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Team Fortress 2 Trading Cards were designed by the art team and were originally intended to be distributed at cyber cafes as a promotion, but unfortunately never made it into mass production. Except for the lucky few who may have obtained these cards directly from Valve, these cards have never seen the light of day. As an added bonus, each of the character cards has a revealing biography about that character. There are 9 character cards (one for each character), 6 level cards, 3 weapon cards, and 1 Team Fortress 2 card. Some cards were released by Valve directly on their TF2 Blog, but there are other cards that remain. Those remaining cards have been scanned manually.

The character cards are also currently available with the RED and BLU fan kits, which can be bought directly from the Valve store. Along with other assorted items, the fan kits come with two packs of TF2 Trading Cards, each containing five random cards. You can also directly buy packs.

Character Cards

Level Cards

  • The back side of all of the level cards is the same

Weapon Cards

Team Fortress 2 Card

  • Team Fortress 2 Card


The common back side of the map card are beta characters:

The Scout has a nailgun.

Soldier's rocket launcher has a RPG head.

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