target 8 seconds
Pictogram minus.png No random critical hits
Pictogram minus.png No headshots

Backpack The Bazaar Bargain.png

The Bazaar Bargain

Killicon sniperriflehs.png 25 N/A Base: 50 (0% charge), 150 (100% charge)
Headshot: 150 (0% charge), 450 (100% charge)

Pictogram minus.png Base charge rate reduced by 20%
Pictogram info.png Each scoped headshot decreases the weapon's charge time.
Pictogram info.png A scoped body shot reduces the bonus.
Pictogram info.png A scoped miss wipes the bonus.

C dex sniperrifle large.png


Killicon sniperriflehs.png 25 N/A Base: 50 (0% charge), 150 (100% charge) (Ignoring weapon effects)
Headshot: 150 (0% charge), 450 (100% charge) (Ignoring weapon effects)

Pictogram plus.png Full Charge: +15% Damage Per Shot
Pictogram plus.png Full Charge: Bullet penetrates players
Pictogram minus.png Only fires when zoomed
Pictogram minus.png Fires tracer rounds


Weapon Ammo Loaded Ammo Carried Damage Range Special Ability
Backpack smg.png
Submachine Gun 25 75 Base: 8
Crit: 24 [10 rounds/sec]
Backpack jarate.png
Jarate 1 ∞ (20sec respawn) N/A Doused enemies take Mini-crits (+33% damage) when damaged , nullifies cloak on enemy Spies, douses fire on wielder and allied players.
Backpack razorback.png
Razorback 1 N/A N/A Nullifies a single backstab, temporarily "shocks" the attacking Spy - rendering the Spy incapable of attacking or changing weapons.
Backpack Darwin's Danger Shield.png
Darwin's Danger Shield N/A N/A N/A +25 Max Health.


Weapon Ammo Loaded Ammo Carried Damage Range Special Ability
Backpack Kukri.png
Kukri N/A N/A Base: 65
Crit: 195
Backpack Tribalman's shiv.png
Tribalman's shiv N/A N/A Base: 32
Crit: 90
Bleed: 3-4 damage per second for 6 seconds
Bleed on hit for 6 seconds, -50% Dmg
Backpack bushwacka.png
Bushwacka N/A N/A Base: 65
Crit: 195
Crits whenever it would normally mini-crit
20% fire damage vulnerability on wearer.
Backpack The Shahanshah.png
The Shahanshah N/A N/A Base: 49
Crit: 147
Health below 50% of max: 81
Crit: 243
25% increase in damage when health is less than 50% of max. 25% decrease in damage when health is more than 50% of max.

Taunt attack

Slot Attack Weapon Duration Damage
Killicon arrow.png
Skewer Huntsman (must have ammo) 4 seconds 500 (instant kill)


Main article: Hats

Miscellaneous Items

Villain's Veil
Backpack Villain's Veil.png
All Backpack Cheater's lament.png Backpack Ghastly gibus.png Backpack Bill's hat.png Backpack Max's severed head.png Wikicap sized.png Parasite Hat.png
Cheater's lament Ghastly gibus Bill's Hat Max's severed head Wiki Cap Alien Swarm Parasite
Backpack Modest pile of hat.png Backpack Noble amassment of hats.png Backpack Towering pillar of hats.png Mann Co Cap.png Ellis's Cap.png Saxton Hale Mask.png
Modest pile of hat Noble amassment of hats Towering pillar of hats Mann Co Cap Ellis' Cap Saxton Hale Mask
HorrificHeadsplitter.png Spine-chilling skull.png Voodoojuju hat.png Icon Treasure Hat.png Icon Bounty Hat.png Backpack Hat Of Undienable Wealth And Respect.png
Horrific Headsplitter Spine-Chilling Skull Voodoo Juju Treasure Hat Bounty Hat Hat of Undeniable Wealth And Respect
Holiday Restricted Hats Scout Mask.png Soldier Mask.png Pyro Mask.png Demoman Mask.png Heavy Mask.png Engineer Mask.png
Scout Mask Soldier Mask Pyro Mask Demoman Mask Heavy Mask Engineer Mask
Medic Mask.png Sniper Mask.png Spy Mask.png Backpack Mildly disturbing Halloween mask.png Horseless Headless Horsemann's Head.png
Medic Mask Sniper Mask Spy Mask Mildly disturbing Halloween mask Horseless Headless Horsemann's Head
Misc. items
Primeval warrior Grizzled veteran Soldier of fortune Mercenary Earbuds Platinum Dueling Badge
Bakpack Primeval warrior.png
Backpack Grizzled veteran.png
Backpack Soldier of fortune.png
Backpack Mercenary.png
Backpack Earbuds.png
Backpack Platinum Dueling Badge.png
Gold Dueling Badge Silver Dueling Badge Bronze Dueling Badge Polycount Pin License to Maim Companion Cube Pin
Bakpack Gold Dueling Badge.png
Backpack Silver Dueling Badge.png
Backpack Bronze Dueling Badge.png
Backpack Polycount Pin.png
Backpack License to Maim.png
Backpack Companion Cube Pin.png

Official class avatars

Offical Class avatars
Original RED 'ÜberCharged' BLU 'ÜberCharged'
Sniperava.jpg Buffed red sniper.jpg Buffed blu sniper.jpg


