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Watch 01.jpg
Basic Information
Map type: Arena
File name: arena_watchtower
Developer: Joshua ‘JoshuaC’ Shiflet

Watchtower (prefixed as Arena_Watchtower) is an Arena map. It was included in The Scout Update as an official community developed map due to its outstanding quality.


An Arena map that plays unlike any of Valve’s Arena maps, with a heavy focus on vertical space and long, open sight lines. Control of the central building is a key decision that teams must wrestle over.


Introduction video


Your team is to eliminate the entire enemy team or capture the central control point once it's available.


  • Due to the wide and more vertical nature of this map, it is much unlike any of the other Arena maps. Snipers do very well in Watchtower, both sniping from the sides or from the watchtower itself.
  • Unlike most other Arena maps, keeping the middle point secured before it activates is very important. Try to coordinate with your team in the initial push through to the tower. If the enemies who push directly into the tower can be warded off, a Demoman can be very key in securing the middle area with sticky bombs, blocking it off. A Heavy or a Pyro lingering in the main building can be tough to deal with as well.
  • Skilled Engineers, with support from their team, could be able to push into the point and set up, which makes the main point nearly inaccessible to your enemies. This trick is hard to pull twice, but it can often be a good surprise tactic. What also makes it hard to pull off is the scarcity of metal in the map--the only metal is far at the bottom of the map, and is usually picked up often. This means in order to put in a sentry a dispenser must come first. If one is lucky they can pick up dropped weapons too.
  • The roof of the watchtower can be reached by a rocket jump or a sticky jump, and a hole can be used to fire below. This is one of the more reliable ways to take out enemies in the watchtower itself, but it also makes one a sitting duck for snipers.

Common strategies

  • Snipers can jump onto a thin wooden border on the outside of the gate facing the watchtower. This gives them an early chance to headshot a class with low health.
  • Spies can jump onto the ascending stairs right when the round starts to uncloak and backstab those running straight for the point.
  • When cloaked on the pipe, spies can shift over slightly to avoid detection.
  • On the ground, Snipers have a small slit of vision into the watchtower. This can be used for a sneaky kill as the sniper dot will appear on the ceiling.
  • When the enemy team is capping the point, a Demoman can break the windows open with a sticky and then barrage the watchtower with explosives.

Control Point Timing

Control point Multiplier Seconds
Control point x1
24 .00
15 .84
12 .96
11 .52

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