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This is the page for the engineer.cfg script file for G-Mang's Complete Script Set.





Locate your TF2 config folder. It's usually here: C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\STEAM_ID_HERE\team fortress 2\tf\cfg. In it, there's a file called engineer.cfg. Make a backup copy (doesn't matter where you put it). Now open the file in WordPad, delete its contents, copy the script shown below, paste it into the text file, and save it.


  • Autoreload: Shotgun auto-reloads.
  • Mouse Button Dedication: Mouse1 draws shotgun and fires it. Mouse2 draws pistol and fires it. (To rotate your building, use alt.)
  • Autofire Pistol: Instead of clicking, simply holding the pistol's attack button will cause it to fire at the maximum possible rate until you let go.
  • Easy Building: Build menu is never used; simply pressing 1-4 will get out the build kit of the appropriate building.
  • Easy Destruction: Demolish menu is never used; simply pressing f1-f4 will demolish the appropriate building.
  • Wrench Toggle: Clicking mouse4 brings out the wrench and starts swinging it. Clicking mouse4 again will stop and bring out the last-used weapon.

Wait-Disabled Functionality

  • Autofire pistol doesn't fire at max rate. You can increase the attack speed while shooting by spamming mousewheel up and down.

Known Problems


Editing Notes

General Editing

Sections that are considered editable are notated with an asterisk (*). Such sections also have secondary notations designating how careful you should be when editing: a pound sign (#) means you can do whatever you want to a section, including deletion of lines of script; an at sign (@) means you should be careful when editing, and probably consider only rearranging what's already there. If a section does not have any notation in its name, it is strongly recommended that you leave it alone unless you're certain of what you're doing; if you don't, please skip over it.

Specific Editing

  • Changing weapon ordering will require edits to the WEAPON USAGE aliases.
  • If you must, you can change the building/destroy assignments in ALIAS AND CONTROL SETUP under STRUCTURE MANAGEMENT; do not remove resetengy.

Actual Script



alias engyexec "echo engy_exec;HNreset;ns;crossfull;alias arm1 engywep1;alias arm2 engywep2;alias arm3 engywep3;setengy;engyalts;engymore;alias setarm relarm;engywep1;discoreset;playengineer;alias reclass reengineer"
alias engyalts "alias +fire2 +engyalt;alias -fire2 -engyalt;alias misc1 engymisc1;alias misc2 engymisc2;alias +other1 +engyother1;alias +other2 +engyother2;alias +other3 +engyother3;alias -other1 -engyother1;alias -other2 -engyother2;alias -other3 -engyother3;alias +odd1 +engyodd1;alias +odd2 +engyodd2;alias -odd1 -engyodd1;alias -odd2 -engyodd2"
alias engymore "alias +funk1 +engyfunk1;alias +funk2 +engyfunk2;alias -funk1 -engyfunk1;alias -funk2 -engyfunk2;alias +silly1 +engysilly1;alias -silly1 -engysilly1"

alias engywep1 "engyshotgun"
alias engywep2 "engypistol"
alias engywep3 "wrench"
alias engymisc1 "autofake"
alias engymisc2 "autofake"
alias +engyother1 "+quickmelee"
alias +engyother2 "wrenchtoggle"
alias +engyother3 "wrenchtoggle"
alias -engyother1 "-quickmelee"
alias -engyother2 ""
alias -engyother3 ""
alias +engyodd1 ""
alias +engyodd2 ""
alias -engyodd1 ""
alias -engyodd2 ""
alias +engysilly1 "+attack2"
alias -engysilly1 "-attack2"
alias +engyfunk1 ""
alias +engyfunk2 ""
alias -engyfunk1 ""
alias -engyfunk2 ""

alias +engyaltgo "engypistol;+autofiretry"
alias -engyaltgo "-autofiretry"
alias +engyalt "+engyaltgo"
alias -engyalt "-engyaltgo"
alias engyaltnull "-autofiretry;-attack;holdengypistol"

alias engyshotgun "relmain;alias lastwep engyshotgun;alias unengypistolstatus engypistoldeny;alias reengypistolstatus engypistolallow"
alias engypistol "halt;wepsshow;slot2;crossoffhandgo;alias +fire1 +gunback;alias -fire1 -gunback;alias lastwep engypistol;alias unengypistolstatus ;alias reengypistolstatus "
alias wrench "melee;alias lastwep wrench"

alias unarmengy "unengypistolstatus;alias wrenchtogglestart wrenchtogglestartsb;alias wrenchtogglestop wrenchtogglestopsb"
alias rearmengy "reengypistolstatus;alias wrenchtogglestart wrenchtogglestartgo;alias wrenchtogglestop wrenchtogglestopgo"
alias engypistoldeny "alias +engyalt holdengyaltgo;alias -engyalt engyaltnull"
alias engypistolallow "alias +engyalt +engyaltgo;alias -engyalt -engyaltgo"
alias holdengyaltgo "alias holdfunc +engyaltgo"
alias holdengypistol "alias holdfunc engypistol"

alias wrenchtoggle "wrenchtogglestart"
alias wrenchtogglestart "wrenchtogglestartgo"
alias wrenchtogglestop "wrenchtogglestopgo"
alias wrenchtogglestartgo "slot3;+attack;alias wrenchtoggle wrenchtogglestop"
alias wrenchtogglestopgo "-attack;prevwep;alias wrenchtoggle wrenchtogglestart"
alias wrenchtogglestartsb "+attack;alias wrenchtoggle wrenchtogglestop"
alias wrenchtogglestopsb "-attack;alias wrenchtoggle wrenchtogglestart"

alias wrenchtoggleposs ""

alias buildsentry_we "wrench;wait 10;build 3"
alias builddispenser_we "wrench;wait 10;build 0"
alias buildentrance_we "wrench;wait 10;build 1"
alias buildexit_we "wrench;wait 10;build 2"
alias buildsentry_wd "build 3"
alias builddispenser_wd "build 0"
alias buildentrance_wd "build 1"
alias buildexit_wd "build 2"
alias buildsentry "buildsentry_we"
alias builddispenser "builddispenser_we"
alias buildentrance "buildentrance_we"
alias buildexit "buildexit_we"


alias setengy "alias HN1 construct1;alias HN2 construct2;alias HN3 construct3;alias HN4 construct4;alias FN1 demolish1;alias FN2 demolish2;alias FN3 demolish3;alias FN4 demolish4;resetengy"

alias destroysentry "destroy 3"
alias destroydispenser "destroy 0"
alias destroyentrance "destroy 1"
alias destroyexit "destroy 2"

alias w_class "engyexec"

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