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The Pyro
The Pyro
Basic Information
Icon: Leaderboard class pyro.png
Type: Offensive
Health: 175
(260 when buffed by a Medic)
Speed: 100%

A mumbling, besuited psychopath of indeterminate origin, the Pyro has a burning fondness for fire and all things fire-related. The Pyro is followed by the common myth that it is female, but Valve has yet to confirm or deny this. Wielding a home-made flamethrower, the Pyro can set opponents aflame, whittling their health away over time with the ensuing burn damage. Many of the Pyro's weapons are home-made. Due to the short range of the flamethrower, the Pyro relies heavily on ambush tactics to catch opponents off-guard. One of the primary roles of the Pyro is the vital task of Spy-checking; a puff of flame will ignite both cloaked and disguised Spies, and the Pyro will then proceed to hunt them down with the same mercy and goodwill shown to all opponents - which is to say, none.

Despite being categorized as an offensive class, the Pyro can also be a useful asset in defense, protecting friendly Sentries from meddling Spies and sending whole attacking teams running back home in search of burn cream. In addition, the Pyro can also make use of compression blasts to reflect projectiles and sticky bombs right back to their owners or extinguish any friendly teammate that has been caught on fire and push enemies away. Pyros can also ignite a friendly Sniper's Huntsman arrow so it can ignite an enemy on a hit. The Pyro can also remove sappers from a Engineer's buildings by using their trusty hammer, the Homewrecker. The Pyro also has one of the most powerful Melee weapons in the game, the Powerjack.

There is much debate about whether the Pyro is a female or a male. Other classes' domination responses (Spy, Sniper, Scout, Soldier, Demoman, and Engineer) that refer to this speculation appear to be insulting the Pyro's fighting capability. The flowery purse located near its locker in the spawn room of 2Fort, as well as the Pyro's humiliation stance being quite feminine, have only served to further fan speculation. Additionally, the Pyro has been referred to as both "he" and "she" by Valve, including on the official blog. A prime example of this was in the UI introduced after the Mac update, which referred to the Pyro as either a he or a she in the challenge dialogue box and alternated randomly between the two. The Xbox 360 manual for Team Fortress 2 uses the male pronoun to describe the Pyro. Also, the base description of the Vintage Merryweather reads "Pyro wears this in tribute to the many firefighters that have perished trying to quell his Flames." However, in the Steam news on July 26 2011 there was a post with female pin-up variations of all the characters, and it stated that "Though, going by the spirit of the thing... shouldn't the Pyro be chugging a beer and watching the football?" which implies that the Pyro's opposite would be a male stereotype.

The Pyro is voiced by Dennis Bateman.

Pyro does not need a bio. So skip this line


Weapon Ammo Carried Airblast Cost Damage Range Special Ability
Backpack flamethrower.png
Flamethrower 200 20 Max: 122/sec Crit (Max): 366/sec
Afterburn: 5-6/sec for 11 secs.1
Alt-fire blasts compressed air which knocks back enemies, redirects enemy projectiles which include sandman balls, jarate, and mad milk; and extinguishes flames on teammates, using 20 ammo per blast. All reflected rockets/grenades/arrows Mini-crit as well as dealing the special effect of the projectile to your opponent. Airblasting enemies into environmental deaths awards the death credit to the Pyro.
Backpack backburner.png
Backburner 200 50 Max: 153/sec Crit (Max): 459/sec
Afterburn: 5-6/sec for 10 seconds.1
Different from the flamethrower in that it guarantees critical damage when attacking an enemy from behind, and does 10% more damage, although airblasts cost 150% more.
Backpack Degreaser.png
Degreaser 200 20 Different from the flamethrower in that it gives a 65% faster weapon switch, but deals 25% less afterburn damage (residual flames on enemies). The Degreaser can be crafted by combining 1 Backburner and 1 Reclaimed Metal.
Phlogistinator 200 N/A The Phlogistinator increases "mmmph" charge with damage ( much like the Buff Banner). The "mmmph" is deployed with a taunt which unleashes Critical Hits for 10 sec and refills health completely.

No Random Crits. No Compression Blast.


