The Saharan Spy

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The Saharan Spy
The Saharan Spy image
Basic Information
Used by: Spy
Slot: Secondary
Availability: []
Ammo loaded: 6
Ammo carried: 24
Loadout Stats
Level 5 Revolver
+15 cloak on hit
-20% damage done

The Saharan Spy set was released during the Polycount Pack update for the Spy. It includes 2 weapons and a hat: the L'Etranger, Your Eternal Reward, and the Familiar Fez.


Leaderboard class spy.png Spy

Saharan Spy
The Saharan Spy

Reduced decloak sound volume
0.5 sec longer Cloak blink time

Set Bonus

Reduced Cloak Volume

This notably silences the Spy's Decloak sound. Using the Dead Ringer with this set silences its decloak to a normal decloak sound.

0.5 sec longer blink time

This may mean when you bump into somone while cloaked, and increase the time your cloak "blinks". This pack makes the Spy an ideal silent killing class. It silently kills enemies (Your Enternal Reward), has a good getaway weapon (L'Etranger), and has a great set bonus to boot.

The L'etranger

Replaces: Revolver

Benefits: Regardless of whether the spy is using the Invisibility Watch, the Cloak and Dagger, or the Dead Ringer, a successful hit with the L'Etranger will refill the cloak meter by approximately 15%. Players can therefore use the gun to supply their cloak enough to be able to perform an escape or traverse a guarded area.

Drawbacks: This gun will deal 20% less damage per shot than the revolver, making it unsuitable for conflict and usable only to refill cloak in desperate situations.

Your Eternal Reward

Replaces: Knife

Benefits: On a back stab, this French beauty will instantly disguise as the victim and the body will cloak and fall silently to the floor. This weapon is perfect for pulling off what is known as chain stabs, where the spy starts behind a large group of enemies and back stabs them all in a chain. Also, if the spy is disguised and stabs an Engineer with a sentry gun nearby, the sentry will not shoot at the spy.

Drawbacks: This alternative knife will not allow the spy using it to use his disguise kit, rendering him vulnerable to enemy fire and sentry guns until he is able to successfully back stab an opponent. To counter this spies should use cloak to get behind enemy lines and sentries and then pick off an easy enemy to get a disguise.

Familiar Fez

Replaces: Any equipped headgear.

Benefits: There is no specific benefit for only wearing the hat by itself, similar to the other Polycount Pack hats. However, the hat is needed to receive the set bonus (see above).

Drawbacks: None

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