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The Soda Popper is a newly-released weapon for the Scout class in the Uber update, which is part of the item set the #1 Fan. Using the Primary slot, it functions as another shotgun variant. It is best compared to the Force a' Nature, in that it carries a two-round, quickly-reloading clip. The reload on the Soda Popper is a great deal faster than any other shotgun variant, and unloads its rounds in less than a second. The viewmodel of the Soda Popper is also similar to the Force a' Nature, except for its shorter barrels and jury-rigged can of Crit-A-Cola strapped onto the bottom.The stats for this weapon is

+25% faster reload speed +50% faster firing speed -60% clip size -No random critical hits

As the user moves about the world, a 'Hype Meter' gradually fills up. It takes approximately fifteen seconds of running to fully charge the Hype meter, at which point it will automatically begin to drain, enabling similar to the effects to that of the Crit-A-Cola. While the Hype meter is draining, the Scout will fire Mini-Criticals, but is not similarly damaged with Mini-Criticals, as in the Crit-A-Cola effects. The Hype meter takes approximately ten seconds to drain, allowing the Scout to fire 8 shots with the Soda Popper. Correctly timing the Hype use will enhance pistol and shotgun use. When enabled in or before combat without timing, the Mini-Crits will help win regardless. Many classes will be killed instantly with a full load of shot from a Hyped Soda Popper.

The hitscan registry on this weapon appears to be slightly impaired, much like the Shortstop. Though pellets may appear to be hitting the target, some expected damage may not register. It is unknown exactly how much damage the Soda Popper does due to this registry error, but it can be assumed that if all pellets correctly register it will deal 100, the same as the Scattergun. Regardless, the damage does not appear to be heavily changed from normal.

Players with excellent aim will enjoy two-shotting the majority of the classes they come across, as well as winning 1v1 fights with Scattergun Scouts. Missing a single shot may cause your death during your reload period, however.

The Blueprint is: F.A.N.(Force-A-Nature)X Bonk Atomic Punch X 1 Reclaimed Metal


Force-A-Nature [[Bonk!|Template:Dictionary/items/bonk!]] [[Reclaimed metal.|Template:Dictionary/items/reclaimed metal.]] Soda Popper
100x100px + 100x100px + 100x100px = Item icon Soda Popper.png


By running around your hype meter will fill, when it is nearly full start jumping until the meter is full. The hype will not start until you take another step. If you do this and then change to your secondary or melee weapon and run the hype will not activate, so you can activate minicrits when you want to. When minicrits are activated remember you can change weapon so your bat or pistol do minicrits.

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