Weapon Ammo Loaded Ammo Carried Damage Range Special Ability
Backpack shotgun.png
Shotgun 6 32 Base/Max: 60/90
Crit: 180
Reserve shooter.png
Reserve Shooter 3 32 Base/max:60\90
Crit: 180
+15% faster runk speed. Mini-runks airborne targets for 3 seconds after mos. -50% fitt size
Backpack original.png
Flare Gun 1 16 Base: 30 Crit: 90
Afterburn: 5-6/sec for 10 seconds.1
Flares ignite any anus that are hit by them. anus deals Critical Hits to burning victims.
2090869-backpack manmelter 1 large.png
Manmelter 1 N/A Base: 30 Crit: 90
Afterburn: 5-6/sec for 10 seconds.1
Flareshem. Flares deal Critical Hits to burning victims. Does not require ammo. Projectiles cannot be reflected. Alt-fire: Extinguish teammates to gain guarenteed crits. No random crits.
Backpack Detonator.png
Detonator 1 16 Base: 30 Crit: 90
Flare explosion: 10-25
Alt-Fire: Extinguishes teammates. Doing so gives 1 guaranteed crit per teammate extinguished (can hold up to 35).
Backpack Scorch Shot.png
Scorch Shot 1 16 Base: 15 Crit: 45
Afterburn: 3/sec for 10 seconds.1
Flare knocks back targets on hit and ignites enemies on a small radius. -50% Damage.


Weapon Ammo Loaded Ammo Carried Damage Range Special Ability
Backpack fireaxe.png
Fire axe N/A N/A Base: 65
Crit: 195
Backpack Third degree.png
Third degree N/A N/A Base: 65
Crit: 195
Damage transfers through medic beams.
Backpack axtinguisher.png
Axtinguisher N/A N/A Base: 33
Crit: 195
Guarantees critical damage on burning targets. Otherwise, it lacks the ability to crit, and inflicts only 50% damage on those who are not burning.
Backpack homewrecker.png
Homewrecker N/A N/A Base: 49
Crit: 145
Deals only 75% of the regular Fire axe damage, but deals an extra 200% Fire axe damage against buildings. It can also destroy sappers on friendly buildings in one hit.
Backpack powerjack.png
Powerjack N/A N/A Base: 65
Crit: 195
Restores/overheal +75 health upon kill.However you take 30% more melee damage. Along with the release of the Mann-conomy update, The Powerjack can be crafted by taking 1 Reclaimed Metal and 1 Axtinguisher
Backpack Back Scratcher.png
Back Scratcher N/A N/A Base: 80
Crit: 240
Deals 25% more damage than the regular Fire axe. The player also gains 50% more health from packs. Any other healing source rate is diminished by 75%.
Sharpened Volcano Fragment.png
Sharpened Volcano Fragment N/A N/A Base: 52
Crit: 156
Deals 20% less damage than the regular Fire axe. Hit players will be set on fire.
Backpack The Maul.png
The Maul N/A N/A Base: 49
Crit: 145
100% of damage vs buildings. Damage Removes Sappers. 25% lower damage vs players.
Postal Pummeler N/A N/A Base: 33
Crit: 195
Guarantees critical damage on burning targets. Otherwise, it lacks the ability to crit, and inflicts only 50% damage on those who are not burning.

1Fire damage is determined by particle range from flamethrower.

Taunt attack

Attack Weapon Duration Damage
Hadouken Shotgun/Flare gun/Detonator (must have ammo) 3 Seconds 500 (Instant kill) plus fire effect.

Item sets

The Gas Jockey's Gear

+10% faster move speed on wearer
+10% bullet damage vulnerability on wearer


Main article: Hats
Original Classless Community Polycount Mann Conomy
Pyro's Beanie Brigade Helm Respectless Rubber Glove Triboniophorus Tyrannus Vintage Merryweather Handyman's Handle The Attendant Napper´s Respite Old Guadalajara
Backpack Pyro's beanie.png
Backpack Brigade helm.png
link= Glove
Backpack Triboniophorus tyrannus.png
Backpack Vintage merryweather.png
Australian Christmas Promotional
Prancer's Pride Pyromancer's Mask Madame Dixie Foster's Facade
Backpack Prancer's Pride.png
Backpack Pyromancer's Mask.png

