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Unusual Hats are extremely rare to get; they cannot be found or crafted, only unboxed from a "Mann Co. Supply Crate". The rarity of them is 1% in a normal crate, and 2% in a Winter Crate or a Summer Crate. Sadly, the unusual metal from the halloween event cannot be used in a craft with another hat to make an unusual hat. They are tradable, but very expensive

These hats are special because they have a strange particle effect which floats around the users head. These effects can range from fancy green fire effect to a little spinning heart. These effects do not have a set order of importance because each hat varies with each effect, making it either more or less valuable depending on the class the hat is for and how the effect looks on the hat.

These effects are considered to be more important than the hat itself. But depending on the hat and effect given to the hat, they can both be highly valuable.

Almost any Hat can be "Unusual", including those that were added in the Mann-Conomy Update


Current List of Unusual Effects

Name Effect Image
Green Confetti Various green colored confetti falls from the hat. GreenConfetti.jpeg
Purple Confetti Various purple colored confetti falls from the hat. PurpleConfetti.jpeg
Green Energy Green colored tear dropped shaped flame emanates from player’s head/hat. GreenEnergy.jpeg
Purple Energy Peach colored tear dropped shaped flame emanates from player’s head/hat. PurpleEnergy.jpeg
Burning Flames A red and orange fire burns on player’s hat. BurningFlame.jpeg
Scorching Flames Green Fire burns on player’s hat. Scorchingflames.jpeg
Searing Plasma Green and Purple plasma flow from player’s hat. SearingPlasma.jpeg
Vivid Plasma Yellow plasma flow from player’s hat. Vividplasma.jpeg
Sunbeams Rays of light shine out of the player’s hat. Sunbeams.jpeg
Haunted Ghosts Up to five cool colored semi-translucent ghosts, similar to those that surround a player’s head when they are scared by a Zepheniah Mann’s ghost float around player’s hat. HauntedGhosts.jpeg
Circling Peace Sign A large, yellow peace sign circles clockwise around the player’s hat. PeaceSign.jpeg
Circling TF2 Logo A golden Team Fortress 2 Logo circles clockwise around the player’s hat, it should be noted that the logo itself rotates. TF2logo.jpeg
Circling Heart A large, pinkish and purple heart circles clockwise around the player’s hat. Heart.jpeg
Massed Flies A number of black flies fly around player’s hat/head. MassedFiles.jpeg
Orbiting Planets Several planets orbit around the player's head. OrbitingPlanets.jpeg
Bubbles A number of bubbles pour out of the player's hat. Bubbles.jpeg
Stormy Storm A dark cloud sits above the players head, raining down upon him with the occasional thunderbolt. StormyStorm.jpeg
Blizzard A white cloud hangs above the player's head, snowing down upon them. Blizzard.jpeg
Nutz-n-Boltz Pieces of metal, nuts and bolts orbit the player's head. Nutz-n-Boltz.jpeg
Steaming Steam spouts upwards from the player's hat. Steaming.jpeg
Smoking Smoke spouts upwards from the player's hat. Smoking.jpeg
Orbiting Flame A small flame orbits the player's head. OrbitingFlame.jpeg
Cauldron Bubbles (Halloween special) A number of green bubbles spout out of the players head. Greenbubbles.jpeg
Orbiting Jack-o-Lantern (Halloween special) A grinning, flaming pumpkin orbits the players head. JackLantern.jpeg
Eerie Orbiting Flame (Halloween special) A small, purple flame orbits the player's head. EerieFlame.jpeg
Cloudy Moon (Halloween special) A full moon with dark clouds hangs over the player's head CloudyMoon.jpeg

Effect Tiers

Though no formal system has been set up that ranks effects, Unusual Hat Sellers and Owners rank hats based on the effect and its relevance to the context of the hat and the class that uses it. It is generally divided into 4 separate tiers: Low Tier, Medium Tier, High Tier, and God Tier. For example: A Medic Unusual with the Circling Heart effect is usually a High Tier since many people consider hearts to be related to health. A Spy Unusual with a peace logo will be a Medium to Low Tier since people associate Spies with Chaos; not Peace. In the end though it is all up to the buyer and the seller on how valuable the Unusual is. A general rule to follow in tiers for effects are as follows:

Name Quality Scale
Nutz-n-Boltz VERY LOW 1
Massed Flies LOW 2
Purple Confetti LOW 2
Green Confetti LOW 2
Circling TF2 Logo LOW-MEDIUM 3
Bubbles LOW-MEDIUM 4
Steaming LOW-MEDIUM 4
Circling Peace Sign MEDIUM 4
Orbiting Planets MEDIUM 5
Massed Flies (Also depends on hat) Medium 5
Smoking MEDIUM 5
Orbiting Fire MEDIUM 5
Blizzard MEDIUM 5
Stormy Storm MEDIUM 6
Vivid Plasma MEDIUM 6
Searing Plasma MEDIUM 6
Haunted Ghosts MEDIUM 6
Eerie Orbiting Fire MEDIUM 7
Circling Heart MEDIUM 7
Cauldron Bubbles MEDIUM 7
Flaming lantern MEDIUM-HIGH 8
Green Energy MEDIUM-HIGH 8
Purple Energy MEDIUM-HIGH 8
Scorching Flames HIGH 9
Sunbeams HIGH 9
Cloudy Moon VERY HIGH 9
Burning Flames VERY HIGH 10

Note that a couple things will throw off this scale, they are called theme hats, they will be discussed in the next section. Occasionally the effects will gain or lose points per say from a change in demand for a certain effect. This chart will not always be true but it is generally correct.

Theme Unusuals

Some Unusual hats will be worth more then other hats with the same effect. These hats are called Theme Unusuals since they have a backstory or reason why its more. Its mostly if it fits the hat. Current Theme Unusuals listed here.


Somebody offering all his hats for a single unusual hat
  • All crates have the same percentage chance of unboxing an unusual hat, around 1%. Good luck!
  • They are one of the ‘Exceedingly Rare Item’ a Player can get from the Mann Co. Supply Crate.
  • Currently, a Max's Severed Head hat can be as valuable as an unusual, depending on effect.
  • Some predict that unusuals will decline in price as more of them appear in the economy.
  • For a short time, the Festive Crates were bugged, meaning that unusuals, as well as other hats, had a higher drop rate than normal.
  • Unusual hats are the most expensive item in the game , with the earbuds and Max's severed head just below them in price.
  • Unusual hats have a purple name , when you view them.


  • Currently several hat/effect combination are bugged, attaching the particle effects to the character wrong. Often resulting in Glowing Backs, Flaming Butts, and Underground Flies. For example, purple confetti with a demoman hat will make the confetti come out of Demoman's hat.
  • People think Valve is going to fix the confetti effect on unusuals that have it, to make it pop out more.

Example Video:

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