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Documentation for Delete-media

Icon-tf2wiki-policy.png This documentation is transcluded from Template:Delete-media/doc.



The reason must be specified and the reason will be considered before deletion of the file. If the reason is not specified or is not justified, the file will remain and the template removed.

This template places the page in Category:Media marked for deletion.

Default reasons

This template features many default reasons for deletion. They can be included like this:


which produces:

Reason: This file is an unused duplicate of another TF2 Wiki file, File:Pdadestroy.png.

If none of the default reasons apply, or require further explanation, the entirety of the first parameter can become the reason, like this example:

{{Delete-media|Uploaded this by mistake.}}

which produces:

Reason: Uploaded this by mistake.

List of default reasons

redundant, unusable, irrelevant
This file is not used in any article and has no foreseeable encyclopaedic use.
blurry, loquality, lowqual, lowquality
This file is a low-quality copy of another TF2 Wiki file, [[:File:{{{2}}}]].
lores, lowres, lowresolution
This file is a low-resolution copy of another TF2 Wiki file, [[:File:{{{2}}}]].
duplicate, copy
This file is an unused duplicate of another TF2 Wiki file, [[:File:{{{2}}}]].
old, outdated
This file is outdated, and represents no historic value.
replaced, superseded
This file has been replaced by another TF2 Wiki file, [[:File:{{{2}}}]].

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