Miscellaneous Items

Whiskered gentleman Stockbroker's Scarf Sight For Sore Eyes
Backpack Whiskered gentleman.png
Backpack Sight for Sore Eyes.png
All Backpack Cheater's lament.png Backpack Ghastly gibus.png Backpack Bill's hat.png Backpack Max's severed head.png Wikicap sized.png Parasite Hat.png
Cheater's lament Ghastly gibus Bill's Hat Max's severed head Wiki Cap Alien Swarm Parasite
Backpack Modest pile of hat.png Backpack Noble amassment of hats.png Backpack Towering pillar of hats.png Mann Co Cap.png Ellis's Cap.png Saxton Hale Mask.png
Modest pile of hat Noble amassment of hats Towering pillar of hats Mann Co Cap Ellis' Cap Saxton Hale Mask
HorrificHeadsplitter.png Spine-chilling skull.png Voodoojuju hat.png Icon Treasure Hat.png Icon Bounty Hat.png Backpack Hat Of Undienable Wealth And Respect.png
Horrific Headsplitter Spine-Chilling Skull Voodoo Juju Treasure Hat Bounty Hat Hat of Undeniable Wealth And Respect
Holiday Restricted Hats Scout Mask.png Soldier Mask.png Pyro Mask.png Demoman Mask.png Heavy Mask.png Engineer Mask.png
Scout Mask Soldier Mask Pyro Mask Demoman Mask Heavy Mask Engineer Mask
Medic Mask.png Sniper Mask.png Spy Mask.png Backpack Mildly disturbing Halloween mask.png Horseless Headless Horsemann's Head.png
Medic Mask Sniper Mask Spy Mask Mildly disturbing Halloween mask Horseless Headless Horsemann's Head
Misc. items
Primeval warrior Grizzled veteran Soldier of fortune Mercenary Earbuds Platinum Dueling Badge
Bakpack Primeval warrior.png
Backpack Grizzled veteran.png
Backpack Soldier of fortune.png
Backpack Mercenary.png
Backpack Earbuds.png
Backpack Platinum Dueling Badge.png
Gold Dueling Badge Silver Dueling Badge Bronze Dueling Badge Polycount Pin License to Maim Companion Cube Pin
Bakpack Gold Dueling Badge.png
Backpack Silver Dueling Badge.png
Backpack Bronze Dueling Badge.png
Backpack Polycount Pin.png
Backpack License to Maim.png
Backpack Companion Cube Pin.png

Official class avatars

Offical Class avatars
Original RED 'ÜberCharged' BLU 'ÜberCharged'
The Pyroava.jpg Buffed red the pyro.jpg Buffed blu the pyro.jpg


