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They're goin' to bury what's left of ye in a soup can!
The Demoman about people he shaved recently.

The Ullapool Caber is a new melee weapon for the Demoman and was added within the Australian Christmas update. It possesses the unique ability to explode violently upon contact with any surface/enemy leaving the previously combustible head in a fractured splayed mess. (This Weapon May Contain Death Or Intense damage) This weapon can also be useful for doing a little trick called "Caber jumping", similar to a rocket jump. Once used, the previous death bomb on a stick becomes a sub-par melee weapon alongside the Equalizer used by a healthy soldier and Axtinguisher when used against a non-burning player.

The blast radius of the Ullapool Caber is comparable to a rocket. The damage it deals for this area compared to a rocket is significantly higher, equal to a normal melee weapon's critical damage (185 Damage). However this destructive power may only be used once before turning the Grenade head into a splayed mess, coaxing the Demoman to return to a supply cabinet to collect another. Additionally, the Demoman will always take 100 self-damage from the explosion and fly straight up, similar to a "Rocket Jump" causing 25 points of fall damage (on even terrain) leaving the Demoman with 50 health, making this a somewhat suicidal weapon to use. The blast of the weapon seems centered on the middle of the Demoman using it (always launching him straight up), but doesn't seem to suffer from reduced damage from being away from the explosion, your targets either take full damage, or none at all (due to being too far away).

It cannot crit randomly, but when forced to crit (by a Kritzkrieg, Chargin' Targe, intelligence capture, humiliation, etc), the explosion becomes lethal on contact, killing any target you swing at, even overhealed heavies. Once the Ullapool Caber is hit while using the Kritzkrieg, it may contain an "Overkill" or death.


Damage on first use (Explosion)

  • Base: 185 (180 to 190 damage)
  • Mini-Crit: 250
  • Critical Hit: 450+ (will kill any target directly hit, even fully overhealed Heavies)

Damage (after Explosion)

  • Base: 35 (30 to 39 damage)
  • Mini-Crit: 47
  • Critical Hit: 105

Damages are approximate and determined by community testing.

Function times

  • Attack Interval: 0.8

All times are in seconds. Times are approximate and determined by community testing.


Ingredient Plus.png Ingredient Plus.png Ingredient Equals.png Result
Backpack sandman.png
Reclaimed metal
Reclaimed metal
Reclaimed metal
Reclaimed metal
link= Ullapool Caber
The Ullapool Caber



[http:// Ullapool Caber Video ]Demonstration]


  • The Ullapool Caber is the second of three weapons which changes its model while being used (the first being the bottle and the third being the scottish handshake , which break on critical strikes).
  • Based on what Valve did with the Equalizer, there is conjecture that Valve plans to nerf this weapon.
  • Though this weapon clearly belongs in the modern era (namely World War I), it is still considered a "medieval" weapon and can be used in Medieval Mode. This is possibly due to there being no discrimination between appropriate and inappropriate melee weapons.
  • Demomen using the Ullapool Caber are often considered "suicide bombers" or "demobombs" due to the high amount of self-inflicted damage caused by this weapon killing the player as well upon its explosion.
  • Its handle looks like the Sandman, which is used in the crafting recipe.
  • It is also the first melee weapon to gib players on hit.
  • It can also be used like the rocket jump. Jump near a vertical wall and, in midair, hit the wall with it. It can launch the player up quite a distance.
  • The Caber is closely modeled after the German Model 24 Grenade, usually the handle is used for leverage in order to throw it farther. Apparently, this is not always instantly obvious.
  • The Ullapool Caber has its own Kill Icon now.
  • Using the Chargin' Targe whilst equipped reduces the explosive damage received by the Demoman using the weapon, but the fall damage still remains the same.
  • An enemy Demoman using The Chargin' Targe may live through the caber explosion with low health, unless hit critically.
  • If a Demoman uses the Ullapool Caber along with the Sticky Jumper, he will not take any damage from the explosion but will still take fall damage[Patched which now you take damage]
  • The explosion from the Ullapool Caber is similar to that of the creeper from Notch's Minecraft, leading to its occasional renaming to the "Ullapool Creeper."
  • Ullapool is the birth place of the Demoman, while ironically the weapon the Caber is modeled after hails from Germany.
  • The Ullapool Caber is a popular weapon in the game mode Vs saxton hale for it's emergency escape strategy. If Hale chases the Demoman with the Ullapool Caber, it may be much more quicker to simply whack hale with the Ullapool Caber than having to lay sticky bombs down and waiting for them to set.
  • While most likely a coincidence, 'Ullapool Caber' bears certain verbal similarities to the Arabic phrase 'Allahu Akbar', also known as the Takbīr. A common Islamic Arabic phrase, literally translating as 'God is Greater', the phrase has, following the September 11 attacks, come to be associated with Islamic Extremism; in particular suicide bombing.
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