Main article: Sniper achievements


07 comic large.jpg
  • The Sniper is voiced by John Patrick Lowrie.
  • In his fight scene with the Spy in Meet the Spy, the Spy inflicts a gash on the Sniper's cheek. This gash could be seen on the cheek of the RED Sniper in the Steam news picture for the Sniper vs Spy Update and the Jarate Update image [1], although it was not seen in the same picture as used in the Huntsman update [2]. The gash was later added to the Sniper in-game model itself.
  • The Sniper, along with the Demoman and the Soldier, smokes outside of battle. (In Meet the Sniper, the title card shows cigarette butts and there is an ashtray next to the Civilian bobble-head doll.)
  • The Sniper's old Bio as it appears on his trading card reads: "Half rugged outdoorsman, half alien observer, this taciturn strip of beef jerky has spent the better part of his life alone in the bush, slow baking under the Australian sun."
  • The Sniper is the tallest class in the game.
  • The Sniper learned Jarate from a complete course endorsed by Saxton Hale. The course involved increasing the size of Sniper's kidneys to three times that of a regular man's.
  • On the old official TF2 blog page's design, the Sniper's hat is on mirrored, as well as the Heavy's ammo belt and the Pyro's gas mask.
  • The Sniper lives in a camper van, a fact his opponents are all too keen to mock.
  • Although the Spy and Scout mock the Sniper for living in a "van", the Sniper actually drives a 1960's Land Rover Pickup, an English car favored in areas like Australia and Africa because of its toughness. In addition, the Sniper's actual RV is a "slide-in" camper, also very popular in Australia and among Hunters and Outdoorsmen for its ruggedness and ability to handle tough terrain. Because this van may be popular and strong, the Scout and Spy may just be jealous.
  • The Sniper's parents live on Adelaide Street, Australia (Red House on the left).
  • In Meet the Spy, the BLU Sniper holds his rifle left-handed.
  • The Sniper and the Heavy appear to enjoy the same brand of fingerless glove, although the Sniper's fit noticeably looser.
  • The Sniper's voice actor, John Patrick Lowrie, is married to Ellen McLain, voice actress for the Administrator.
  • The Sniper keeps a bobblehead of the Team Fortress Classic Civilian on the dashboard of his camper van.
  • The Sniper was the first class to receive two unlockables for the same weapon slot, as both the Razorback and Jarate are secondary weapons.
  • The Sniper and Spy are the only classes that don't say "Boo" when they jeer. They are also the only two classes to wear watches, although presumably only the Sniper's can actually keep track of time.
  • Despite being referred to as "polite" (especially by himself), the Sniper harshly insults all his dominated opponents.
  • The Sniper is the only class without any team-colored hats. However, the Bloke's Bucket Hat has team-colored lures.
  • The Sniper and the Scout are the only classes that break the fourth wall by making references to the game's real-world nature.
  • The Sniper rarely swears (at least for American standards), even when dominating opponents. This is probably due to his insistence on civility.
  • The Sniper, despite his Australian background, is much unlike other known Australians in the Team Fortress world. These differences include his lean body structure and lack of a mustache. As he is from the Outback and a solitary figure, however, he may have been less influenced by Australium and the Australian culture.
  • The Sniper uses a large amount of leather products, as his glove, vest, boots, pouch, and possibly his belt and hat are all made of leather.
  • If the Sniper does the Kukri/Shiv taunt with the Parasite Hat on, he will take off the Parasite Hat. (This is the best way to see the Parasite Hat's jiggle bones)
  • The Sniper is the only class who has a weapon with a usable scope on it.
  • The Sniper's model changes when using a different weapon (he carries arrows in a quiver on his back when he equips the Huntsman, and the bullets in his right pocket are replaced with tranquilizers when he equips the Sydney Sleeper).
  • The Sniper, the Spy and the Pyro are the only classes able to get a "headshot". This may be intended irony as they are the worst of enemies.
  • The Sniper's Jar-ate has a lot of similarities to the Bile Bomb in Left 4 Dead 2. Both boast the same shattering sound, both have some sort of bodily secretion inside, and they both coat the enemy in some sort of substance.
  • On maps such as Sawmill, the Sniper's scope would be spattered with rain drops. However this is not the case.
  • All of the Sniper's weapons are extremely accurate - the sniper rifle is pinpoint and the SMG is very accurate on the first shot.
  • The Soldier, Demo-man, Sniper, & Scout are in a 4-way tie for the most secondary weapons. Coincidentally, there are 4 of them & they each have 4 secondaries.
  • The Sniper is the only class not referred to in Poker Night at The Inventory by the Heavy
  • The Huntsman has the fastest taunt-kill in the game.
  • Along with the Engineer, the Sniper is one of the only classes to have his "Meet the Team" video not based on any real (or official) map. The Scout's video takes place in both cp_well and cp_granary, the Soldier's takes place in cp_granary, the Demo-man's takes place in cp_gravelpit, the Heavy's (and Sandvich) takes place in cp_dustbowl, and the Spy's takes place in ctf_2fort. It is unknown which map the Engineer and Sniper's videos take place.
  • In third person and in Meet the Sniper, the Sniper only wears a fingerless glove on his left hand. However, in first person, he wears gloves on both hands, and he has no watch.
  • The Sniper's last name is "Mundy". His name can be seen on the first panel of the Meet the Director comic on The Replay Update
  • It is possible that his first name is Lawrence, from the Uber Update's "Lawrence of Australia" section. The title is also a play on the movie title "Lawrence of Arabia", and therefore may not actually have any significance.
  • One of the Sniper's hats, the Larrkin Robin, has a glitch involved with his Kukri which makes the Larrkin Robin not touch his hands and stay on the top of his head and moves as if it were like the default hat with the Kukri taunt.
  • John Patrick Lowrie also voices in Half-Life Episode 1 and Two (Voiced a Citizen)

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