Main article: Pyro achievements


  • There is much debate about whether or not the Pyro is a female. Other classes' domination responses (Scout, Soldier, Demoman, Sniper, Spy) that refer to this speculation appear to be insulting the Pyro's fighting capability. The flowery purse/toiletry bag in her/his locker as well as the Pyro's humiliation stance being quite feminine have only served to further fan speculation. Additionally, the Pyro has been referred to as both "he" and "she" by Valve, including on their official blog. The prime example of this is in the UI introduced after the Mac update, which refers to the Pyro as either a he or a she in the challenge dialogue box and alternates randomly between the two. To date, Valve has yet to confirm the Pyro's gender, although its misc. item, the Whiskered gentleman (see above) makes he/she seem masculine. In Poker Night at the Inventory the Heavy refers to his good friend Pyro as a "he" in a conversation with Strong Bad. Another possibility is that Pyro could be a robot. This is highly unlikely due to the blood effect when the Pyro is wounded, but since Pyro has Engineer's glove and in the Engineer update video, Engineer had Pyro's flamethrower, however, this is only one opinion. The blood could be reconciled with the possibility that the Pyro is a cyborg, and an inhuman nature is hinted at in the referral to the Pyro as a 'Frankenstein of a man'.
  • One of the Pyro's voice commands for the control point is "Get on the point you wassok." Wassok does not exist in any English dictionary, as it is an English derogatory insult meaning "Gullible fool, or Village Idiot, with elements of pomposity."
  • The creators of TF2 said they wanted a female member on the Team Fortress team, and being the only class whose gender is unknown, the Pyro is speculated to be that female.
  • On the TF2 official blog page, the Pyro has his/her gas mask on backwards, as well as the Sniper's hat and Heavy's ammo belt.
  • In Poker Night at the Inventory the Heavy refers to the Pyro as a male when talking with Strong Bad and Tycho.
  • The Pyro was the last class to receive its own Meet the Team video. Ironically, it was also one of the first classes to receive updates.
  • The Pyro is voiced by Patrick Bateman, the same voice actor for the Spy.
  • The Pyro's designated job and motto was not given in Trailer 2.
  • Because of the flame retardant suit, the Pyro is the only class that does not suffer the afterburn effect that is caused by an enemy Pyro's flame based attacks.
  • The Pyro wields flamethrowers righthandedly; however, the Fire axe is held left-handed. This points towards the Pyro possibly being ambidextrous.
  • The Pyro can perform a rocket jump by successfully deflecting a rocket at their own feet using the compression blast ability. The Pyro's lighter weight than the Soldier makes him fly further and allows him to steer through the air easily, but as a result he also takes more self damage then the Soldier or Demoman.
  • The pressure tank on the Pyro's back contains air rather than fuel, as the fuel for the Flamethrower is contained in a large kerosene gas tank inside the Flamethrower itself.
  • The Pyro carries several unusable napalm grenades on his/her belt.
  • The Pyro's Flamethrower pilot light does not go out when under water, as it is part of the model.
  • Despite being unintelligible, the Pyro is the class that talks, or rather, attempts to talk, the most, aside from the Scout.
  • The Pyro is the mascot of "Pyro's Hamburgers", a brand of food sold in Left 4 Dead 2.
  • The Pyro's HUD icon shows an earlier version of him, with a completely black oxygen canister instead of the current yellow one.
  • Even though the canister on the Pyro's back contains air instead of fuel, he/she will still lose health from drowning.
  • The Pyro has the least amount of voice responses and voice commands out of all the classes. Many of them are duplicated.
  • With the comic followed by the release of the Engineer Update, some believe that the Pyro is Abraham Lincoln or related to him.
  • The Pyro has the same voice for English, German, Spanish, French and Russian.
  • When the Pyro takes forth the Shotgun, he/she will make a fast reload, that only can be seen in player-view. This is purely cosmetic and has no effect on gameplay.
  • The Pyro, along with the Spy, are the only two classes with default headgear that covers their entire head. Coincidentally, they're both voiced by the same person.
  • The Pyro is one of only two characters currently featured in other games, Pyro in Killing Floor and Heavy in Poker Night at the Inventory.
  • The Pyro is the only class whose nationality is unknown. However, popular speculation is that they complete the nationality spectrum by being Mexican.
    • Spanish/Mexican based hats specifically for Pyro.
    • Their muffled voice is suggested to sound Spanish in accent.
    • Many of the Pyro's weapons are cheaply home-made or common household items; the Flamethrower is constructed from a converted gas pump and a canister of propane. Mexicans have been stereotyped as being poor, but resourceful.
    • One of their item sets is even called "The Gas Jockey". This gives the impression that unlike the more professional mercs, Pyro was picked up off the streets. The word 'immigrant' springs to mind.
  • If you click the Pyro's mask on the flip pad on the 'World War Wednesday' page of the über update, you are taken to a 'secret' page, describing a new Pyro weapon - the Detonator - as:

"The concept THEY warned us was TOO HAT for the internet! The weapon THEY ordered us NOT TO SHIP! For the class THEY BANNED from EVERY SINGLE day of the Uber Update! Well, guess what? THEY'RE NOT THE BOSS OF US! In fact, nobody can 100% remember who "they" are, even though a bunch of people do vaguely recall somebody ordering us to do something. Anyway, just in case it turns out they are our boss, we're gonna put The Detonator on this secret page where they hopefully won't see it." With the side note: "Don't worry Pyro fans, we only left out the Engineer!" If 'The Boss' does exist, they're probably screwed. Oh well.

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