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Documentation for Icon killicon

Icon-tf2wiki-policy.png This documentation is transcluded from Template:Icon killicon/doc.
{{Icon killicon|<weapon>|<link>}}


Optional. Name of the weapon. (see below)
Optional. Specifies the link URL. (Default=<weapon>)


{{Icon killicon|weapon=Chargin' Targe|link=Chargin' Targe}}

Results in:-

Killicon chargin targe.png

Weapon names

Weapon Produces
Scattergun Killicon scattergun.png
Rocket launcher Killicon rocketlauncher.png
Flamethrower Killicon flamethrower.png
Deflected arrow Killicon deflect arrow.png
Deflected arrow headshot Killicon deflect arrowhs.png
Deflected grenade Killicon deflect grenade.png
Deflected sticky Killicon deflect sticky.png
Deflected rocket Killicon deflect rocket.png
Deflected flare Killicon deflect flare.png
Deflected Sandman ball Killicon deflect ball.png
Grenade launcher Killicon grenade launcher.png
Sticky bomb launcher NONE
Minigun Killicon minigun.png
Shotgun Killicon shotgun.png
Syringe gun Killicon syringegun.png
Sniper rifle Killicon sniperrifle.png
Sniper rifle headshot Killicon sniperriflehs.png
Revolver Killicon revolver.png
Pistol Killicon pistol.png
Submachine gun Killicon smg.png
Electro sapper Killicon sapper.png
Bat Killicon bat.png
Shovel Killicon shovel.png
Fire axe Killicon fireaxe.png
Bottle Killicon bottle.png
Wrench Killicon wrench.png
Bonesaw Killicon bonesaw.png
Kukri Killicon kukri.png
Knife Killicon knife.png
Backstab Killicon backstab.png
Fists Killicon fists.png
Level 1 sentry Killicon sentry1.png
Level 2 sentry Killicon sentry2.png
Level 3 sentry Killicon sentry3.png
Telefrag Killicon telefrag.png
Force-A-Nature Killicon force a nature.png
Direct hit Killicon direct hit.png
Backburner Killicon backburner.png
Natascha Killicon natascha.png
Blutsauger Killicon blutsauger.png
Huntsman Killicon huntsman.png
Huntsman headshot Killicon huntsmanhs.png
Flaming huntsman Killicon flaming huntsman.png
Flaming huntsman afterburn Killicon flaming huntsman afterburn.png
Ambassador Killicon ambassador.png
Ambassador headshot Killicon ambassadorhs.png
Flare gun Killicon flare gun.png
Scottish Resistance Killicon scottish resistance.png
Chargin' Targe Killicon chargin targe.png
Sandman Killicon sandman.png
Sandman ball Killicon sandman ball.png
Equalizer Killicon equalizer.png
Axtinguisher Killicon axtinguisher.png
Homewrecker Killicon homewrecker.png
Eyelander Killicon eyelander.png
Pain Train Killicon pain train.png
Scotsman's skullcutter Killicon scotsman's skullcutter.png
Tribalman's shiv Killicon tribalman's shiv.png
KGB Killicon kgb.png
Ubersaw Killicon ubersaw.png
Hadouken Killicon hadouken.png
Fencing Killicon fencing.png
Spinal tap Killicon spinaltap.png
Grenade NONE
Decapitation Killicon decapitation.png
Bonk taunt NONE
Showdown Killicon showdown.png
Skewer Killicon arrow.png
Fish kill Killicon holy mackerel.png
Shortstop Killicon shortstop.png
L'Etranger Killicon l'etranger.png
Train Killicon train.png
Pumpkin Killicon pumpkin.png
Saw Killicon saw.png
Skull Killicon skull.png
Ambassador headshot (unused) Killicon ambassadorhs unused.png
Level 1 sentry (unused) Killicon sentry1 unused.png
Explosion (unused) Killicon explosion.png
Environmental fire (unused) Killicon fire.png
Fish hit NONE
#default NONE

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