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Website Info
Author: Scott "obstipator" Graham
Ryan "barbarianbob" Graham
Luigi "Luigi Thirty" Thirty
Captain "Spessmarine" Invictus

The TF2 Trading Post is a trading website that is designed to help users find suitable trade offers. The site was created by Scott Graham and Ryan Graham and uses Steam's WebAPI. TF2TP allows users to propose trade offers on the website, with each offer displaying what they are trading and what is on their wishlist. Users can also search for specific trades which include the items that they want and items that they are willing to trade. The site is designed to work hand-in-hand with users' TF2B pages, so if a user selects the link to another user's Backpack, the relevant profile page on TF2B will be displayed.



The homepage consists of many news and news-related items such as a to-do list. The to-do list also has a suggestion feature built into it. Another feature on the home page is a trading server with trade maps including trade_post and trade_mall, which users can utilize in order to conduct trades.

Trade Sections


The Recent page will display any trades that have been submitted recently, to a maximum of ten pages of trades. See Search (below) in order to learn more about trades.

Propose a trade

When you first log in you may propose a trade. You can select up to 8 different items that you would like to offer in the trade. You then click Next, which prompts you to select your wishlist. In the wishlist, you may select up to 8 items for the trade. After you select your first item(s), you may either continue or select another wishlist. Selecting another wishlist makes list appear next to the previous wishlist. The last step allows you to add notes so people viewing your trade may know what you're looking for more clearly.


The Search feature allows for you to look for trades and/or wishlists in order that you may locate items you are interested in acquiring. Certain search criteria can even be used such as setting search preferences to Vintage only, or Unusual only. After searching, a list of matches will be displayed that can then be accessed in order to make an offer. If there is an item that you particularity want but you do not have the items displayed in the user's wishlist, you can propose a counter-trade by selecting their user name.

My trades

This section will show you the trades you have posted and any offers that anyone has posted in response to your trades. Here you may approve, disapprove, comment on, or close any trades/offers that may have occurred in relation to your trades.

My offers

This section will show any trade on which you have made an offer. You can sort your offers in a number of different ways such as open offers, open offers no rejected, closed only, open chat only and all. The different sorting methods will also show you how many offers you have in each category.

About Sections


This section includes the rules for the website and trade system. It is requested that you do not attempt to scam people, or try to offer money for items or hats. Any attempt to doing so may result in blocks or even permanent bans.


People who are new to trading should check this section. It provides valuable information concerning the value of hats and what to trade for. It is requested that users do not make joke offers such as Gibus' for Max Heads.

This section allows users to make donations to the website.


These two pages are where you can contact the creators of the site. The page also displays information about the site and its creators/staff, such as Scott Graham, Ryan Graham, Luigi Thirty and Captain Invictus.

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